News: Washington Examiner: Cowboys WR Bryant ready for opener vs. Jets' CBs

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    Cowboys WR Bryant ready for opener vs. Jets' CBs
    By: JAIME ARON | 09/09/11 4:25 AM
    AP Pro Football Writer

    .Dez Bryant means no disrespect to Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie or any other cornerback in the NFL.

    He's just not interested in discussing them. Or watching them on film.

    Bryant insists he hardly even pays attention to them on the field, either, barely registering who is covering him when he lines up.

    The way Bryant sees it, as long as he does what he's supposed to, nobody can stop him, including the New York Jets' talented tandem that he will face Sunday night as he opens his second season with the Dallas Cowboys.

    "I'm not going to change up my game for no corner," Bryant said. "I'm not the type of guy to single anybody out — no DB, no nothing like that."....

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:
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    why is a washington paper covering our game?
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    Looks like they are trying to stir the pot. Note the bit about how Bryant apparently doesn't watch game tape, even though thats not what he said.

    They are trying to sell Bryant as being overly cocky.
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    i get it...but their obsession with Dallas is borderline clinical. This is opening weekend of the NFL. And the Redskins have a home game against the NYG. But a Washington paper writes an article about Dallas?
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    I seem to recall another 88 who was a bit cocky and while everyone else hated him Cowboy fans loved him.
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    I lived in the Washington DC area before I moved to Florida. Skin fans are totally fixated on the Cowboys. If they can beat us, particularly twice in a season, that's all they care about. Doesn't even really matter to them so long as they beat the Cowboys. Goes all the way back and begins with former Redskin HC George Allen who was totally obsessive about the Cowboys. Skins fans have always believed their Redskins have a right to the name of "America's team".

    Also don't forget that the former owner, George Preston Marshall, desperately tried to keep the Cowboys out of the NFL cause he feared he lose his southern fan base to the Cowboys. Fortunately, he become involved in a bitter divorce with his wife, who owned the property rights to "Hail to the Redskins" song; the sold those rights to Cowboys owner who leveraged that to force Marshall's hand.
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    It looks to be an AP Wire story, as opposed to the Examiner covering it themselves.

    John Keim covers the Redskins for the Examiner. I am not sure if they have a national NFL beat reporter like the Washington Post does (Mark Maske)

    It looks like something taken off the wire and they put in the paper, which happens at all papers across the country.

    Here is the "next article" (when you click on the website and hit NEXT ARTICLE at the top right)

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

    Why is a DC paper writing about the Falcons and Roddy White? Looks like the Redskins and Washington DC are obssessed with the Falcons

    OR the Examiner is simply throwing in AP wire stories to have an "NFL section" for the Friday paper prior to Sunday's NFL kickoff.

    Lets see, if you click NEXT ARTICLE after the Roddy White Article you get the following

    Cleary Washington DC and Redskins fans are obsessed with the Rams. Why else would the Washington Examiner write about the Rams?

    I could keep going but I don't like to embarrass people too badly

    Continue with outrage and obsession on

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    Amusing that a single individual would attempt to man both the tar bucket and the feathers bucket at the same tell how you handle the mop additionally.:lmao2:

    You might have eventually arrived at a conclusion of Sports Illustrated as the collection point...but there again, YOU'RE A REDSKIN FAN!:cool:

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