Ware not ranked in top 20 pass rushers so far

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by maxdallasfan, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Yes, they are. See at the top of the graph, it says "rank". They are ranking their productivity, ie, ranking the players.

    Yes, it is. See above.

    They are using a flawed formula to rank pass rushing productivity.
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    Exactly.. they are ranking players productivity through 5 games this year.

    Not ranking who the best pass rushers are in the league right now, not active, not all time, not taking into account double teams, scheming against certain players, etc..

    All they are showing you is based on the amount of time each player rushes the passes, who has the most pressures, sacks, and QB hits, so far.

    Again, nothing for people to get their panties in a bunch over..
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    I agree its a subjective stat.. no argument there. I think anything that makes the QB hurry or have to adjust his position (avoid the rush or scramble out) would be considered a pressure to me. However, there's no way the same person is watching each game and noting the pressure stats, so there's bound to be a human error margain to it.

    The point was that this isn't some definitive list of who the best pass rushers in the league are.. and the only ones upset are the people taking it that way. Granted the OP didn't help either with his sensationalist headline, so the people that didn't go any further in reading the actual article are probably the most upset.
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    They could rank Ware at 50 and i wouldn't care. As long as Ware is healthy and continues to do what he's done over the years, he's a force. The problem however, is what we're getting or not getting from the rest of the DL/LBs in the pass rush. Those are the guys that are killing us. We have too many guys who get blocked and cant get off leaving a clean pocket. Most other teams may not have a Ware-type player but they have multiple guys in the pass rush who can at least get off blocks quickly disturbing the pocket which overall is more effective.

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