Walker gives Rosenhaus the boot

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Kangaroo, Dec 6, 2005.

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    Walker gives Rosenhaus the boot

    Green Bay receiver parts ways with agent


    Posted: Dec. 5, 2005

    Green Bay - Green Bay Packers wide receiver Javon Walker has been conducting personal business on his own pretty much since the start of the regular season, but according to a source close to the NFL Players Association he has officially parted ways with agent Drew Rosenhaus.

    In order to terminate their business agreement, Walker has to file papers with the union declaring his intentions, which he apparently did. Other agents interested in recruiting Walker are not allowed to speak to him about contractual matters as long as he has an agreement with a specific agent, but according to the source Walker is officially no longer associated with Rosenhaus.

    Walker was unavailable for comment and Rosenhaus did not return a phone message seeking comment. Packers general manager Ted Thompson was out of town and also unavailable for comment.

    Rosenhaus signed Walker less than a year ago and led him through a tumultuous off-season in which the Packers receiver boycotted off-season workouts and threatened to hold out from training camp in the hopes of forcing the team to renegotiate his contract. The Packers did not budge and Walker reported to training camp under the terms of the deal he signed as a rookie in 2002.

    He has one year left on that contract after this season.

    Walker tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in the season opener against Detroit and was placed on injured reserve.

    Rosenhaus became a hated figure among some Packers fans who thought he was responsible for holding Walker out of off-season activities. Most recently, Rosenhaus has been involved in defending Philadelphia receiver Terrell Owens, who was suspended for four games and deactivated for the rest of the season because of conduct detrimental to the team.

    Several times this fall, Walker disputed rumors that he and Rosenhaus had split.
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    Thank you !!!
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    good for him :bow:
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    Smart move.

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    The more players realize that teams don't want to do business with agents like Rosenhaus and the Postons because they are unreasonable, the more likely they will be to get good deals and to go to good teams.

    Teams like us, the Patriots, the Colts, and a few others won't deal with those type of agents unless they represent a player that is already on the team and even then they are reluctant.

    These agents are NOT good for the players they represent and in every case I can think of the players ended up getting screwed somehow. More and more teams are starting to hold a hard line against players who hold out for ridiculous contract demands and it is invariably the player who gives in and ends up settling for less than they could have gotten or they end up getting cut and other teams are leary of signing them.

    I for one am very grateful that Bill and Jerry won't deal with those guys.
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    Eagles | T. Thomas fires Rosenhaus, rehires Schaffer
    Mon, 5 Dec 2005 21:17:15 -0800

    Marc Narducci, of the Philadelphia Inquirer, reports Philadelphia Eagles OT Tra Thomas (back) fired agent Drew Rosenhaus earlier in the 2005 season and rehired his former agent, Peter Schaffer.
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    Good move by Walker, sports don't need that type of agent around so hopefully T.O is close to doing the same as well
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    TO fires Rosenhaus and hires Sexton :eek:
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    Maybe Rosenhaus needs an agent to counteract these movements......LOL
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    I heard he put in a call to the Postons. :jackpot: :eek:
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    Ha! I just got it.
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    Well, hopefully the avalanche will follow.
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    "I love this man."

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