Wares Agent Recap - Jerry Apologized to Ware, On good terms and Ware did not talk with NFCE teams

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Zordon, Mar 13, 2014.

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    Well what I got from the media was that Ware doesn't want to take a paycut. Thus this forum was up in flames about Ware not taking a paycut. Thus my belief was that Jerry went to the media first before bringing this up to Ware and making it as though Ware was the bad guy in all of this.

    If Jerry didn't do anything wrong then ask yourself why is he apologizing?
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    Im all for jj keeping his mouth shut but he said nothing wrong at the combine.
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    Wait what?

    I didn't mean that Jerry didn't say something to tick Ware off at the combine, I'm just saying that Ware didn't go to the FO and say "I want to take a pay cut". It was insinuated but without an actual number. Ware was open to the idea and would have done the market value with the Cowboys, but they still let him go.
  4. ConstantReboot

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    He did it on purpose sounds like an excuse for being a bad business person. Ware was a class act and treated the organization well throughout the years. There was no reason for going to the media first and pissing off Ware. Heck, I would have gone an NFC East team if I also was pissed at a team that I put my heart and soul into. Thus the organization should be more respectful enough to do the same.

    All in all, I do agree with you that it was time for Ware to go. But Jerry should just stop beating around the bush and talk straight to Ware's agent about our intentions rather than hearing it in the media. Its more respectful that way.....
  5. ConstantReboot

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    Ware went to the FO and stated that he was willing to take a paycut. The FO of Dallas, their responsibility is to give Ware a ball park figure but that didn't happen. Then we hear news from the media saying that Ware doesn't want to take a paycut.

    Thus what I believe, is an apology from Jones. Or else Ware could have ended up in Washington or the Giants.

    Apology accepted and Ware went on his way to Denver.

    My point is Jerry needs to stop going to the media and deal with the person directly. Just like the Rob Ryan fiasco. Its a cowardly act doing things behind someone's back especially when they have intentions of working things out for the better of the organization.
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    I don't even think the Combine stuff was a big deal, but nonetheless, it sounds like it was handled as a professional transaction. I really think Jerry wanted to get somewhere in the 7-8 range with this and when it became apparent someone was going to throw more money at Ware it just made sense
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    What's being lost in this whole fiasco is the mismanagement that led to this whole ordeal. I was listening to Gil Brandt yesterday on NFL Radio and Brandt went through all the times that Ware's deal was re-done or restructured to cover up for bad contracts (Barber, Roy Williams, Davis, Ratliff). In the end Ware had been restructured 5 times. Every time pushing the back end of the deal into "unmanageable" range. Jones should be apologizing to EVERYONE. His piss-poor judgement cost this team a HOF player who should have ended his career in Dallas (under a MUCH easier cap hit to swallow). I'll defend a lot of things with this franchise, at times, but Jones has made it nearly impossible to defend him in almost any scenario. I'm not a poster that takes every opportunity to take a jab at Jones but, I'm MOSTLY on board with a lot of the thoughts about that dude on this board.
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    I see what you're saying.

    From what I gathered though, it wasn't like Ware took the initiative on the paycut. I think the Cowboys went to him and told them they can't keep him for the current figure, go find out what you can get and we'll see if we can match it.

    Here's the story with actual quotes from Dye:


    One of the best reads I've seen in a long, long time.
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    Does anyone find in interesting that all the NFC East teams are trying to contact all of our defensive linemen, but we're not trying to contact any of there's. Or even keep our own...
  10. Zimmy Lives

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    D-Ware = Class

    Jerry Jones = Eternal Vacation -- no class. To his credit, though, he did apologize.
  11. Alexander

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    He also added that he had "barely played the last two years". That alone was inaccurate and would make anyone angry. It basically was somewhat insulting to Ware's integrity.
  12. WoodysGirl

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    Article most assured indicates he'll be in the ROH soon after retirement.
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    That was the part the Jerruh homers are trying to cover up. And that ware was always willing to take a pay cut; which means that there were deliberate leaks from the Front Office saying otherwise.
  14. rcaldw

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    On youtube there is a 30 minute video with report after report chronicling the end between Jerry and Jimmy, the hiring of Switzer, etc... It just reminds you of what a moron Jerry Jones really is. Everyone ought to watch it who doubts what is wrong with this franchise.
  15. ConstantReboot

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    Why should Ware take the initiative on a paycut? He has done so graciously before when Witten and Romo signed big contracts.

    I don't see where this is any of Ware's fault at all. He stated he was willing to take a paycut and the Cowboys didn't even give him back a figure. Then told him he can go shopping elsewhere. Then Ware hears about stuff about this in the media stating that he didn't want to take a paycut. Thats bogus and no matter how you slice and dice this - the Cowboys FO handled this very badly.

    Thank God though Jerry is human and apologized to Ware. I would hate to see Ware in a Giants or Skins uniform sacking Romo.
  16. OhSnap

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    It's funny to see so many people go on and on with the crap that Jerry holds on too long to players and likes to keep his pets then when he cut's someone that everyone likes they can't wait to convict him of doing it the wrong way. As if he could have done anything the right way.
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    I'm not saying any of it's Ware's fault. I think they handled it well enough for what they had to do and ended things amicably, although Jones stuck his foot in his mouth yet again.
  18. ConstantReboot

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    Jones did not handle well enough. If it weren't for his apology Ware could have been playing for the Skins or even the Giants. He was lucky that Ware was a class act and took Jone's apology to heart - refused offers from NFC East teams and signed with Denver.

    Jones was being unprofessional. You don't mention stuff about your players to the media. Thats why Ware was pissed. Jerry and the Dallas FO should learn from their lesson. But I think they are too stubborn and hard headed in learning from this. They did this to Rob Ryan as well. Jerry needs to stop being a whimp and start being a real businessman. Thats part of his job title isn't it?
  19. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Jerry Jones handling of Ware's situation shows he needs to hire a REAL GM. D-Ware will always be a Cowboy!
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    Billionaires don't worry about things like " my words have meaning". To them if there isn't a pile of $$$$$ coming to them it's all OK.

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