News: Watkins Player Updates - Hatcher, Dockery, Bruce and Holley

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by sunbum, Oct 26, 2011.

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    calvinwatkins Calvin Watkins
    Derrick dockery and Jason hatcher are back at practice today. Bruce Carter is with 1st team punt unit. Jesse Holley on scout team.

    Haven't been able to substantiate this anywhere else but if true, excellent news! We can really use Hatcher back in the lineup and the pressure he brings to QBs.
  2. Marktui

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    Yes, he was greatly missed. Hatcher has really come on this year. Last year when given the opportunity to play when Spears went down and he basically did nothing. This year he seemed to be putting it all together. His run defense especially has improved.

    Hope he can pick up where he left off before his injury.
  3. casmith07

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    Holley on scout team!? Oh noes!

  4. Picksix

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    I know. Sounds like the rumor/report from yesterday might be true, that Carter gets activated at Holley's expense.
  5. speedkilz88

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    If Carter is taking Holley's place on STs then he really doesn't bring enough to the table anymore.
  6. Aven8

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    Do you think Carter could have come in and won that game for us in SF?
  7. Wayne02

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    Romo and Dan Bailey won that game @ SF. Holley couldn't even outrun the safety who was 30 yards behind him.
  8. FLcowboy

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    No! Not in the least, but maybe, just maybe, he can win a game with a pick 6, or something else equally as dramatic.

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