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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Deb, Aug 30, 2006.

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    I stopped to get gas after work.....was kinda daydreaming while looking at the pump...and while it was filling I kinda glanced at the "Warning Label" there were four or five but the two that stick out.......well the obvious one...no flames around gasoline.......I was glad of that reminder.....but the other one was............keep your face away from the nozzle when pumping gas. LOL What's the dumbest one you've ever read.....???
  2. the kid 05

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    a comedian, bill engvall, hits these out of the park, look for his skits called "here is your sign"...comedy!
  3. jackrussell

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    I don't think so. Isn't it more of his obsevations of some stupid things people do and then offer them 'their sign'?
  4. joseephuss

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    Not really a sign, but the braille and head phone jacks at drive thru ATMS.
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    I have seen many over the years but one really sticks out in my mind.

    Just boarded an Airplane.

    Put my carry on away and sat down in the seat.

    People were still loading and I was just looking though some of the instructions and other stuff that is normally stuffed in in the pouch of the seat in front of you.

    Most of it is just stuff about the seatbelts and emergency exits. Basically stuff the stewardess will say before the flight takes off.

    However while looking at the instructions on the bottom of one of them it read something like this...and no I am not making it up.

    "If you can not read these instructions ask a stewardess to read them to you"

    I thought I read it wrong lol...so I asked the guy next to me to read it.
    Sure enough I read it correctly and we both got a laugh out of it.
  6. jksmith269

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    On a serious note isn't the reason for the "warning" about keeeping your face away is so if someone is Huffing the fumes and gets sprayed in the face the station can't be held liable?.

    The one on the plane that always gets me is.

    "your seat can be used as a floatation device" I'm like good but what can I use when my Butt crashes into the field?????
  7. Secondary2None3141

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    90% of warning labels are stupid.

    Unfortunately, they are neccessary because 91% of the people in the world are stupid.
  8. jackrussell

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    The 90% of stupid warning lables are companies covering their collective arses against those stupid people who'll use any conceivable way to sue.
  9. Route 66

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    This is due to the fact that rather than make separate ATMs, the manufacturers kept the same buildout as the walk-ups.
  10. SkinsandTerps

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    Actually there are several reasons, one is because many blind people take cabs to the ATM and obviously you dont want to give a stranger your banking info.

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