Ware and witten the washed up, nice guy crew

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Frozen700, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. superonyx

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    If he gets results then why is he still having to curse people out left and right? Seems that is a little contradictory.
  2. mmohican29

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    It's never ok to "quit". However i don't think Dez quit, he was just furious because the cat was out of the bag. And when have we ever shown something creative in an endgame situation? Either with a lead or not? This offense stinks and it begins with Garrett and his playbook and indexed his game mis-management.
  3. superonyx

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    A "TEAM" need all types of personalities to give the team what they need when they need it.
    Its very foolish to insult or criticize a player who doesnt lead by pure uncontrolled emotion the way people want to see. Aikman was a leader and a guy who used emotion to get results but kept it under control.

    I don't have a problem with what Dez did. In fact I think we need emotional fiery players on the team as much as we need the calm and collected players on the team. Its a team and imagine if we had 53 guy all yelling at one another. It would be an absolute disaster. That is a team that won't win.

    Witten and Ware are 2 of the toughest players we have. Ware just finally misses a game and Witten played with a jaw that was wired up. Neither of these guys are passive and neither of these guys deserve any criticism from people who don't know what really happens on the team or have ever played a down of professional or college football.

    The issue of this team is neither Dez's emotions or Witten or Ware's lack of emotions. The problem is that the coaching staff has not been effective in having the team prepared to play every game with 100% intensity. People will shadow their leader. It doesnt help that Jerry has neutered the coaches either.
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  4. bracey

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    Because people don't always do their job and they need motivation.
  5. superonyx

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    Sounds like he needs to find ways to motivate people to do their jobs more often if he always has to curse people out left and right. That style of motivating people at work is reactionary and generally doesn't result in long term success.
  6. erod

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    So Dez is the only one who cares? Please.

    And Brady doesn't do it for an hour and a half. Dez was inconsolably out of control for most the game.
  7. anava

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    Where did you get it was for most of the game, I only saw twice. Once right before the offense opened up and then he calmed down. And then he blew up again we basically lost the game?
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    Um, I remember M. Irvin having a few similar tantrums... Its called passion and fear of losing. I say this out of ignorance as I have not heard what Dez was complaining about but I will take fire and heart over 'sit by and say o well we played our best'.
  9. BraveHeartFan

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    People need to check our best player because that behavior was stupid and did nothing.

    Anyone trying to defend that sort of childish behavior, especially him getting in the face of his QB, is just flat being stupid.

    You would have NEVER seen Irvin get into the face of Aikman like that. Ever. For any reason.

    Dez has a long long long way to go before people need to be mentioning him in the same breath as the other 88 greats from this team.
  10. CowboyFan4Eva

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    Sean lee, DEZ Bryant ......please take over this franchise.......
  11. Seven

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    You're right. Dez didn't get his cookie.

    Sometimes the three year old deserves a cookie. He isn't going to laugh about it cause then you wouldn't know he WANTS that cookie.

    Simple really.............

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