Watkins working with No. 1 defense in nickel package

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Bob Sacamano

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    your face?
  2. superpunk

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    Something disturbing. Works of art are never disturbing.
  3. Pottsville Maroons

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    I think Watkins has a shot at starting, especially when you consider Parcells' comments about not wanting Davis on the field when the opposing offense goes to it's "shotgun" formation. ;)

    Watkins is already pretty intimidating to Davis and would be even moreso if he switched jerseys to that of "Bullet" Bob Hayes.
  4. superpunk

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    Oh, that was good. :lmao: And I hate puns.
  5. Kilyin

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    I suddenly have a craving for some Terrell Owens watermelon flavored popcorn.
  6. Yakuza Rich

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    This can't be right. We were all told that Watkins is too tall to be a safety in the NFL.

  7. theogt

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    After BP's comments earlier this week about not really having a problem starting a rookie FS (mentioning that he's started 2 rookie safeties at once), I wouldn't be surprised if Watkins is starting in Jacksonville and WOULD be surprised if he's NOT starting in Dallas week 2.
  8. kmd24

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    Davis is still one of - if not the - best special teams players on the team.
  9. Bob Sacamano

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    how does saying "you don't sleep well" indicative of having no problem starting a rook at FS? ;)
  10. kmd24

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    This is encouraging to me. If Skyler Green can get it going, we might see some exciting returns.
  11. theogt

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    After the end of that conversation I came away thinking he wouldn't have a problem starting him. He went on and on about how he's done it before. I'm sure he "doesn't sleep well" with Keith Davis starting, but hey it happened.
  12. Bob Sacamano

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    what you think, and what he said, are 2 different things
  13. Clove

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    When the Cowboys passed him up in the 3rd, I was very angry. The Cowboys moved up to get him in the 5th, and they are damn glad they did that.

    I'm willing to bet that all of those 6'4 safeties they named didn't have the combination of speed and verticle that Watkins brings to the table. I hope he goes out and has a pro-bowl year in his first season... That would definitely shocked the NFL.
  14. theogt

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    With Parcells it's about reading attitude rather than direct quotes. Heck, he directly denied the SI.com article yesterday but plenty of people still think it happened.
  15. CrazyCowboy

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    This will make us an even better team! Davis can concentrate on st...as the killer
  16. Cowboy Bebop

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    Good thing you are keeping a level head about the entire Watkins thing. I would hate to see how disapointed you were if your expecations of him were to high.
  17. dmq

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    Pat Watkins S 6'4 200 Florida St.
    By: Robert Davis

    Pat Watkins was one of the best high school recruits in the country in 2002, and after playing a reserve role as a freshman, he began living up to the hype as a sophomore. In 2003, Watkins finished the year with 62 tackles and three interceptions. His numbers were almost identical as a junior, when he racked up 56 tackles and four interceptions. Again as a senior, the numbers were similar, as he posted a career high 67 tackles t o go with three interceptions.

    Watkins is the ideal free safety from a physical standpoint. He has excellent height, athleticism, and quickness. He shows the quickness to break on the ball and the speed to chase down from behind. Watkins is also very tough, and willing to attack the line of scrimmage in run support. He is quick to diagnose the play and is aggressive in run support or going after the ball while it is in the air.

    The only flaw physically with Watkins is his lack of bulk. He is lanky and will need to get stronger to play in the NFL. More physical wide receivers will be able to outmuscle him for the ball, and when asked to help in run support, he can be taken out of plays. While he was very good in college, he never seemed to take the next step up and dominate like his talent suggests he can.

    Watkins is one of the better free safety prospects in the draft because of his talent and the untapped potential he still has. There are a few underclassmen that could push Watkins down the safety board a bit, but he is a fine talent no matter who is in the draft.There is a very good possibility he hears his name called in the third round somewhere. If he goes any lower than that, he has the ability to be a major steal for whoever drafts him. :D
  18. baj1dallas

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    You don't think Watkins will manage to blow an assignment? And I doubt he's the only free safety to never get a pick.
  19. Alexander

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    If he is "superb" at special teams as Coach Parcells says and supplants Davis as a starter, I will be pleased as I am positive he can do more in coverage and if he makes mistakes, he can cover the ground to compensate.
  20. Dayton Cowboy

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    Don't forget about Willie Pile.. He was taking some time away from Davis as the season came to a close...

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