*** WARNING ... Read this before commenting on Michael Sam ***

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    CowboysZone is a Dallas Cowboys football forum and not a forum or platform for discussing, ranting or raving about your support or displeasure at the drafting of the first openly gay NFL player, Michael Sam, by the St. Louis Rams.

    No matter your viewpoint on this, it does not belong here! This is going to be a huge news story on just about every news site as well as countless twitter and blog pages, so feel free to go to those sites and rant or rave as much as you want.

    If your account is suspended for ignoring this warning, you have no one to blame but yourself. CowboysZone staff members do not enforce rules based on political or religious beliefs. Rules are enforced based on the CowboysZone Forum Rules and Guidelines.

    This is the last warning that will be given. Consider yourself informed!

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