News: Watkins: Murray will not get 100yds against the Eagles

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by viman96, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. viman96

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    Did he watch the same game we did? Did he not see how Murray moved the pile to get extra yards? Or move the chains? Just the Rams? No one else put up this many yards against the Rams...

    By Calvin Watkins
    Will DeMarco Murray gain 100 yards against Philadelphia's 23rd-ranked run defense?

    No. It's one thing to get 253 yards against the St. Louis Rams, but it's another thing to get 100 yards against the Eagles. Yes, Murray showed flashes he can be a productive member of this football team. But the interesting thing about his performance vs. the Rams is he broke just three tackles.

    What is he smoking...
  2. The Emperor

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    I believe it. But I think Murray gets about 80-90 yards on the night. Plus, I think his work will open up the passing game.
  3. Boyzmamacita

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    I could've sworn he broke at least three tackles on one run alone. Seriously, Watkins?

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if Murray breaks the 100 mark against the Eagles.
  4. hornitosmonster

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    The Eagles are garbage. With that said they will load the box and it will be a 400 yard passing day for Romo. Dez will introduce himself to the Eagles with two TD's and a trail of busted down CB's. you think DRC can tackle Dez? Not a snowballs chance in hell that DRC gets Dez down all alone.
  5. GloryDaysRBack

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    What's so hard to believe? I wouldn't be shocked one bit if Murray didn't rush for 100
  6. viman96

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    It is more the points in the article then his prediction that Murray will not gain 100yds.

    The Eagles have kept 1 team in check on the ground. The Eagles defense has been run on which is why they are ranked so low at stopping it.
  7. 03EBZ06

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    I don't care how many rushing yards Murray gets, as long as we win. But if Murray can get 80+ yards, then I would say he had a good day.
  8. ufcrules1

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    Eagles will be playing the run big time. They will stack the box and do whatever they can to shut us down. They know their weakness this year has been against the run and they know what we did against St. Louis.

    If we are smart, we will attack them down field... knowing they are playing to stop the run. Demarco will do ok but may not hit the century mark. Believe me.. I hope that I'm wrong.. I'm just trying to be realistic.
  9. Yakuza Rich

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    Before the game, the Rams were ranked 32nd in run defense by Football Outsiders.


    The Eagles were ranked 29th in run defense by Football Outsiders.

    It's not like the Eagles have been even mediocre against the run.

    I'm not saying that Murray will get 100 yards either, but being so sure that he won't is ridiculous given that the Eagles have been poor against the run.


    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    If the Cowboys feed Murray the ball, he will break 100. This, IMO, is the perfect game to re-establish the very successful formula the Cowboys of the 90s used so well. I think that the Eagles will try to stop our running game early and I think that opportunities to make big plays in the passing game will be their early. If we can get a couple of TDs ahead early, we can then use our running game to put these guys away. A couple of deep shots to Dez or Miles will soften up that Eagle underbelly quick and when that happens, Murray is going to his. JMO
  11. viman96

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    I think JG will call the pump fake draw a couple of times that will catch their LBers in a bad position to stop the run. The Eagles have given up quite a few big runs this year. Murray with his vision and speed has the ability to make them pay in the running and passing game.
  12. gmoney112

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    Good. Load the box. When Murray breaks a tackle at the 2nd level he'll be gone.
  13. TheCount

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    LOL, WUT?

    The difference between dead last in run D and 23rd in Run D is not "another thing" entirely.

    If Murray get's 20 - 25 carries, I say he will go over 100 yards.
  14. Everlastingxxx

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    Watkins fears the vaulted Eagles rushing defense, lol. That is by far the weakest part of their defense. They have good cover corners. I would pound it on the ground like the Cowboys did last week. Watkins would have been better to say he is not getting 200 yards, because he is going to cross 100 again.
  15. zrinkill

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    Watkins is buddies with Choice.
  16. Dallas

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    Murray will have more than 100 yards in the Eagles game.

    Sorry it doesn't fit Watkins hate, is what it is.

    I will accept his apologies next Monday morning. He better deliver it.
  17. jimnabby

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    The Eagles have been much stronger against the run (and the pass, for that matter) in their last two games, after being a complete disaster before that. It looks to me like they're getting their act together defensively after a really rocky start. I'm hoping that describes our rushing offense, too.
  18. Idgit

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    Whoah, there Watkins. Let's not get carried away.

    Calvin needs to stick to being a Head Coach. He's not very good with the articles.
  19. mldardy

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  20. viman96

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    They had a good game against the Skins. The Bills offense put up 24 points and gained 143 yds on the ground.

    They only stopped the 1 team. Redskins. Same game Grossman got benched for terrible play.

    Washington only ran the ball 14 times so who knows what would have happened if the offense did not keep turning the ball over and they were in a position to run the ball.

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