Was the Broncos SB Performance the worst in history?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by mmohican29, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Their drubbing they took from the skins was pretty bad too.

    I agree with casmith tho. Their performance screamed John Fox.
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    Yes, the Broncos had the worst performance in SB history.....against the Niners back in the day. Two different levels. Not even as close as the final score of 55-10 and that is saying something. Most lopsided in SB history IMO.
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    What about Miami's whopping 3 point performance against Dallas in SB VI? We still hold the record for fewest points given up in a SB and are the only team to hold an opponent without a TD in the big game. Is there a reason that is not on the list? We ran for over 252 yards against them and had 23 first downs against Miami in the 24-3 drubbing. I'm not saying Miami's was the worst performance necessarily but it's worth mentioning IMO.

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    No frackin way!!

    Yes because he is Peyton and Collins was Collins.

    The broncos now own the most SB losses.
    They own the SB beat down record too.
    Losses by 17, 19, 32, 45 and 35.
    If it was Harbaugh and niners the last number would be sequential at 55 or something.
  6. Alexander

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    That is because they probably have not been coached very much.

    Let's be honest, Manning is pretty much their offensive coach. From the minute he walked in the door, he is probably running their offense, their practices, chewing out non-performers. That was the way he was doing it in Indianapolis and he no doubt continued. Adam Gase was probably quite dumb not to ride this season's success into a head coaching job because I am sure he did not put in a lot of work.

    The Seahawks simply did not care who they were facing. Manning did not get in their heads and they basically shut out the noise. They did what the old Patriots used to do when facing him. When things do not go right for him, he will absolutely get frustrated and lose his composure because he is so used to winning, almost every time--so that leads to the choking label.
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    i didn't see the cowboys whip the dolphins or the broncos, but i saw most of those other super bowl whippings. what stands out in my memory, at least, is that the losers -- the bills against dallas, the patriots against the bears, the broncos against the 49ers -- were just vastly outmatched. they lost to much superior teams that just steamrolled them. the broncos' loss to the seahawks, though, was about an unbelievable ineptitude. dumb plays and the emotional grit of the average houseplant. it was sad to watch.
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    Ah there it is. Classic thread derailment.
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    If you think Denver SB performance was bad, you probably didn't see the previous Broncos defeats in SB. Those games were brutal to watch (although I did enjoy Doug Williams going crazy after the injury).
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    My intention was not to derail the thread. Sorry for that. My point was was just to say if we're talking embarrassing, I could think of way more things to be embarrassed about. How could someone be more embarrassed with getting pummeled in a Superbowl, than not making it to one in two decades.

    Think of everything that go's along with just making to the SB. Winning at least two playoff games. The experience for young guys getting to play
    in big time games.The monkey being off Tony's back for not winning playoff games, let alone an NFC championship game. The motivation it would bring the next year to make it back again and never have that feeling again.

    Only a true homer, with absolutely NO logic or common sense would say they'd rather be in our position, (at home watching the SB) , than that of Denver and playing in the game. Only Cowboys or Raider fans would say it. Possibly SF and NE, because they know they will have another shot next year.
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    For that one?

    Not be there at all.

    A thrashing is embarrassing no matter how much Peyton tries to claim embarrassing is the wrong word lol.
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    It was insulting to fans of football that they/he fielded a team that represented as they did.
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    Yeah I mean, they got absolutely housed. Given the build up, media attention, all the hype about Peyton being the GOAT, that was a straight up butt kicking.
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    huge football fan...and 3 things make me football giddy outside of the cowboys and the nfce

    1) Peyton getting smashed in the mouth
    2) Brady getting smashed in the mouth
    3) The Steelers getting smashed in the mouth

    So i thought it was awesome for the fans hahah
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    Duly note lol

    2 and 3 for sure
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    I say yes. When has a team who set NFL records for points put up this kind of performance, especially with 2 weeks to prepare? It was disgusting to watch but I loved every second of it because I can't stand the Mannings and their dumb face. This is what you get with Peyton. A guy who can't make adjustments and when the defense is physical and he doesn't have his receivers exactly where he wants them, he folds like a cheap tent. He can't handle any pressure at all. He looked so great before the SB before NE and SD's defenses were brutal and they could not even sniff him. This is how NE owned him throughout his career. By getting physical with his receivers and causing chaos.

    His offenses are meant to run in a vacuum. No variables at all. When it happens, it's nice to see. But when it falls apart, you get that, and quite a few other of his playoff losses, including his first ever playoff game against the Jets and those back to back NE losses that were really bad.
  17. burmafrd

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    I think without a doubt it was the worst performance by a team that was clearly the favorite going in by not only Vegas but most of the so called experts as well. I cannot think of any favorite that has ever looked worse.
  18. Tom [Giants fan]

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    The Giants at least only trailed 10-0 at the half. They at least kept it close for half the game. :p

    And the Giants technically came out of nowhere to be in that game. The Broncos were supposed to be a power house team.

    What I am trying to say is, the Broncos performance was the worst in Super Bowl history.
  19. Reverend Conehead

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    No, I don't think it was worse than the Bills Super Bowl 27 performance against us. And the Broncos versus 49ers one was pretty bad too.
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    Not been there. Id rather not go then lose the sb whether its by 1 point or 35.

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