Ware playing in situations

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. LatinMind

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    On nfl network they were talking about him and said the team is saying Ware will play but wont see alot of action. Team needs to step up.
  2. Stryker44

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    On the one hand that could be an advantage for him as he will be fresher when he is playing.

    On the other hand, does Ryan tip when he is planning to blitz by when Ware is entering the game?
  3. jazzcat22

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    On the other hand, maybe that's what Ryan wants them to think...and just rush 4. Just because Ware is in, doesn't mean they always blitz. I can see Ryan blitzing less this game than usual.

    Maybe a few at the beginning to see how RG3 responds and reacts to test his knee.
  4. JBell523

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    He's not tipping his hand at all by playing Ware in obvious passing situations.
  5. tomsanders921

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    Please do not call a 3 man rush anymore. Whether or not ware is in the game. It never works no matter what the situation is
  6. Stryker44

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    True...and you have to think coverage would be less taxing on his shoulder than rushing the QB.
  7. Dcowboy84

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    well the last time we had this situation with Ware we were playing the undefeated Saints, and we all remember what happened.....

    history repeats itself??? :)
  8. burmafrd

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    Ware had a neck injury at that time; relatively minor as it turned out.

    he has multiple serious injury concerns right now and frankly should not be playing at all
    Right now he is not even at 70%.
  9. FiveRings

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    Saw this coming from a mile away and it's the best case scenario. Playing a full game right now, he's a liability not to mention he could do more serious damage. Let him get in there on passing downs and at the very least take two blocks.

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    I predict Ware is a beast today and makes the game changing play that puts us over the top.

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