Watching Cutler and Eli last night

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dfense, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. EPL0c0

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    EliFace! EliFace! EliFace!
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  2. TheXFactor

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    He's a color guy that's his job, cut him a little slack haha
  3. Dodger

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    Not only were they defending Eli in the game, did anyone hear the post game stuff on NFLN? Lol.

    It wasn't his fault. The receiver didn't run the right route. Not on the same page. Blah, blah, blah. Pure comedy, especially when compared to what the same people said about Romo after the Broncos game.
  4. pugilist

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    the one INT intended for Randle definitely looked like he ran the wrong route, I missed the first INT so not sure what happened there, and the last one was on Eli regardless of what those clowns were saying.. that ball was overthrown
  5. joseephuss

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    I still think Blaine Gabbert is worse. Mark Sanchez, too and he hasn't played a down this season. You have to consider Josh Freeman as well.
  6. dragon_mikal

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    Without a running game and defense to prop him up Eli is exposed for what he is; an above average quarterback...nothing more.
  7. 187beatdown

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    You silly Romo stans. Something something $100 million dollar quarterback.

    Eli Manning is the one who is truly elite.
  8. bark

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    Yes we know and Troy only handed off the ball to emmitt.. You're on a roll bud
  9. kirkjrk

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    Wait until we play them again, he'll probably go off on us with a career passing game. Our luck.
  10. lqmac1

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    Tons of ppl then and now would put Cutler ahead just bc they hate Romo. IMO, Romo is ages better than Cutler!
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  11. RastaRocket

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    Initially he said that, but after they viewed the replay he said Eli overthrew him but it did hit Myers hands.
  12. Seven

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    And people wonder why I cruise the neighborhood looking for babies to punch.........
  13. Future

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    I'm not sure if you're blaming me or him...either way, carry on lol
  14. bulldozer

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    Rumor has it they are trying to get TeboW back in NY
  15. DFWJC

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    Cutler looks pretty good this year.
    It helps that he has a better line.

    But I have a hard time giving him too much credit because he's had the good fortune to to have a defense that scores every game and shuts teams down, and also a good run game. The polar opposite of we've had in Dallas.
    Things are getting better though

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