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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Oct 26, 2011.

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    22. Dallas Cowboys: David DeCastro, G, Stanford

    The Cowboys just lost Bill Nagy for the year, but he was terrible anyway. Left guard and center are major positions of weakness for Dallas, so I'm sure Jerry Jones would gladly sign off on David DeCastro, who happens to be the top player on the board not named Brandon Thompson or Zach Brown.

    Pick change; previously Cordy Glenn, G
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    Like the DeCastro pick. Not particularly fond of rounds 2 & 3.

    Dallas Cowboys: Vinny Curry, DE/OLB, Marshall
    Anthony Spencer opened the 2011 season hot, but has cooled off recently. He'll be a free agent in March. I doubt Dallas will want to pay him the money he's looking for, so Jerry Jones may spend an early selection on a replacement.

    Dallas Cowboys: Baker Steinkuhler, DE/DT, Nebraska
    With Kenyon Coleman and Marcus Spears seeing major time on the defensive front, the five-technique position must be addressed next offseason.

    Pick change; previously Julian Miller, DE/OLB
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    Vinny Curry is a hell of a ball player. He has all the physical tools and produces big-time (though at a small school). Through eight games, he has 9.5 sacks, 17 TFL, 3 forced fumbles, 1 recovered, 2 blocked kicks and a safety. This is a 6-5 dood who weighs 250 pounds and runs like a deer. The down side is that he's not as stout at the point of attack as you'd like a SOLB to be. Athletically and productively, though, he rivals Demarcus Ware playing at about the same lvl of competition Ware faced at Troy. I bet he shoots way up the boards after the combine and goes in the middle of the first round. Just like Ware.
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    If this is who the draft plays out I love round 1 pick.
    I would love to see Dallas trade up in the 2nd and get Konz or Brewster. But if they stood at that spot in round 2 then I would rather have Ben Jones or Zeitler. I would mind drafting 2 OGs this early since these two would be set for 10 years. Stephen Gilmore or Cliff Harris would also be nice picks in round 2.
    Round 3 I don't care to much for.
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    Vinny Curry will be a first round pick after the senior bowl
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    Curry is going to be a stud in the NFL.

    I'd love to see him fall to us in the second round, but that will not happen.
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    DeCastro is fine. However I am looking more at CB this year. Although beefing up our line even more is also needed.

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