Waiters and Waitresses Deserve Good Holiday Tips

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hostile, Dec 12, 2012.

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    I really appreciate waiters and waitresses and how hard they work. If you take your family out to eat this holiday season remember to tip well and let them know you do appreciate their often thankless service for a tough job.
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    I agree.

    And I do. :)
  3. tomson75

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    Oh dear....is "you know who" still around?
  4. vta

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    Quick, change the title of the thread before she notices!

    And I agree with the original sentiment.
  5. MonsterD

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    Look here to understand

    Oh man is this funny

    11-01-2011 at 1:23 PM
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    SHES *****NOT***** CRAZY. She KNOWS what she ORDERED and the server OWES it to her to get it RIGHT. They are working for TIPS and should NOT be stingy with the ranch dressing that SHE is ****PAYING***** for People! IT is HER ranch dressing when SHE orders it!! The server is STEALING from her when he "FORGETS".
    Ranch dressing is her FAVORITE, people. ADULTS ****LOVE**** RANCH! What is so HARD to understand about this!!!1!!!!!!????

  6. tomson75

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    That's hilarious...she gets around.

    Makes me wonder if there are waiting forums out there that she terrorizes.
  7. Hoofbite

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    I almost wonder if she googles terms, hunting for any forum to express her opinion.

    But, the bait has been laid. The traps are set, will the beast dare approach another thread?

    On a side note, I hope she's never banned. When the offseason rolls around I might have to chum the waters with a weekly waiter thread just to stay entertained.
  8. vta

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    Oh man, sorry to continue on the thread derailing, but that is hilarious.
  9. tomson75

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  10. OklahomaCowboy88

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    They get paid well already. I speak for experience. Yes, its hard work. Yes, I generally tip well. But only if its warranted, and it being the holidays or holiday season isn't going to prompt me to tip more than usual. Nor should you.
  11. VietCowboy

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    Yep, my only exception is Cracker Barrel. I always tip a little extra there.
  12. Diogenes

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    Mr. Pink would disagree with you.
  13. Teren_Kanan

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    Haha found this one one of those links. Replacy Calgarypuck with Cowboyzone and it's 100% accurate as well.

    On calgarypuck, there was a light-hearted flame war about the practices of tipping in restaurants. Everything was going standard to plan; those who couldn't think very well had the loudest, and most hilarious reasons on why tipping isn't successful, while those with a moderate intelligence/restaurant experience argued the necessity of tipping for the restaurant industry.
    Nothing could prepare the message board for what happened next.
    In one of the most mind boggling first posts ever, Spings1 exploded onto the scene. CP had no idea whether to laugh or shudder in fear. This woman's ideas of how the service industry operated were akin to the genius of Hawking’s, her debate skills surpassing any level Hitchen’s could dream of achieving, and her mastery of capitalization would make even Rob Leifeld blush.

    While at first, the collective masses assumed that Springs1 rant was an isolated case, details began to emerge from abyss.
    Initially, an article was discovered where she had relayed her brilliant critique from 2009.

    And then more began to appear, now from 2007

    The collective intelligence was shattered when this was discovered:

    A journal that dates back until 2005

    This was no isolated incident. Springs1 has been on a crusade against the service industry for nearly seven years; searching food service threads on Google to shatter our perception of food wisdom, in much the same way that Godzilla decimates Tokyo to help raise awareness for the fallout of nucleaur waste. She registed at Calgarypuck SPECIFICALLY to unleash her wisdom on this single subject. By googling it. Who knows how many other threads on the internet are at the mercy of this at exactly the same time?

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is why the internet was invented. This is everything we've ever hoped to accomplish, in one small thread.

    The magic begins here, on page 7


    Though at this point I'm confident that Springs1 is just a character created by some person for some version of internet fame. Absolute 100% trolling, and doing an amazing job of it. As a troll, the person really is brilliant, and dedicated.

    They get paid well already? You mean tip + wages right? And define "well", and what type of restaurant you are referring to.

    'cause Saying servers get paid well sounds very ignorant, but it depends on your point of view of what a good salary is.
  14. Boys122

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    I've only had a couple of bad experiences but I always blame the cook. If there's any complaint it's usually the food.

    Burnt, overcooked, stuff like that but, always tip regardless.
  15. MonsterD

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    I have to admit after looking at a few of what I think are hundreds of forums that the Springs1 phenomenon has occurred I came up with the same conclusion. Springs1 has to be the most diligent and outstanding troll ever to be on the internet.
  16. dargonking999

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    I can attest through experience that 2.13 /hr is not getting paid well...
  17. tomson75

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    Sorry about the hijack Hos.

    I'm in full agreement, btw. I don't make much money, but when I choose to have someone else serve me, I make damn sure they're compensated nicely.
  18. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    They do not get paid well. I would guess you have never waited a table in your life.
  19. tomson75

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    That isn't always true.

    How much waitstaff is paid outside of tipping depends upon the establishment, location, and type of patronage they serve (and in some cases what you look like). I've worked at places where I bartended for $2.50/hr, and my take home was very much dependent upon tips. I've known others that have worked at places that pay their staff almost $10/hr, and they would be able to take home a little something even if the tips were poor. I have friends that are in their 30s, still waiting and bartending, and pulling in six figure incomes. I have other friends that are below the poverty line in the same line of work.

    How much servers makes depends mostly on where they work. Highly experienced waitstaff at better restaurants, B&Bs, or the like can make excellent money on minimal numbers of patrons, while other have to slew a ton of fried food and brew to equal that take home income....but both can make a living.

    Other places can be near impossible for servers to make a living...
  20. dargonking999

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    an Ihop in the afternoon/night surronded by three high schools, and a college filled with ignorant poor people, fits that description nicely

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