Ware's sack total this year.....

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Achilleslastand, Jul 19, 2014.

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    Another player worshiper.

    If Ware has his typical year in Denver he is worth every penny you can give him. The Cowboys wanted to cut his salary because they no longer believe or trust he's that same player.

    I want the Cowboys to be right on that decision. I don't want the Broncos to get the real DeMarcus Ware.

    It baffles me why any fan of this team would wish success for ex-players as they compete against us. But, then again, I was never a big posters guy.
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    What you want?

    Gimme a break. I can't even recall the number of times you've said that Jerry is a failure.

    Are you honestly going to let "what you want" override "what you know"?

    We all know Jerry screws the pooch at times. Quit acting like just hoping for the best is an excuse for ignoring the man's history.

    The groundwork for Ware's departure was laid when the team restructured his salary every year so they could take $6M and $7M cap hits for the type of production that is actually worth twice that much.

    Had they not disproportionately moved money to the end of the contract, he's in Oxnard right now. Swap what would have been this year'a cap figure with any of the years where he was killing it and he's a Cowboy right now. They didn't drag out his departure for as long as possible just because. They know he can still play but they also know that they built a time bomb and needed it diffused through a necessary pay cut, or a necessary roster cut.

    Listen to yourself. You're rooting for Ware to struggle for Jerry's sake. Haha. Really?

    We all want the team to do well. Some don't use that as a free pass to just ignore the state of things, and some do.

    These are the two identifiable groups on the board. Up until now I thought most people fell somewhere along the continuum of "realist" and "homer". I now see that there may be a 3rd group in the mix.

    You've criticized many for doing what you are doing right now. You are hoping even though you know better. You're hoping Jerry has made the right call even though history has shown you that it may be a coin toss, at best.

    Congrats, you may be the first "Real Homerist".

    Or maybe "Realist-ically Homer-ish".

    Hell, I dunno. You're the one wearing it so I'll let you name your shoe whatever you want.
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    Because some fans respect and honor all of the hard work, sacrifice and dedication given by that player -- especially if it's from the caliber of a player such as DeMarcus Ware. I'm not going to wish down on this guy because he plays for a different team just for the sake of management being wrong or right in their decision. Besides that, every Cowboys fan knows that their team comes first, but it's not wrong to wish a former player well even though he may be our competitor.

    I'm a fan of many other players on various teams, but when they play Dallas, I want Dallas to pound the living crap out of their team.
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    That came to my mind too, but I just let it go.
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    Serious question

    You (and I) assume right now the cowboys have little shot at postseason success. So when/assuming that day comes and they are out, will you pull for anyone to win? Manning? Brady, S Payton. I went to UT with Manning so I always root for him when they aren't playing Dallas.

    Last year you didnt' have a rooting interest for the seahawks or the broncos? completely agnostic to the outcome? I usually let my bet dictate my rooting interest in non-dallas games, I know I never root for an NFC East team to win
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    A lot of rambling going on there in an attempt to rationalize your player worship.

    What I think of the owner is completely irrelevant. I'm a Cowboys fan. I want the Cowboys to win. They won't start doing that until they make smart personnel decisions. They just made a decision on Ware that he's not worth the contract he was under and that he either has to play for less or play elsewhere. If he now goes to Denver and proves to be the same DeMarcus Ware, the Cowboys were wrong and lost a still elite pass rusher.

    Nothing positive comes out of that for the Dallas Cowboys. I'm a Cowboys fan. So naturally I would hope they are right on Ware.
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    What has Ware done that other players don't do? He was paid millions to train, practice and play football. I'm not seeing a hero or role model here. He's a football player.

    You are player worshipping. You have plenty of company here.

    This is really no different than if the Cowboys decided not to draft a player. I would hope they were right and that player shows he wasn't worth drafting. Because it would mean good things for the Cowboys and their evaluation skills as well as the play on the field. Everyone would agree in that scenario. But with Ware they can't. Because of the hero nonsense.
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    The Cowboys didn't have anything invested in that. I'm talking about a situation where they make a critical decision on a player. That he's no longer worth his contract. They end up releasing him. Why would I ever hope they were wrong in that evaluation and root for great success for that player elsewhere? Not only is he helping another team but his continued high level of play would mean we made yet another bad personnel decision. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Are we Cowboys fans? How does this help the Cowboys?
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    Right, but determining if they are right or wrong on the player will be obvious prior to the playoffs. At that point, assuming the cowboys are on the couch, I'll have some rooting interest, and the Cowboys have nothing to do with it,

    I can see your argument projected as of today, but once the results are in on a player and the corresponding Dallas decision, I would assume the situation would be fairly agnostic or would you not root for a SB just because there is a former player on it. Maybe there are two topics here
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    Regardless if your boy Jerry is right or wrong, Dallas gains cap relief which gives them options to get other players and perhaps extend contracts. Does this not help the Cowboys? You make it sound like Ware going to Broncos and failing is the only way this can be seen as a good decision by the front office.

    Does everything have to be so black and white? You can throw around the "player worshipper" label all you want, but everyone here has told you Dallas comes first. If Ware does great, awesome. If we Ware does poorly, bummer. I've already moved on, but I'm not going to watch Denver and hope Demarcus Ware becomes trash.

    If Tony Romo went to another team, I'd still pull for him. These guys are class acts regardless of where they go.
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    No. Not at the expense of an elite pass rusher.

    DeMarcus Ware was the 2nd most prolific pass rusher in the history of the NFL. If he's got more years left at that level, added cap space is a terrible trade off.
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    Once the results were in I wouldn't care.

    Weird question.
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    You get a like just for saying that to RS.
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    Players make teams. I understand putting the team first but in the end if it wasn't for the players then I really don't know what the point is. When Emmitt went to Arizona I still rooted for him. When he came back to Dallas I cheered him. I rooted against him during the game but that was it. He was a Cowboy. Just like Ware. If he plays Dallas then I will root against him but otherwise I still consider him a Cowboy.
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    A whole lot more crying in this thing. Some people can appreciate players, of all teams, and not let their bitterness about the their favorite team (Or maybe it's a lack of talent in their own personal lives, I don't know) cloud their ability to join the game of football while still being a Cowboys fan.

    That's pretty simple to figure out, actually, I would have thought people who are so amazing that they should be scouts, coaches, or GM's (you know if only all those mean people in the NFL would just give them their rightful shot) would be able to figure things like that out pretty easily.
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    It does not hurt or help the Cowboys. Some people including me respect certain players, Ware gave his all for the Cowboys and I don't wish bad on the guy. If he can go out and play well then I'm happy for the guy. It was never personal why Dallas released him it was business. Ware is going to an AFC team whom we will not face so how he does will have no bearings on the Cowboys.

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