Walking Dead– Season 3 **Spoilers**

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Oct 10, 2012.

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    TDog had just been filler for a long time so it was no shocker even thought it would have been interesting to see how Merle would have reacted to seeing him. :laugh1:
  2. Yeagermeister

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    Seeing her as a walker would be interesting. Would Rick put her down?
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    Last night was crucial.....I was in tears......hit harder when Rick looked at his son and fell out......
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    Any post with a Soprano's reference has to be a winner. I miss that show.
  5. MichaelWinicki

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    Boy, you and me both.

    It's stunning how few shows I watch, not because they aren't the quality of "The Soprano's", because that's unrealistic... but because they aren't even close.

    I end up feeling like I'm wasting my time watching or trying to watch a lot of shows.
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    I was kinda thinking the same, that is about Carl not being able to go through with it. I think the look on his face could have been interpreted as one of two things. 1) He did in fact go through with it and had the look of taking care of business and coming of age in the zombie apocalypse. 2) Look of anger towards himself for not being able to go through with it.

    If Carl did in fact not been able to go through with it, I think the chances of Lori still being alive is non existent. She would've either bled out or would've been devoured by the dead shortly after.
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    Well this one had me close to tears. I did NOT see that coming.
  8. danielofthesaints

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    The acting by Rick's character was one of the most realistic meltdowns I've ever seen. Brilliant actor.
  9. Future

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    She died in the novels around this time, no way she'll be back I don't think.

    This was one of the better episodes of the series. I still think Michonne is a ridiculous character, but Andrea's development into being almost sexual is a cool change.

    T Dog's death is simply going to be replaced by the new prisoner whose name escapes me. Maybe they make him the football player?
  10. Howardlittleton64

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    She had the baby and died when they were leaving in the books. Killed by Zombies. T Dog was a good character I was shocked to see him killed off. Michonne is in the books she is a great character. The story line with her and Andrea is dumb. The have taken a lot of liberties from the comics. We will see how it ties together. I was disappointed with last night and the season as a whole so far, but then again I'm expecting it to be more like the comics. I don't see one of the prisoners killing one of the survivors like in the books.

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    Just to touch on a few things that were mentioned here...

    1. Best hour of TV ever? I'm sorry, but as a fan of The Sopranos, Dexter, LOST, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy and The Shield, this isn't even close. It was a good episode, sure, but nothing from The Walking Dead could ever touch the best from those other shows because the quality of the writing, acting, directing, characters and storylines were so much better. I dig The Walking Dead, but it lacks the emotional punch of those other shows I mentioned.

    2. I'm glad Lori is dead. She was one of the most annoying TV characters I've ever seen. Her actions nor her words made any sense. "Rick, kill Shane, he's a threat!" ... Rick kills Shane in self defense... "You killed Shane?! You horrible monster, get away from me!!!" Ugh. I was literally clapping and cheering once I realized they were gonna kill her.

    3. I was more upset about losing Silent T Dog than I was Lori. True story.

    4. That said, Rick's breakdown was fantastic. Best piece of acting there's ever been on The Walking Dead, barnone.

    5. Now THAT said, some fans are saying it's the best acting ever done on TV, period. Please refer to the shows listed in my #1 point. Watch Tony and Carmela Soprano have a little domestic dispute. Watch Dexter Morgan internalize the emotion of love as nothingness then attempt to outwardly express it. Watch Benjamin Linus and John Locke in a battle of wits. Watch Walter White verbally explode on the weaker, sweeter Jesse Pinkman. Watch an incarcerated D'Angelo Barksdale scream out "Where's Wallace?!" at a quietly boiling Stringer Bell. Rick's breakdown was really great, but it's not an all-timer.
  12. Phoenix

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  13. Joe Rod

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    You mean Tyrese. He was a good character in the comics. The interesting thing is that Lori's death served a much bigger purpose in the comics as far as this prison storyline goes.
  14. iceberg

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    well, i don't watch tv to your standards of entertainment, but to my own. this was one of the most enjoyable episodes i've EVER seen and to me, the best hour of TV in a long long long LONG time. take out 1 episode of BOSS and it's the best in many years gone by.

    just not into many of the shows you named, sorry.

    this show took some major twists and setup quite a few story possibilities that *to me* make it far from predictable.

    1) i stand by best hour of TV. glad you disagree and have others to point to but i don't watch those although i've tried.

    2) if you were clapping and cheering, then the writers did their job. that said, i'm glad this part of the story is over. carl has a lot to have to deal with now, putting down shane and having to put a bullet in his own mothers head. rick has his hands full here.

    3) anyone notice the no-hair chic also got ate and didn't make it? tdog did great in trying to get her free, but hers was the body they found.

    4) agreed. he pulled a ton of emotion out of me in how he broke down and staggered back and forth.

    5) not into rating. i enjoyed this show because of how they ended some story lines and started quite a few more. i rated this show so high because of how they told the story in as much as the "acting".

    those other shows you mention just don't do it for me. so i'll stand by what i said and feel free to disagree.
  15. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    See, I was wondering about that. I thought it was T-Dogg's body there. I know Daryl picked up her head thing but when T-Dogg was helping her get out she was at the door leading outside. I know Hershel said no one came out of there but I thought that was T-Dogg's body.


    Just found an interview that says it wasn't her body. It much have been T-Dog's so she could still be alive.

  16. Phrozen Phil

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    A friend of my son owns a comic book store and I asked him what he thought of the series. He told me that he stopped reading the comic, as it was just "too depressing". He does watch the show, strangely enough, and feels that it's pretty true to the fel of the comc book. It is incredibly tragic and I can see why people might not find it their cup of tea. Personally, I enjoy the whole "zombie" shtick. Perhaps the trick is to be grounded in your own reality and avoid the "Bath Salts".;)
  17. iceberg

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    nice find. i thought at first it was tdog also then the "wrap" was there and when they asked about tdog and her, everyone said they didn't make it.

    guess we'll find out next week.
  18. MichaelWinicki

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    Hey Emmitt, I think you gave the episode short-shift because you dislike the Lori character so much.

    I think if you look at the bigger picture you'll realize how strong of an episode it actually was.

    No doubt Lori is dead.

    And T-dog was dead too... He took some wicked bites.
  19. Joe Rod

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    I don't believe it is a short shaft as much as it is a matter of taste and the hang-over from the first half of season 2. Darabont has done a lot of great things in his day (Shawshank, Green Mile), but he could not wrap his mind around the highs and lows needed for week to week television. As a result, he really hosed up the first half of season two. Lori and Carl became disturbingly annoying and the Farm shows became incredibly drawn out in that time-frame.

    Since Mazarra replaced Darabont, he has done a fantastic job of picking up the pace and fixing the issues that Darabont left behind. The face off episode between Shane and Rick at the end of last season was far better than this past Sunday in my opinion, but that is just nitpicking. The good news is that there has been no shortage of quality episodes since Mazarra has taken over and it is a must watch show every week in my book.
  20. Lodeus

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    That episode :(

    It was great though

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