WalterFootball mocks Dre Kirkpatrick to the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Joe Rod

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    I don't know about not taking a DB at all, but I personally think it would be a huge mistake to not look at OL/DE in the first few rounds if the value is there. The Defense could really use a dominant DE and it would be a major mistake to not get a Center or Guard (maybe both) in the offseason. The team is literally two good O-linemen away from having the most complete offense in the league.
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    I just don't see Bruce Carter having the size to play OLB. He would need to gain about 15-20 pounds and there's no garuntee that he would be as fast. Not to mention he doesn't have the repertoire of pass rush moves or experience going against offensive tackles to be anything more than a major project.

    Obviously the team is high on him, considering they took him like 41rst, so why move him?
  3. realtick

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    I think all of that is true.

    Although, I don't think Carter's future is at OLB. I do think we'll take another ILB for depth purposes (I don't see Brooking coming back and James isn't a gaurantee).

    I do think we'll be in the market for a CB. I don't know if they see Frank Walker past anything this season and T-New is a year older and will be looking for a new contract.
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    TNew will still have two more years on his deal after this season is complete. He signed a 6-year $50M deal before the 2008 season. I'm not sure how the contract is structured but I think there is a pretty good chance he is back again next year. The only way I'd let him go is if we found someone better. A large part of our defensive success is due to how well our CBs have been playing.

    I think the board has to give some credit to Campo. I think when Wade lost the team the CBs stopped listening to Campo. He has been a good defensive back coach in the past (he was the coach there for all our 90s SB wins, I think), he did a good job in 2009 and he has done a good job this year. He failed as a HC and was only a so-so coordinator but I think he coaches DBs well.
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    You're right, Newman is scheduled to make $6+ million next season if Dallas chooses to keep him. Another factor is that he'll be 34 next season as well. Despite playing well this season, it will be interesting to see what will happen. Remember, Newman was a default option going into this season after whiffing on signing Nnamdi, so the inference is the Cowboys were/are ready to part ways with Newman already, how much more with him being another year older and another $6 million due in 2012?
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    The problem with the Cowboy CBs is that both Newman and Jenkins are injury prone. Also, it appears that Rob Ryan plays 3 CBs a high percentage of the time.

    Physically, Bruce Carter could probably play OLB; however, that would take away from his greatest strength which is pass coverage. Also, he would be a WOLB (Ware's position).
  7. Eskimo

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    I don't remember Jenkins missing any games due to injury prior to this year.

    His injury now is a hamstring which fast-twitch speed athletes will get periodically. We have had quite a few of them this year which I attribute to the shortened TC and lack of involvement with the team training staff during the lockout. From my recollection the following players have had hamstring issues this year: Jenkins, Miles x 3, Dwayne Harris, Demarco Murray. In addition to that Hatcher missed time with a calf strain, Newman missed time with a pulled groin and Buehler went on IR with a torn groin.

    My main concern with Jenkins is if he decreases effort after getting an extension. His contract is up after the 2012 season so we will need to make a decision soon if we want to extend him. From an ability point of view, he is a top 10 CB in this league and has been outstanding this year. Hardly anyone has contested him at all this year. Most of the yards we have given up have been on the zones over the middle of the field or attacks against our #4-6 CBs (Ball, Walker, McCann who is now gone). No team has had much success going after any of our top 3 CBs.
  8. realtick

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    Apparently, it's an unpopular view but I do think we need help at cornerback early.

    Terrance Newman: Is playing great this year. However he'll be 34 going into next season and will be owed $6+ million next season. The Cowboys already showed their hand by trying to replace T-New with Nnamdi this offseason. His return is not gauranteed.

    Orlando Scandrick: Just signed and extension this offseason and is playing quite well. He's here for the forseeable future.

    Mike Jenkins: Has one year left (2012) on his contract for a paltry $1.052 million. Jenkins has shown when healthy and playing confident that he's one of the better cornerbacks in this league. He will be looking to get paid, be it Dallas, or somewhere else. Considerations/protection may be made in this upcoming draft.

    Alan Ball: Playing very solid this season after moving back to his more natural position at cornerback. Ball signed a 1-year contract this offseason and will be a free agent after 2011. I could see some needy team giving him an enticing offer with the promise of a shot at a starter's role.

    Frank Walker: Journeyman DB that's playing well in his role. There are no gaurantees with his future at Dallas after this season. He's 30, and now on his fifth team in his nine-year career; one of those types of players teams are always looking to upgrade.

    So saying all that, I think there is a need to go cornerback somewhere in the first three rounds. I don't like putting rookie cornerbacks into starter type roles. Ideally, I'd like to bring a CB in and let him slowly work in packages his first season. Next year will afford us that luxury so we should look to bring one in.
  9. drawnstripes

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    that why we pick up a Chase in the first
  10. realtick

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    Who is "Chase?"
  11. cowboysfan31

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    Chase Minnifield of Virgina most likely.
  12. realtick

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    You're right. I was think last names for some reason.
  13. dadymat

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    im confused......they must have updated cause now they are shoing us at #23 taking Dallas Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia,,,,,,,and id love that pick there
  14. Sifillest

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    yea they updated it. I was confused about that as well.
  15. drawnstripes

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    Who is "Chase?"

    Sorry Tick haved to be more careful

    tought I had his last name down

    but I be happy with any of the top CB in the first

    but we could go after a C - DE

    its a deep CB class this year can get quality in the fourth round

    but would like them to draft one early cause it time to draft Newman replacement

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