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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Reed, Jan 20, 2005.

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    Im telling you I really want this kid in the draft. I watched him play for 2 years, hes got speed and power, hes like a preist holmes type, he runs a 4.3 by the way. If we can steal him in later rounds I say hes a perfect back up to julius.

    Walter Reyes
    Running Back | #39 | Senior | Roster

    Age: 23
    Height: 5-10
    Weight: 209 lbs. (hes listed at 215 some places)
    Hometown: Youngstown, OH

    Totals Rushing Receiving
    2004 6-6 143 800 5.6 7 13 95 7.3 0
    2003 - 253 1347 5.3 20 38 375 9.9 1
    2002 - 182 1135 6.2 17 7 62 8.9 0

    Heres more info on him:


    Reyes is not going to be a really high pick in the draft but would really be worth a strong look in the later rounds. He has a nose for the end zone and getting the first down and that kind ability can’t be taught. Reyes is a skilled football player and could develop into a fine NFL running back. He is not a marquee running back to build a team around but is the kind of role player that every team needs.

    Reyes, whose Orange play Purdue this Sunday to open their 2004 season, has worn No. 39 throughout his Syracuse career. But his play over the past two years has garnered some interest in him wearing the legendary No. 44, worn by such Syracuse greats asJim Brown and Ernie Davis.

    “I don’t have a scheduled meeting to talk with Walter about it, but I certainly feel that Walter is in that cut of cloth,” Syracuse head coach Paul Pasqualoni said. “I would certainly sit down and talk to him about it.”

    Last year, Reyes ran for 1,347 yards and 20 touchdowns, including a record-setting performance against Notre Dame in which he rushed for five touchdowns.

    He also has a great team attitude :
    “It's great when people bring up my name,” Reyes said. “But I can’t do it by myself. It’s more than just Walter Reyes.”

    “The more I like him on the field, the more I like him off the field,” center Matt Tarullo said. “To watch him run like a battering ram… when he breaks a big run, you just want to run downfield with him. It’s worth it and he deserves it.”
  2. jacs

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    he looks like a Duce clone
  3. Reed

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    Good call, hard runners are always great too. Look at steelers, if we can get solid players at rb and wr. With a pretty good d, parcells should put in henson. Like ben in pitt.
  4. IndianaCowboyFan

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    He sucks. Purdue seriously shut him down. Score was 51-0.
  5. Reed

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    Well considering he had to play his senior year with injuries, and with inexperienced quarterbacks alternating every game, even every series. Also playign for a crappy team. What do you expect. Look at his junior year, he carried that team. His senior year he was injured and they had all new qbs. It is almost better he had a crapy senior year cause his status will fall and we can hopefully pick him up late.
  6. jacs

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    last year he had a solid season
  7. Eskimo

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    Those are pretty good receiving numbers in 2003.

    Could he be the 3rd down back we are looking for to spell Julius and push Richie into retirement?

    Doesn't really look like the power RB to complement Julius, though. Has about the same dimensions as Julius (5'10" 210 lbs).
  8. Yakuza Rich

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    I've watched him play for the last 3 years (I'm from Syracuse). Doesn't really have great speed and slowed down as he bulked up over the year. Solid back, probably a 3rd or 4th rounder to get the best value. NOT a pass catching threat which is what I think we need as a backup to Julius.

  9. Eddie

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    Reyes was ******** by the moron at HC Paul P.
  10. Bobo

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    I read he had 4.41 speed, maybe that's when he was smaller?

    How's that guy in your sig feeling?
  11. AJM1613

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    Please don't draft him. :(
  12. Portland Fanatic

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    If he's sitting there in the 5th round...he is certainly worth considering....
  13. TDHND

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    He made my Irish look bad in 2003 thats for sure.
  14. Roughneck

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    Yeah like that was a hard thing to do.


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