Warren Sapp stiffs waitress on a tip, then explains himself on Twitter

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Achilleslastand, Jul 2, 2014.

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    Look up the definition of character, because you keep pushing to the side, when people give you proof of what it is. And you keep bringing up companies filing, as if that makes it right. I never used Blockbuster, and I would never use GM. Racking up debt, then not paying it, shows a lack of character. In my book, bankruptcy(except for certain cases such as medical), is free loading/looking for a handout, IMO.

    We are talking about Warren Sapp, not a case by case assessment of the word.

    The analogy was to show, that you calling my "theory" not 100% when we all know that the Theory of gravity is 100%. You should know your spouse, before you marry him/her. People who get divorced, either are selfish or do not work on their relationship. Yes, of coarse there will be the exception to the rule, so please dont give me, your cousins friends best friends uncle's story.
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    I dont think anyone here wouldn't file under the right circumstances. If you had to choose between feeding your kids and swallowing your pride and filling for bankruptcy, it would be extremely selfish not to.

    now do I believe sapp was in that position, no. but some people are, so filling says nothing about one's character
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    Ah, the perennial tip thread. :D
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    winner winner chicken dinner
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    I still can't get my head round how the restaurants and bars over there get away with charging you prices for your meal/drink fairly comparable to here and then expect you to pay their staffs wages on top of it.
    edit: still no appearance from springs?
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    lol...whatever you've got to say man. If that's how it makes it easier for you to feel good then more power to you.

    Gravity isn't a theory anymore. It's an actual fact.
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    Greed on part of the owners/management.

    Seattle is about raise the minimum wage to $15/hour, and their economy is going to explode.
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    The sad part of all of this is that the waitress will probably get canned because a customer's bill isn't supposed to be posted for all to see along with their partial CC number.

    On the bright side, that Sapp autograph is worth a few bucks on eBay.
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    Let's go back to what you said:

    1. They don't know how to manage money... People lose in investments all the time, based on various reasons. A drought may take out crops which impacts prices, which causes a guy who invested in corn to lose money. On what planet is determining an act of nature as bad management of money? This leads me to point 2..

    2. Sometimes people get hit so bad, at such a time based on unpredictability that they cannot afford to pay off the debts and need time to get back on their feet. They leverage bankruptcy as a shield, not because they don't feel bad about it, but because they need exactly that, time to get back on their feet. Which leads me to point 3...

    3. Self-explanatory...

    4. As far as a divorce, people change all the time as is evident throughout history. Human behavior is based not only on reason, but emotion. On the other hand, the force of gravity being measured by a person consistently was the same irrespective of the time in history. You clearly don't understand what constitutes an exception to a rule, considering the rule isn't even established like the 'theory of gravity'.
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    1. If you do not know how to "gamble" or do not have the money to do so, do not do it. If you were living paycheck to paycheck, you wouldn't go to Vegas and bet all your money would you?

    2. Like I said, medically, that is fine, other than that, I do not agree.


    4. Once again, gambling, make a good decision.

    Why are you giving excuses for dumb people to make dumb mistakes? Bankruptcy, IMO is a type of welfare, and I am not a huge fan of that, since a lot of people take advantage of those programs. I have not stated this is an all or nothing argument. I mean, you are essentially giving me examples of people who have a lot of extra money, making bad decisions.
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    Mistakes aren't always 'dumb' and they're certainly not always made by 'dumb' people.

    How old are you? If you're in your teens I can understand the "I'll be different. I am the one who controls my fate!" attitude. The real world hasn't jaded you yet. And if you're not in your teens, it's people like you who don't understand how truly lucky they are.

    EVERYTHING is a gamble in the real world. Nothing is certain. There are risks in every decision you make to better your life.

    The reason why we have programs to get people back on their feet is solely because of this. And as an American, that's part of the security you have for agreeing to pay taxes and upholding the law. When people actually take advantage of the things we all are paying for (and they once helped paid for and will help pay for again), that doesn't say a damn thing about their character.
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    I am 29.

    I understand very much, that a lot of these social programs are heavily abused. I am not jaded at all. I myself have gotten into debt, dug myself out. My wife and I, currently have an underwater property, that we are just going to ride out, rather than short sale or foreclose on. We had a baby, where my wife was out 8 weeks of work(since, she works for a private company that does not pay maternity), we budgeted for her being off, rather than jumping on a program.

    So, yes I think I have experience with being in debt, dealing with situations like this.

    Do, I have it lucky, no. I work for things, I do not buy things I can not afford. I married a woman who can budget, and sticks to it. And when I get out of line, she cracks the whip. I have learned from her, that you can not just buy things. There is accountability. We are not driving around in Lexus' or BMW's asking people, why don't we have money? If you are not proficient with money, marry someone who is, if you can't find that person, or it was not taught to you, by your parents, take a class. It is really simple, money in has to be greater than money out, if it isn't find a way for it to be, or you do not need it(please be done with this argument, I don't want to hear, you do what you have to when you have kids, I understand that, and I do not blame kids).

    You are starting to get into politics with your response, that I would like to address, but if you want to do that, it would have to be via private message.

    Social programs are for the truly needed. I seem to be arguing 2 things here, where I really am trying to argue 1. But, I keep getting hit with other posting bring up regular people when I am specifically talking about this millionaire athlete who is an asshat.
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    *I'm not agreeing, mine are paid under duress; forced at gunpoint.
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    Don't marry for love. Marry for financial advisement ;)
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    I think we can keep politics out of it, because it's not really the point I'm getting at.

    True. It started with a statement about Sapp. In which case I don't disagree. The way he blew millions speaks pretty highly of his character.

    It seems like you are now distinguishing the difference between those who seriously need some type of relief and Sapp, but earlier-- not so much. Or at least it wasn't as clear. But I'm with you about those who abuse financial relief in any form, or just those who are willing to give up way too easily and shoulder their responsibilities on someone else.

    I would say that you are lucky. In the grand scheme of things, you cannot decide or control an unfathomable amount of factors that contribute and have contributed to your way of life as it is now. I can't either. That's not to say you don't work hard and earn what you surround yourself with, I'm just saying that yes there are other people who are naturally going to be at a disadvantage and the difference is not in their character makeup-- it's just dumb un-luck.

    That's what I meant, but at this point it seems moot. Seems we mostly agreed all along.
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    I understand, but this thread was about Sapp, and another poster kept giving me examples of regular people, which is why it got off topic.
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    I gotcha. We're cool man.


    That's us. Having beers. Being buds. I've got the dos equis and you brought along a Landshark tall boy.
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    So business is gambling and playing the slots? Wow.. first marriage is like gravity, now this...

    Nobody is talking about abuse of financial systems that are in place to assist one in times of need. We are speaking about your assertion that debt reflects bad character.
  19. khiladi

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    Based upon the conversation above, I think we agree then. I just took issue with your statement that debt reflects upon character. It can and it may not. For Sapp, I would agree based upon his past lifestyle. And I respect how you and your wife live in respect to your debt. It shows a lot of dignity and class and your actually an example of what I was referring to about debt not necessarily signifying bad character.
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    I am pretty much done with this thread, I want to clear one thing up, that your brought up.

    I was saying filing for bankruptcy was bad character, not debt. Have all the debt you want, just pay it off, by your self, do not look for handouts.
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