News: Watkins: Jerry Jones had no business on sideline

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Dec 24, 2011.

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    Jason Garrett knew how to handle injured Cowboys, but owner showed him up

    Calvin Watkins

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett did the right thing by his team Saturday afternoon during its 20-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

    He played his defensive starters for as long as he could, pulled a nicked-up Felix Jones after a handful of snaps, told Tony Romo to sit down after an injury left his throwing hand swollen, and he got the energy needed from his team overall.

    What Garrett and the Cowboys didn't need was a visit from Jerry Jones on the sideline after Romo got hurt.

    Jones is the owner/general manager and can do what he wants. He's one of the most powerful men in sports -- not just the NFL, in all of sports.

    But Jones needed to step away and let the process happen for Garrett.

    Instead, there was Jones on the sideline in the first quarter talking to his coach about what was going on with his quarterback and the result of the Giants-Jets game, which impacted the Cowboys' playoff chances.

    "I was bringing him up to date on information I personally had from where our situation was, not only relative to where the Jets were but also with what I knew to be the case from being down there in the dressing room when Tony was being X-rayed," Jones said.

    Garrett didn't need that.
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    I wish people would stop referencing Jerry Jones every time he goes to the sideline... It's his team- he can do what he wants.. I don't care if other owners sit in the box. In the grand scheme of things- It doesn't matter.
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    If Jones was the only owner ever on the sidelines it would matter. Lurie, Blank, Benson, Bowlen, and countless other owners have gone down there too. Anyone who thinks it distracts the players is nuts. Why would they care? He's not a black cat walking under a ladder with a broken mirror. There are literally dozens of people on every sideline every game.
  4. Gemini Dolly

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    Its his team. If he wants to do cartwheels on the sidelines, he can do that too.
  5. arglebargle

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    I'd pay a dollar to see that!
  6. Picksix

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    I don't care much for Watkins, or his opinions. He's the guy who, after Jones made Garrett the HC, said he needed to step aside and let Garrett make his own decisions regarding players and coaches. That is, until Garrett fired his boy, Ray Sherman, prompting Watkins to opine that Jones should surely have stepped back in and override that decision.

    But in this case, I do agree that Garrett didn't need Jones on the sidelines telling him what to do with Romo.
  7. casmith07

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    Heaven forbid an owner actually care about his players. We'd be the Cardinals if Jerry didn't care.
  8. SaltwaterServr

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    I wonder if you ask the every man on the roster if Jerry was on the sidelines or not during the game, what would they answer?

    If they answer yes, could they tell you if it was before or after halftime?

    If they knew before halftime, what quarter?

    If they knew what quarter, could they tell you which plays on the field were directly affected by his being on the sideline?

    Would Watkins have a story after going through that checklist? Of course not, because this isn't an issue.
  9. Heisenberg

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    So Jerry had the score of the Giants game and Romo's Xray results and decided to go down to the sideline and let Garrett know?

    I don't really see the problem with that. He's on the sidelines on a regular basis talking to players and coaches. This isn't any different and in this particular case, he had what I would consider valuable info that Garrett might want to know.
  10. RoyTheHammer

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    They've been to a super bowl more recently than we have.
  11. Plankton

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    The lengths that some people will go to defend Jones' antics is unbelievable. There was no reason for him to be speaking to his coach on the sidelines while the game was going on. None. It's not like it was a blowout in the 4th quarter - it was the first quarter.

    There's not an owner or GM in the league other than this idiot that would do such a thing. Send a message from the coaching booth about the final of the Giant game, have the PA announcer give the results. Garrett can figure out what to do with injured players - if he can't, then he shouldn't be the head coach.

    This is truly a banana republic.
  12. Hostile

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    Actually it is the links people will go to attack this team for things that almost every team does. And if you bring up another team doing it you immediately get the response, "Did you just compare us to _____________?"

    5 bucks says no one but soft fans and media cared he was on the sidelines.

    It's Salem.
  13. Plankton

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    It's not surprising that Jones' most ardent defender would come in to refute this. Tell me, what GM or owner of another team goes to the sidelines, and goes up to the coach in the first quarter of the game to discuss injuries and the result of another game. Give me one example of this.

    I have the feeling that I'll be waiting a while. This is not defensible in any given way.

    And you calling anyone soft is a joke.
  14. jwhardin

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    Actually, I've seen Arthur Blanks on the sidelines quite often at the Georgia Dome.
  15. Plankton

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    Has he gone over to Mike Smith in the first quarter of a game to talk?

    Didn't think so. I could care less if Jones wants to go to the sidelines. It's his prerogative. But, to go over to the coach in the first quarter of a game to talk is the height of asininity. Other than being a drama ho, there's no reason to do that.
  16. garrett316

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    While I agree there is no impact for the players during yesterday's game, Jones discussing strategy with his head coach during a game is asinine and really quite typical of Jerry. When a players sees that it undermines the authority of the Head Coach, which Jerry can't seem to help but do.
    I can remember Pat Bowlen on the sidelines although I can not remember him talking to a coach during the game, and Tom Benson is a complete dope, so comparing jerry to him is an accurate portrayal. I also don't think Benson goes to the sideline with Payton coaching and I'm more certain he's not discussing game strategy with him. In looking at the most succesful franchises in the league the last decade or so I don't believe I've seen Bob Kraft talking to BB during a game or the Rooneys/ Kevin Colbert engaged with either Tomlin or Cowher on the sideline. Maybe its just me.
  17. visionary

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    seeing this strident defense of one of the worst GMs in football (and the owner who lets him keep his job), sometimes i wonder if jerry pays some of the bills on this website

    there is no other logical explanation for some of the tripe we read in his defense
  18. Bigdog24

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    There is bigger problems with this team then Jerry Jones... IMO its understandable, Tink a lot of folks out their are starting to wonder if Jason Garrett is in over his head. Got to much to handle and needs a OC to allow him to focus on the managing the game..
  19. Risen Star

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    I don't care what anybody says, an owner or even an owner who pretends he's the GM, has no business conferencing with the head coach on the sidelines during a game.

    This man is sick. I've never seen a bigger ego.
  20. Risen Star

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    Actually there isn't. He's always been the biggest problem with this team. We have to win despite of our GM. That's hard to do.

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