Watch the Video of Mcmahon killin Jerry!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by juck, Nov 5, 2012.

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    thanks for the reminder.
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    It's a painful reminder I know.
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    The problem with that is that Jerry has come out and said the he regretted firing Chan Gailey after just two season even though Gailey took them to the playoffs both years he was there.

    He stated that even Landry had time to mold the team so he thinks Garrett needs some more time and that he believes he can be a great coach further along in his tenure.

    “You’ve got to look at (Garrett’s) short tenure as our coach as well as his potential for the future,” Jones said on his radio show. “That’s a combination that’s worth looking at real good. Yes, I made a coaching change with a coach in here that’d only been here two years, Chan Gailey. I regretted it. That was not the thing to do at the time.”

    This team may lose the rest of the way out this season, but, I doubt Jones will get rid of Garrett. I think Jones is in for the long haul with Garrett.
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    I agree. Total non-story.
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    The only way to get to Jerry is to hit him where it hurts most: his ego.

    If you want to force Jerry's hand, boycott the Thanksgiving Day game.

    What could be more embarrassing than a nearly empty stadium on Thanksgiving Day (vs the Washington Redskins of all teams).
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    Gailey started coaching in 1976, when JG was probably in diapers. He was an OC for the Steelers two years before becoming the HC of the Cowboys. They have absolutely no relation to each other in attempting to establishing a point about caoching for '3 years'. Jerry is delusional or just spewing forth an incident that makes him look rational. He fired Wade with 3 winning seasons and a half a losing season. So he judges Wade's tenure based upon a half a season, but claims to speak in terms of 3 years being an adequate measure to determine a coach...
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    Well, the conclusion I draw from this is that Jerry Jones is content with failure. He said it himself..."I know the best way to make decisions for us...and that's the best way." i.e. 1 playoff win in 15 years is the best this organization was capable of during that time span.

    He said it, not me.
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    The fact the Cowboys made the playoffs both years under Gailey is a big reason why Jerry regretted firing him after only 2 seasons. The Cowboys ended up going 5-11 the next 3 years and didn't make the playoffs again until 2003.

    This is where Jerry shows how lost he is. Landry started off with an expansion team and didn't even have a draft pick his first year. Landry didn't inherit a Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware and a Jason Witten. The team Garrett was handed in 2010 could have probably beaten Landry's first team by at least 50 points. That 1960 team is ranked in the top 10 worst teams in NFL history. It was virtually talentless. Landry had to build that team from the ground up it only figured it would take him years to make the Cowboys competitive.

    He'll probably give Garrett 3 full seasons because he wants so bad for it to workout with him unless the team quits on him like they did with Wade. I can't imagine Jerry going past year 3 if the Cowboys continue missing the playoffs. If the teams play doesn't improve especially at home the BOO birds are going to become rampant and eventually he's going to start seeing some empty seats. Garrett could be 5 or more years away to even be ready for what he's undertaking now. It takes YEARS for a coach to develop and Garrett has only been coaching since 05.
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    My post was in response to another that said he wished they would find another team. I said I wished the ones wanting Jerry to die would (find another team).

    Maybe the way it was phrased threw you off, but I would never wish for anyone to die. I understand fans being upset with Jerry, but it is a tactless comment to long for the man's death. And that appears to be the case with some, although I'm not referring specifically to anyone in this thread.
  10. gimmesix

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    Again, taken out of context.
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    Great post!
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    kjj is a great poster.

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