Ware and Witten 2nd Team All-Pro's

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nation, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Witten is the 2nd team tight end and Ware made 2nd team OLB. Only took one-vote for Ware to get it because of a big group tie.
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    Witten 2nd team???
  3. perrykemp

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    Complete All-Pro Voting Info

    Complete voting (position-by-position)

    Quarterbacks: Peyton Manning, Denver, 43; Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, 4; Tom Brady, New England, 3.

    Running backs: Adrian Peterson, Minnesota, 50; Marshawn Lynch, Seattle, 24; Alfred Morris, Washington, 14; Jamaal Charles, Kansas City, 7; Arian Foster, Houston, 3.

    Fullbacks: Vonta Leach, Baltimore, 26; Jerome Felton, Minnesota, 12; Marcel Reece, Oakland, 4; Michael Robinson, Seattle, 3; Mike Tolbert, Carolina, 2; Bruce Miller, San Francisco, 1; John Kuhn, Green Bay, 1.

    Tight ends: Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta, 24; Jason Witten, Dallas, 19; Rob Gronkowski, New England, 4; Jimmy Graham, New Orleans, 2; Heath Miller, Pittsburgh, 1.

    Wide receivers: Calvin Johnson, Detroit, 49; Brandon Marshall, Chicago, 23; A.J. Green, Cincinnati, 16 ½; Andre Johnson, Houston, 8 ½; Demaryius Thomas, Denver, 1; Wes Welker, New England, 1; Julio Jones, Atlanta, 1.

    Offensive tackles: Duane Brown, Houston, 27; Ryan Clady, Denver, 19; Joe Thomas, Cleveland, 17; Joe Staley, San Francisco, 11; Russell Okung, Seattle, 6; Andre Smith, Cincinnati, 5; Trent Williams, Washington, 5; Anthony Davis, San Francisco, 3; Tyson Clabo, Atlanta, 2; Phil Loadholt, Minnesota, 2; Eric Winston, Kansas City, 1; Matt Kalil, Minnesota, 1; Sebastian Vollmer, New England, 1.

    Guards: Mike Iupati, San Francisco, 38; Jahri Evans, New Orleans, 23; Marshal Yanda, Baltimore, 17; Logan Mankins, New England, 7; Evan Mathis, Philadelphia, 5; Josh Sitton, Green Bay, 5; Alex Boone, San Francisco, 2; Chris Snee, New York Giants, 2; Wade Smith, Houston, 1.

    Centers: Max Unger, Seattle, 16; Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh, 10; Chris Myers, Houston, 7; John Sullivan, Minnesota, 7; Mike Pouncey, Miami, 7; Nick Mangold, New York Jets, 2; Eric Wood, Buffalo, 1.

    Kickers: Blair Walsh, Minnesota, 42; Phil Dawson, Cleveland, 4; Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland, 3; Dan Bailey, Dallas, 1.

    Kick returners: Jacoby Jones, Baltimore, 37 ½; David Wilson, New York Giants, 3; Leodis McKelvin, Buffalo, 2 ½; Leon Washington, Seattle, 2; Darius Reynaud, Tennessee, 2; Randall Cobb, Green Bay, 1; Marcus Thigpen, Miami, 1; Josh Cribbs, Cleveland, 1.

    Defensive ends: J.J. Watt, Houston, 50; Cameron Wake, Miami, 28; Justin Smith, San Francisco, 6; Julius Peppers, Chicago, 5; Chris Clemons, Seattle, 4; Jared Allen, Minnesota, 3; Elvis Dumervil, Denver, 1; Aldon Smith, San Francisco, 1; Charles Johnson, Carolina, 1; John Abraham, Atlanta, 1.

    Defensive tackles: Geno Atkins, Cincinnati, 42; Vince Wilfork, New England, 27; Justin Smith, San Francisco, 17; Haloti Ngata, Baltimore, 5; Ndamukong Suh, Detroit, 5; Henry Melton, Chicago, 2; Gerald McCoy, Tampa Bay, 2.

    Outside linebackers: Von Miller, Denver, 48; Aldon Smith, San Francisco, 47; Chad Greenway, Minnesota, 2; Ahmad Brooks, San Francisco, 1; Clay Matthews, Green Bay, 1; DeMarcus Ware, Dallas, 1.

    Inside linebackers: Patrick Willis, San Francisco, 30; NaVorro Bowman, San Francisco, 26; Daryl Washington, Arizona, 20; London Fletcher, Washington, 7; Luke Kuechly, Carolina, 5; Jerod Mayo, New England, 4; Lawrence Timmons, Pittsburgh, 3; Derrick Johnson, Kansas City, 2; Lance Briggs, Chicago, 1; Bobby Wagner, Seattle, 1.

    Cornerbacks: Richard Sherman, Seattle, 39; Charles Tillman, Chicago, 37; Tim Jennings, Chicago, 8; Champ Bailey, Denver, 8; Patrick Peterson, Arizona, 5; Antonio Cromartie, New York Jets, 3.

