News: Watkins: Cowboys practice report: Day 7 *Scrimmage Observations*

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    By Calvin Watkins |

    OXNARD, Calif. -- The Cowboys conducted their annual Blue and White scrimmage on Sunday. The veteran players conducted a regular practice before the younger players, led by quarterbacks Alex Tanney and Nick Stephens, took over.
    • With Dez Bryant missing practice with a sore hip, Dwayne Harris and Miles Austin got the early portions of the first-team snaps. Austin, however, got a break and Terrance Williams saw some time.
    • The young receivers were inconsistent on Sunday. Tim Benford and Jared Green had drops. Benford dropped a touchdown pass in 7-on-7 while Green let a ball go through his hands. Green also had a touchdown reception in the back of the end zone as he got both feet in. But Williams caught a touchdown pass on a slant in the 7-on-7 period. Eric Rogers continues to improve by making catches all over the field; he made an amazing Hail Mary reception over two defenders that was waived off.
    • Linebacker Ernie Sims is on track to make this team as one of the backup linebackers. He penetrated the line and picked up a tackle for loss on Phillip Tanner. Sims is just in the right spots against the run and continues to play physical. If anything happens to Bruce Carter or Justin Durant this season, Sims is more than capable of taking over.

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    Good news about Sims, I liked this signing last year for depth and I think the switch to 4-3 is an even better fit.
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    First time I've seen Cameron Lawrence's and Jeff Heath's names mentioned and positively.
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    I'm surprised some still have Sims out of their 53. That guy was flying everywhere yesterday. Very good pickup last year.
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    The concern with Sims is concussions; otherwise, he is probably the 4th best LB as of game 1 and he's only 28.
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    spot on......he's a GOOD lb'er but has to stay healthy. One more concussion and he should retire IMHO....he's had a couple bad ones already plus some minor ones. Praying for ya Ernie....

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