Was the trade for Mo worth it?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BTX, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. BTX

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    What say you?
  2. Picksix

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    Too early to say. Especially since we don't know who they would have drafted instead.
  3. Beast_from_East

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    Yes, I think Mo will be a great corner in this league and pairing him with Carr is going to pay big dividends down the road.

    Problem is we have no pass rush, so it really doesnt matter this season who is in the secondary. If we get a new coach and he improves the pass rush, then we will start to see the benefits of having good corners.
  4. jayhouston12

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    the situation we were in if we stayed where we were at and got a olineman we'd still be stuck with the 2010-2011 secondary

    the oline is bad but we needed something in the secondary aswell
  5. BTX

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    I believe it was as well. I think he is better than Carr.
  6. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    I want to say yes, but you have got to get me that pass rusher in 2013 for this defense to be able to take it to another level
  7. IAmLegend

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    Way too early to say. Mo is a young kid with a lot of talent. And CB's often take a year or two before they really start playing up to their potential. He could be top tier in a couple years.
  8. AdamJT13

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    We got positive value out of the trade itself (Nos. 14 and 45 for No. 6), and we drafted a player widely rated higher than where we took him. So it was a good trade at the time.

    Other than that, it's still too early to judge whether any first-rounder was worth his pick. Claiborne is playing very well, but he's only 11 games into his career. Some guys develop slowly and turn into All-Pros. Others flash early and then wash out, get hurt or destroy their own careers. We'll see.
  9. Numbers921

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    Obviously not.

    He might prove to be a good player down the road, but I worry about his physical ability. He's trails way too many receivers .
  10. Numbers921

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    This secondary isn't any better than the 2010-2011 secondary.
  11. BTX

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    You are out of your mind.
  12. Numbers921

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    Have you seen the way this team has been absolutely torched through the air? I know Brandon Carr and Mo Claiborne and company are sexy names to you guys, but this secondary has been ROASTED. They've let 4 different QBs post YPAs over 9 against them and every rookie QB they've seen aside from Nick Foles has posted above a 90 QB rating. The only reason why the numbers aren't worse is this team is routinely behind. If this team was actually in competitive games the way they were last year, this secondary would look just as bad.
  13. Falcon554

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    Would of much rather spent that pic on the online, I think that oline has taken about 5 years off Romos life
  14. KB1122

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    If you don't trade up for the No. 2 player on your board for only a second round pick, it would be dereliction. People expect too much out of the first year of the draft.
  15. JPM

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    Post history..
  16. CopenhagenCowboy

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    It's not about what he develops into. It's about allocating draft resources correctly. They didn't do that.
  17. InTheClouds

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    I dunno about your other games, but against us yesterday, I don't think any of our big plays were on your corners. It's just that your safeties are pretty awful and bit on our PA and misdirection and fake reverses all game, and when you're playing zone and expecting the safety to be covering deep and he's sitting there with a dumb look on his face staring at all the pretty fakes in the backfield, there's not much you can do.

    It's like when people blame Hall and Wilson for getting torched on our side when the real problem is Madieu Williams blows play after play with his terrible awareness (except when he jammed his helmet into the ball to prevent Dez from making a monster TD catch).
  18. Yakuza Rich

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    I think if we can stockpile picks, it was worth it. It was really a steal. Grab the best defensive players and best rated CB's in the draft over the last 10 years for a 2nd round pick.

    And so far he has been really really good. It was apparent against Washington when they clearly targeted Carr and clearly avoided Claiborne.

    I still have confidence in Carr, but we've had so many injuries that he has to play out of position and can't play press coverage which is his strength.

    The pass defense has issues because we need 1 more player to consistently pressure the QB that's not Spencer, Ware, Ratliff or Hatcher. The other reason is our safety play, particularly in zone coverage...stinks.

    And of course, we have our issues on offense as well.

    If we could stockpile picks and get some quality safeties in there and 1 more good pass rusher on the d-line, now you have good safeties, a quality #2 CB in Carr, a quality #3 CB in Scandrick and a Revis type of corner in Claiborne. Combined with Ware, Spencer, Lee and Carter.

    Obviously, we would have to stay healthy.

    To me, a down year for future years of great success can be worth it. But, we have to stockpile picks in order to do this. And that means trading away players like Jenkins, Felix, Bennett, etc. before the go away scott free in FA.

  19. The Natural

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    At this point, 11 games into the season, was the trade for Mo worth it? Absolutely not. Maybe I'll feel differently this time next year.
  20. JPM

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    Doesn't matter who they drafted; this board would complain whoever they took.

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