    Safeties: Earl Thomas, Seattle, 28; Dashon Goldson, San Francisco, 20; Eric Weddle, San Diego, 19; Jairus Byrd, Buffalo, 7; Stevie Brown, New York Giants, 6; Ed Reed, Baltimore, 3; Thomas DeCoud, Atlanta, 3; Donte Whitner, San Francisco, 2; T.J. Ward, Cleveland, 2; Ronde Barber, Tampa Bay, 2; William Moore, Atlanta, 1; Eric Berry, Kansas City, 1; Reshad Jones, Miami, 1; Devin McCourty, New England, 1; LaRon Landry, New York Jets, 1; Morgan Burnett, Green Bay, 1; Reggie Nelson, Cincinnati, 1; Tyvon Branch, Oakland, 1.

    Punters: Andy Lee, San Francisco, 24; Thomas Morstead, New Orleans, 18; Dustin Colquitt, Kansas City, 5; Britton Colquitt, Denver, 1; Brandon Fields, Miami, 1; Brian Anger, Jacksonville, 1.
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    Yeah Gonzalez was 1st team TE
  5. Eskimo

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    Wow, look at all that talent we have - only 3 different players received any votes at all - Ware, Witten and Dan Bailey as far as I could tell. That is probably one of the lower performances in the league.

    Most people on this board vastly overrate our talent and then become frustrated when the team's performance isn't commensurate with the talent they think we have.

    What I don't get is the board thinks Jerry is a horrible GM who has put together a team with tremendous talent. It doesn't make sense because both parts of that statement can't be true.

    I do think this team has talent but it is donut like. We have some young guys who have talent and upside and some old guys who are fading but not many players in their peak years anymore. Jerry has got to learn who is worth giving mega-bucks, who is worth extending early in their careers and who he should let walk at the end of a contract. He'll be doing well if he lets Spencer walk for anything over $7.5M/yr, cuts Free and trades Ratliff.
  6. Biggems

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    Had Dez had a 1st half of the season like his 2nd half, he would have been at least 2nd team, if not 1st team.
  7. perrykemp

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    I would agree with this. All teams fans overrate their talent and I think Cowboys fans do it more than most due to the constant media exposure.
  8. Biggems

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    we have a buttload of talent on this roster.....unfortunately it is only possessed by a handful of the players.
  9. perrykemp

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    Dez would have definitely made the All-Pro team if he had played the 1st 8 games like the last 8 games.

    Dez is probably the most talented player on the team -- the downside is he plays at a position where the difference between "good" players and "great" players doesn't have a huge impact on teams winning games.

    Having a top #1 WR in the NFL really doesn't guarantee you anything in the NFL these days -- ask Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, etc...

    In fact, go back and look at the Superbowl winners the past 10 years and find a top 3-4 All-Pro WR.... I think you'll have to go all the way back to 1999 to Torry Holt with the Rams.
  10. perrykemp

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    Boatload as compared to what top team? For example, I don't think the Cowboys are nearly as talented as the 49ers, Packers, and Seahawks -- the top teams in the NFC.

    Everything is relative. You need enough talent to compete for a championship.
  11. percyhoward

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    Only tight ends with seasons of 100+ catches and 1,000+ yards:
    Gonzalez 2004
    Clark 2009
    Witten 2012

    Clark made 1st team All-Pro in 2009; Gonzalez (in 2004) and Witten (2012) did not.

    TE with most seasons of 80+ catches, 900+ yards
    Witten 6
    Gonzalez 5
    Christensen 4
    Sharpe 3
    Winslow 3
  12. Biggems

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    you must have misinterpreted my post.....I am saying this team has a ton of talent, but it is unfortunately shared by only a very small group of players....the rest of the roster is a bunch of jags.
  13. burmafrd

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    Witten, Ware, Romo, Dez, Spencer, Lee, Claiborne, Carr.

    That is where most of the talent on this team is. Carter might be close to that level; need more than one year.

    Look at the rest of our starters and most of them are either JAGS or one step up from JAG.
  14. Woods

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    when healthy (big if), Austin is a very good wideout.

    I think Murray and T Smith have the ability to break through.
  15. rocyaice

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    I agree to an extent. A lot of these guys got in by reputation. Dez didn't have a better year than Julio? And if Ratliff and Lee wouldn't have gotten hurt they would've received some votes. Cowboys are not as far away as you are stating.

    We have just as many as the Texans do but are they lacking talent? And btw, how Jonathan Joseph got NO VOTES is beyond silly.
  16. rocyaice

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    Yea I think we do overrate our talent at times especially our depth but now guys are simply underrating it in this thread. I guess to make them feel better about our 8-8 consecutive seasons. Murray, Smith and Austin if healthy are all big time players. Smith in his rookie year was one of the best right tackles in the league.
  17. Woods

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    I'm not unhappy with the last two drafts. I thought they were pretty good relatively speaking.

    We need to of course hit on this year's as well to make up for some of the previously deficient drafts.

    I think JG has done a good job on this front listening to Tom C, RKGs, etc.
  18. rocyaice

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    Its hard to complain about these last THREE drafts actually. I guess it will depend heavily on if Demarco, Lee and Carter can stay healthy but if all of our guys hit their potential? Tyron Smith, Lee, Carter, Dez and Demarco? Hard to complain about those drafts. Then you picked up Dan Bailey as a undrafted rookie.
  19. AdamJT13

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    We tied for the 15th-most in the league and the most in the division. Washington and the Giants also had three players who received any votes, and Philadelphia had only one.
  20. burmafrd

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    Healthy is the key problem with Murray. So far he has not been around enough to really make a difference for a whole season.

    Smith is a possibility but not yet.

    Austin- I am about to give up on him; either injured or disapears too much.

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