News: Wade Issues a Statement

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Wade Phillips issues a statement

    11/8/2010 5:25:01 PM

    Wade Phillips issued the following statement regarding his depature from the Cowboys:

    “I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the fans of the Cowboys and to the entire Jones family for all of the support that we received here in Dallas. I would also like to thank our coaches and players for their loyalty and dedication.

    “I told the team today that I have been proud to be a part of their family, and that will never change. I have enjoyed the privilege and responsibility of representing this franchise as its head coach.

    “I am disappointed in the results of this season to this point, but I am also very proud of what our team and our players accomplished in the previous three years. In good times and difficult times, our players stuck together and never lost hold of their belief in each other and the strong team bond that they have shared. Family and coaching football have always defined my life and I will always be grateful for my experiences here with the Dallas Cowboys.”
  2. SDCowboy85

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    Wades a good guy. Too bad he couldn't coach.
  3. Chief

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    Well written, Rich.
  4. Manster54

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    And I was actually going to write that Wade is a class act.
  5. miamicowboy21

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    I think wade is relieved that he was put out of his misery. He saw it coming from his sideline demeanor to his press confrences, he was a beaten man. Jerry did him a favor today.
  6. hornitosmonster

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    No ill will toward Wade. Hope he enjoys his year off and returns as a DC somewhere.
  7. cowfan

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    Wade is a nice guy, but he still doesn't get it. The team gave up. They quit. They did not stick together as a team unless they quit as a team. He promised to bring discipline to the team, but did not follow through. The team lacked any discipline and it was clear that something was wrong in preseason.
  8. mv09

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    Wish Wade the best in the future. He's a heck of a football guy and can still contribute to a team -- just not as a head coach.
  9. Beast_from_East

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    Wade will not be out of a job long, he will be the DC for some team next year.
  10. Boyzmamacita

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    Reportedly, he didn't see it coming. He was disappointed because as of this morning, he thought he was safe. He should feel relieved, IMO.
  11. Chris in Arizona

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    Was his son let go too?
  12. 5Stars

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    He did the best he could.

  13. Juke99

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    Even on the way out the door, he shows why he failed...

    He's proud of what the team accomplished the last three years?


    They squandered a 13-3 record and a first round play off bye in his first season.

    They were an embarrassment the last two games, with the playoffs on the line, in his second season.

    They beat an overmanned Eagle team in the playoffs last year and then got embarrassed by the Vikings.

    That's something to be proud of?

    Nice fella...he'd probably be a blast on your bowling team...but as a head coach, good riddance.
  14. dbair1967

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  15. Avery

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    Wade's a good person, but he's not cut out for this. I wouldn't want him as a DC with the kind of plays we've seen this year.

    I would really like to see Joe D. be promoted to assistant. He has no problem letting people know where they stand.
  16. AbeBeta

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  17. LowTech

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    The Wade Phillips era is over.

    Just wish the man well and lets move on.
  18. links18

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    What did you expect him to say? :confused:
  19. hammer1

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    Idiot. :)
  20. Rogerthat12

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    On the nosey...:eek::)

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