News: Ware says he was telling Bryant that with 12 seconds left, there's still time, the team needs you

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    DeMarcus Ware said he was trying to get Dez Bryant focused on the remaining 12 seconds in the game Sunday at Detroit, understanding the receiver was upset the Cowboys were on the verge of losing.

    “There’s always a time and place – 12 seconds left in the game, knowing how important you are in the game; that’s not the place,” Ware said Tuesday during a charity event at AT&T Stadium for the North Texas Food Bank. “There’s always a time to approach the situation and approach it the right way.”

    Ware said it’s common for emotions to flare on the sideline, but that even for Bryant, that display was unusually strong. Ware said he and Bryant are close and understand each other, but suggested that sideline demeanor is a matter of respect.

    “To get respect, you’ve got to give respect to others,” Ware said. “Me and Dez, we’re really close to each other, and he’s a great dude, a great player. Sometimes things get heated on the sideline because we’re competitors. He’s a great competitor. There’s a time and place for everything. Everything is behind us now, and it’s on to the Vikings.”

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    I figured that's what Witten was saying too when he kept pointing at what was probably the scoreboard.
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    Part of me wants to agree with Ware about time left but it also screams 'we've been down this road before and it's ok that we lost like this, things will get better just keep trying'. That is the attitude that is wrong with this team and has been for years. How bout getting pissed off at the way we lost. Getting embarrassed again and not coming through in a pressure situation.
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    I'm tired of this 'respect' issue.... If grown men can't handle a guy absolutely PO'd they just gave the game to the opposing team, while getting paid millions of dollars, especially when this is acontinual trend, then it's them that need to grow up.
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    Yeah, figured Ware would say this. I was as worried as Dez was. Witten would probably say the same thing. "We gotta put this one behind us...keep it bottled up and see where we are when we go 8-8 again."
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    I like DWare and J Witten alot. They are the best. If 12 seconds means so much......why not the 59 minutes and 48 seconds that just went by?

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    Here lies the problem with the team - PUT THE LOSS BEHIND YOU aka ACCEPT LOSING. When I played Soccer growing up and our Team played very poorly duing the game, we as players payed the price. He made us do Wind Sprints after the Game and the next few practices were a "Living Hell". We learned to leave it on the field every game. My Coach never talked about PROCESS either but I guess "Princeton Smart - Football Stupid" knows more than I do.
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    It's better than dwelling on it when the coaches are trying to implement the gameplan for the next opponent. Ijs.. Nothing about what Ware said it was okay to lose. But players can't allow themselves to dwell on the past game when there's another coming up in five days.

    Justin Durant ‏@JDurant52 13h
    24 hr rule

    Ware was "finally" displaying the leadership that people say he's never shown, but he'll get bashed because he wasn't the one acting the fool on the sidelines with time left on the clock right along with Dez. So much hilarity there.
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    I doubt very seriously the message that ware was trying to convey was "we lost, just accept it". Come on guys. It was a terrible loss but some of this stuff is ridiculous
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    Dez was completely wrong here, IMO. There is a time and place for everything and that time is not losing it in front of a camera with 12 seconds left. You play to the end. That's how football works and that's why you get paid like you do.

    I feel like Ware and Witten were completely right in that situation.
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    have we ever even taken a shot deep when we get the ball back with such little amount of time left? I'm serious. I swear everytime we are down by a few points and time winding down we decide to throw a ball for ten yards and game over.
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    I don't see it like that at all. It looked to me that both Witten and Ware were telling him to shut up and keep his head in the game because there was still time on the clock. I don't see it as a big deal between any of the players and more a case of dumb fans who feed off dumber media trying to figure out a situation they know nothing about. Dez said it wasn't an issue, Ware said it wasn't an issue, and Romo said it wasn't an issue. I don't know, but it sounds to me like it's a non issue.
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    Exactly. Apparently they didn't need or want Dez for the rest of the game.. why would they need him/want him at the end?
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    Non issue indeed. Blinding everyone from the real issue.. why do you only throw the ball to one of the best WR's in the league 5 times all game?
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    6 targets. So, are you saying that this is on Romo or are you saying that this is on who? The routes are called and the QB has the option to throw where he wants. Who's going under the bus for this?
  16. WoodysGirl

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    Actually the real issue is the 600 yards given up by the defense, but hey, I'd rather talk about Dez and his non-issues.. lol
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    Last play was pure garbage anyways. A short pass for a lateral to a linemen. With 7 seconds left and 2 timeouts, you should at least get 2 plays off. You know, try to get into field goal range?

    I've seen this called before.
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    Wasn't he not on the field on that third down play where Tyron got the holding call? If I were him, I'd be flipping out too. There shouldn't be a formation in this offense that requires Dez to be on the sidelines.
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    Dez probably knew what the play was and thought "Are you kidding me?" lol
  20. 65fastback2plus2

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    and dez was saying "12 seconds for a dump off pass to a RB that we can then fumble while time expires?!"
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