Washington fans speculate that Shanahan will be fired tonight 12/8/13

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Bungarian, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Bungarian

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    What a mess.
  2. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    Mess? It's a thing of beauty.
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  3. Bungarian

    Bungarian Butt Monkey

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    Yes, but still a mess.
  4. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Staff Member

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    Thought Shanny was the savior... Oops
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  5. theebs

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    Wasn't he and the entire fan base and Peter king talking Super Bowl in August?

    I find it funny that shanahan was declaring Super Bowl or bust yet he cleared out his office in January and was going to resign?

    Fun stuff.

    The on,y thing that stinks is that we lose for the same reason they do, the people at the top.
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  6. AmberBeer

    AmberBeer Well-Known Member

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    Redskins would be making a huge mistake to fire Shanahan. He's a good coach.
  7. Bungarian

    Bungarian Butt Monkey

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    I think if they fire him Houston will grab him up. Then they will sign Cutler in the offseason.
  8. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    Why would they fire him until after the season is over.....unless they wanted to see how his replacement would do. And if you fire the father you may have to fire the son...not sure about that though. I say he stays.
  9. KB1122

    KB1122 Well-Known Member

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    Yeah, that was my thought after reading around today.

    HE should have been fired last year after leaving Griffin in the playoff game.
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  10. Fritsch_the_cat

    Fritsch_the_cat Well-Known Member

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    Exactly. It is an early Christmas present for Cowboy fans. At least it is for this one. I love seeing the Deadskins suffer. Couldn't happen to a better bunch, except maybe Philly.
  11. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    The thing that sucks is that teams always play way harder after their coach gets fired, and that's what they're going to be doing against Dallas. I wouldn't be surprised if Dallas lost in Washington.
  12. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    What makes it sweeter, is they had legitimate reason to be very, very excited going into this season. This season is a rug-yanking for them the likes of which I have not seen since Joe Gibbs came back to tarnish his own legacy for them.

    And, to top it all off, they gave up a king's ransom to get RGIII-and-thirteen, and now the team is falling apart around him. And their pick they gave up this year is going to be a top-10 pick!

    Man. It's beautiful to watch. I *love* it. :)
  13. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    So it goes. We've got a chance to embarrass them at home in front of their own fans. Let the ten-or-so guys still watching hop up and down and try to shake the stands there with 'We Want Dallas!!!' Good luck, with that roster they're trotting out right now.
  14. RXP

    RXP Well-Known Member

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    Fed Ex Field is going to be invaded by Cowboy fans in 2 weeks. It will be like an extra home game.
  15. Manwiththeplan

    Manwiththeplan Well-Known Member

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    They really and truly need to fire Shanahan asap, not because I think the coaching job he has done deserves a mid season axe, but if the story about him wanted to quit last year was leaked by him (whether it is true or not is irrelevant), then he has the potential to truly damage the Redskins by staying. Imagine Shanahan starting Cousins next week against Atlanta, out of spite. Cousins could easily carve them up, which would lay the foundation of a huge QB controversy (it's there now, just laying low).

    I'm definitely hoping Shanahan stays one more week, and starts Cousins, but Snyder can't be that dumb. Houston fired Kubiak due to having 10 days to prepare for his next game, but right now the skins have 5 days (assuming he is safe for today) until the next game.
  16. Yakuza Rich

    Yakuza Rich Well-Known Member

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    I love it.

    I told plenty of Skins fans that the read-option would be handled through schematics and proper assignment football. They kept shouting that the read-option was indefensible.

    I think Skins fans have to realize that Gibbs 2.0 set them back and that starting RG3 his rookie year was a bad idea and he is nearing the 'bust' label. He's a QB that needed to sit on the bench for a year or two, get familiarized with the speed of the game and the playbooks while working on his footwork. Then come in and start.

    Typical Skins fans, always celebrating the instant minor victories but never seeing that they are losing the war.

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  17. AbeBeta

    AbeBeta Benched

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    Odd situation if he is fired. Obviously Kyle would go out the door with him. They've got a couple of former HC on the roster - Haslett would likely end up the interim coach. But on the offensive side, you are in the position of losing your O-minded HC and your OC. You'd almost have to bring in someone to run that offense.
  18. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

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    Haslett's defense has been one of the reasons the Deadskins have been so bad. He's no improvement. lol
  19. AbeBeta

    AbeBeta Benched

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    Oh I don't think they make the move to get better. I think they make the move because Snyder is upset. I expect this gets nasty in the Al Davis-Shanny way with Snyder withholding pay
  20. Denim Chicken

    Denim Chicken Well-Known Member

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    I hope they keep him. It would suck if they got Lovie and then took Marinelli

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