Walter Football's current 2011 predictions

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghst187, Mar 9, 2011.

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    FYI, thought this was interesting....

    Walterfootball currently has Dallas drafting at 31 and losing to the Patriots in the SB for 2011.
    Additionally, Walter has Washington selecting with the top pick of the draft.

    Would love to see the meltdown in DC if Wash has the worst record in the league in Shanny's second year...he might get fired.
    On the other hand I would HATE to see them get Luck or Barkley.
  2. Cowboy Brian

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    I just feel that were going to be a really good team, 11-5 or better or really bad 6-10 or worse.
  3. perrykemp

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    NFC is pretty much wide open -- only team I can confidently say will be there is the Packers.

    Cowboys could easily go 11-5 and make it.
  4. billknows

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    After last season ,and the way the team made us all look like bafoons for our predictions ...

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