Was Marinelli always the target?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Jul 24, 2014.

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    While there are many instances in the last 25 years that makes people wonder if any Dallas Cowboys management team member is aware of what is going on, I would suspect Marinelli was the target all along. Kiffen is/was well past his prime. Whether Kiffen was needed to get Marinelli or not I don't know, but if he produces a strong defense, he can name his pric3.
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    I'll take it. I agree with any theory that suggests that the FO made a genius move.
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    Ok lets start with those 25 yrs? i dont think its been that long. let start how Dallas got into the whole drought people like to talk about.

    People like to proclaim Jimmy Johnson a genius. Lets talk about his era of success in the NFL as the PREFREEAGENCY period. What did he do after it? He didnt have Jerry Jones' money and he had FA to condend with. Jimmy wasnt a genius. He just had alot of money and a bunch of very good coordinators.

    OK so after Jimmy leaves, Dallas has key career ending injuries and retirements. Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, Moose, Kevin Smith, Eric Williams. What team wouldnt take a hit with those loses.

    Not only did they lose those players they had to absorb the dead money against the cap because of those players retiring. That money doesnt wipe the books clean.

    Dallas gives up alot for Galloway, but lets remember what Galloway was when they gave that up for him. He was considered one of the best WRs in the game at that point. He had 4457 rds and 37 TDs in 4 full seasons and 8 games of his 5th season starting only 4 that game because of an injury. That injury just seemed to be something that always hampered him from that season on.

    More players retire and leave and this team goes thru a period where yes Jerry made some stupid choices.

    Come 2004. Parcells comes in and cleans house basically. This team is revamped but Parcells just seems like a coach who wants a big strong team instead of going with a fast athletic team that the NFL is going twards. By the end of Parcells tenure the team has playmakers has a nice defense and a Older but very good OL. This team just got beat in the playoffs in 2007 and 2009. So the team is aging again so its time to break that up and thats what Dallas is getting over now, the dead money years of breaking up a OLD team.

    And you get where the team is now, a very young inexperienced team thats finally ready to start fresh and theyre doing that this yr but seem to be doing it right this yr. With some young experience vets mixed in with alot of rookies and some guys they kept from their OLD team they broke up.

    I hate the whole this team has been a disaster cry. It hasnt but fans would rather spew the cliche instead of actually reading up on the history of this team. It hasnt always been pretty but its not been anywhere as what people want to talk about.
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    Victimized again!!!

    You cretinous, mad genius! Bless you for you are the truest of Americans.
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    Imagine if the courts of law could use the peer approval system. LOL, whatever it takes to make this FO look good.
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    My opinion.

    Kiffin was targeted after Lovie because he is a great teaching coach. A transition is made better when concepts are grasped quicker by the players. They had decided on the 4-3 because it is a fundamentally simpler defence. One that fits a team trying to get younger.

    Marinelli became available when Smith was jettisoned. They say it was his loyalty to Smith, but there must have been some prior reason for him to refuse Trestman even though the two have not had negative experiences with each other. Kiffin make a phone call here???

    When Rod became available the Cowboys had to jump on him and use Kiffin as leverage. Kiffin is a good teaching coach, but Rod is the crown jewel. He always was.

    Maybe Dallas knew that there was rumblings in the Bear camp that Rod would be available and the best way to get Rod was to get either Lovie or Monte. Lovie didn't bite and Monte did. Who knows.

    Before anyone gets their shorts in a bunch this is pure speculation by me also, but it smacks of a plan by someone in alignment with what Dallas end up doing to its roster. It got rid of the 3-4 vets and got younger with 4-3 players. Seems plausible to me.
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    I think they wanted the package deal and wanted Rod to take over for Monte after he installed the defense and retired personally. The thing is, Marinelli doesn't leave Chicago for us without Kiffin. It wouldn't surprise me if he was the target because of that, no Rod without Monte and they probably didn't mind seeing if Kiffin still had anything.
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    This whole thing is silly. If Jerry Jones wanted Rod Marinelli to be his DC all along, then Rod Marinelli would have been his DC all along.
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    This whole premise defies logic.
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    Whole idea of hiring Monte Kiffin as the DC just so they could eventually hire Rod Marinelli as DC is absolutely insane.

    If it was the plan, it tells you everything you need to know about why this franchise wallows in mediocrity.
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    What gentlemen!
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    We don't know all of the ins and outs of the timing. At the time of the signing of Kiffin, Jan 11, 2013, there was no indication Rod was available. Also Trestman had already put his offer down in front of Rod.

    Eight days later Marinelli is announced as a coach of the Cowboys and the people in the know, *cough* Lovie Smith *cough*, say what a great teacher Marinelli is for defensive lineman.

    Many pundits talk about his latest work with Peppers and the Chicago defence.

    I don't think it would be insane to consider a team wanting a specific target and using other assets to get him in a package deal. Both Kiffin and Marinelli are good hires if you want coaches who are good at TEACHING the 4-3.

    It wouldn't surprise me if it was Kiffin who offered to pitch for Rod IF he was hired. He could have talked to Smith and got a feeling that Rod wasn't going to take Trestman's offer.
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    All of that is perfectly reasonable, but it doesn't lend itself to the conspiracy theory idea of manipulating Marinelli into ditching the Trestman regime. Sometimes you just get "lucky," last year's miserable defense aside.

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