Was the trade for Mo worth it?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BTX, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Can't make that determination right now. It won't be known for at least two or three years.
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    This is true. If you know anything about football, this is your answer.
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    Yes, it was a gigantic mistake to do this trade.

    The reason is that it was a deep draft that was weak at the top unless you got one of the QBs. The rest was underwhelming - one good LT, one good CB lacking speed, no pass rushers, one good RB and one good WR lacking speed. You could argue that we didn't pay much to move up to #6 but I would also argue we gave up a 2nd round pick to grab a CB who is only marginally better than the CB I was suggesting in the second round, Casey Heyward.

    We should have traded down into the early to mid 20s. At that point there were several good pass rush candidates and quite a few good OL on the board like Whitney, Clemson kid, Hightower, Zeitler and DeCastro. Then with the extra second rounder there were several good CB prospects and I favored Heyward. With that extra second rounder we could have gone after another OL or DL depending on how the depth chart read.

    Once again Jerry got blinded by the shiny toy and didn't see his warts (lack of speed and athleticism) that will always limit him as a press player. This kid isn't Deion and he hasn't demonstrated much in the way of ball skills. He looks like he will be a good player so he won't bust but he also doesn't look like a future All-Pro and that is what you need to get for this trade to be a success. We gave up a lot to get him and his play has not justified the move thus far.
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    a NO 6 PICK IS SUPPOSE TO make an impact player right away

    I don't see impact

    he trailing WR's already

    I take any of this guys after without losing a pick

    Josh Norman, Carolina Panthers: Didn’t see that one coming did you? The fifth round draft pick from Coastal Carolina beat out Captain Munnerlyn during the preseason for a starting position and has been a nice fantasy surprise. Norman has put up 23 total tackles, many of those coming on balls that were completed to the man he is covering and quarterbacks are going to continue to challenge him. While he has yet to have had a touchdown thrown on him he isn’t overly physical and still a bit raw in coverage. The Panthers defense will be on the field a lot in 2012 and Norman is entrenched as a starting CB,

    Janoris Jenkins

    Stephon Gilmore, Buffalo Bills: Ah, we finally have a first round draft pick making an appearance in the top five. Gilmore went to the Bills with the 10th overall pick last April and stepped right in as a starter for Buffalo. At 6′ 1″, and 190 pounds, Gilmore flashed skills in training camp that had teammates comparing him to Darrelle Revis

    Corey White, New Orleans Saints: Here is another name I dare folks to have picked prior to the season as someone in the top-five fantasy scoring cornerbacks at any point in the season. White was a strong safety while at Samford (no idea where that is? Me either), was selected in the 5th round and expected to be mainly a special teams contributor. After the first three games, White has played 211 of a possible 237 defensive snaps for the Saints, mainly as a cornerback and has fifteen total tackles.

    Josh Robinson, Minnesota Vikings: Keeping with the theme of ‘who the heck is that?’, we have third round draft selection Josh Robinson, out of Central Florida. Robinson replaced an injured Chris Cook in the Vikings opening game against Jacksonville and with Cook’s return, has been mainly a situational player for Minnesota.

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    He's a rookie... anyone expect him to make a huge, playmaking difference with the lack of a pass rush up front? Foolish.

    He's played well for a rookie all things considered

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