Way early) 2011 NFL Mock Draft Story Highlights

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    Way early) 2011 NFL Mock Draft Story Highlights
    Four quarterbacks, led by Ryan Mallett, projected to be first-rounders
    Two SEC wideouts, A.J. Green and Julio Jones, are top 10 talents
    Heisman winner Mark Ingram could be first-rounder if he leaves early

    Ryan Mallett threw 30 touchdowns, against seven interceptions, in his first season at Arkansas after transferring from Michigan.
    Greg Nelson/SI

    Sam Bradford getting picked No. 1 overall to the Rams? Gerald McCoy going No. 3 to the Bucs? That's old news to readers of my annual (Way Early) NFL Mock Drafts, in which I happened to nail two of the top three picks in last week's draft.

    The top of the 2011 first round could hinge on whether Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck turns pro. But the redshirt sophomore comes from a well-off family in Houston (his father Oliver was an NFL quarterback) and isn't necessarily the best QB in this draft. We'll assume he's returning to school, leaving the No. 1 spot open for another big-armed quarterback.

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    1. Seattle Seahawks
    Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas*

    The former Michigan quarterback has the most NFL-desirable skills in this deep QB class.

    2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson*

    2010 belonged to the defensive tackles. The pass-rushers will take their turn this year, and Bowers is the scariest of the group. However, Bowers needs to be a bit more consistent in 2010.

    3. St. Louis Rams
    Robert Quinn*, DE, North Carolina

    Some see Quinn as the second-coming of Julius Peppers. Overcoming an operation on a brain tumor in high school shows incredible character, but could also make some teams nervous. Not so the Rams.

    4. Detroit Lions
    Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State

    The Lions would want to shore up their offensive line here, but this draft might not have the premier left tackle they'd want this high.

    5. New England Patriots (via Raiders)
    A.J. Green, WR, Georgia*

    The Pats will need more offensive playmakers with Randy Moss turning 34 in 2011. Green is Calvin Johnson-light, which is still pretty good.

    6. Cleveland Browns
    Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

    Jones may not have 4.4 40 speed, but neither did Larry Fitzgerald. Most NFL teams choose college production over 40 times in this year's draft.

    7. Arizona Cardinals
    Prince Amukamara CB, Nebraska

    Played big against tough competition last season and has enough athleticism for Nebraska to consider working him into the offense in the coming season.

    8. Kansas City Chiefs
    Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

    Carimia wasn't overwhelming last year, but could rise to the top of an underwhelming class of potential left tackles.

    9. Buffalo Bills
    Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

    The knock on Gabbert will be the Missouri system that helped Chase Daniel put up huge numbers. But because of his size (6-foot-5, 240 pounds), Gabbert is a different kind of prospect than Daniel and teams will believe more in the stats.

    10. Jacksonville Jaguars
    Jake Locker, QB, Washington

    The Jags didn't bite on Tim Tebow, but will jump all over next year's big name even if questions remain about Locker's ability as a pure passer.

    Stewart Mandel: Locker focuses on Huskies, not draft

    11. Tennessee Titans
    Marcell Dareus*, DE, Alabama

    Dareus got a lot of attention for knocking Colt McCoy out of the national title game, and should emerge as a star as the Crimson Tide tries to repeat.

    12. Carolina Panthers
    Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina

    No guarantee current GM Marty Hurney and coach John Fox will be making this pick. Analysts wonder if Austin's drive equals his talent, so he'll have to play hard this year to go this high.

    13. Denver Broncos
    Aaron Williams, CB, Texas

    Sometimes overshadowed by other stars in the Texas secondary, Williams will step into the spotlight this season.

    14. Chicago Bears
    Anthony Costanzo, T, Boston College

    Costanzo could prove to be better than Carimi and shoot into the top 10.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Patrick Peterson*, CB, LSU

    Despite trading to get Bryant McFadden back, the Steelers still need help in a secondary that didn't make a lot of plays last season.

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    2011 NFL Mock Draft (cont.)


    In addition to solid rushing totals, Daniel Thomas also averaged 10.3 yards per reception out of the Kansas State backfield.
    Icon SMI

    16. Philadelphia Eagles
    Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia

    Eagles faithful are nervous about starting cornerback Ellis Hobbs, and they need more help in nickel and dime packages.

    17. Cincinnati Bengals
    Daniel Thomas, RB, Kansas State

    The former quarterback led the Big 12 in rushing with 1,265 yards and is still learning the position.

    18. New York Giants
    Rodney Hudson, G, Florida State

    The Giants once-dependable offensive line started showing holes in 2009.

    19. Miami Dolphins
    Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State

    Jones is a tackling machine who surprised a lot of people by returning to Michigan State.

    20. Washington Redskins
    DeAndre McDaniel, S, Clemson

    McDaniel had eight interceptions last season and provides a physical presence against the run.

    21. New England Patriots
    Greg Romeus, DE, Pitt

    Romeus was a basketball player who didn't pick up the sport until his senior year of high school. If he reaches double digits in sacks this season, he should be a first-rounder.

    22. Green Bay Packers
    Von Miller, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

    Miller could fit here as the Packers try to land another outside linebacker to complement Clay Matthews.

    23. Houston Texans
    Rahim Moore*, S, UCLA

    Moore led the nation with 10 interceptions last season and helps fill a big need for the Texans.

    24. Atlanta Falcons
    Jared Crick*, DT, Nebraska

    Crick had five sacks in one game last season. He'll prove he can perform without having Ndamukong Suh drawing all of the offense's attention.

    25. San Francisco 49ers
    Mark Ingram*, RB, Alabama

    Although he has a different style, the 2009 Heisman winner could help lighten the load on Frank Gore and eventually become his replacement.

    26. New York Jets
    Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

    Clayborn ran into some off-field issues, but the Jets have shown they're not afraid of that kind of risk.

    27. San Diego Chargers
    Michael Floyd*, WR, Notre Dame

    The Chargers don't appear to have many holes right now, but could add depth to the receiving corps.

    28. Minnesota Vikings
    Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State

    Is it possible we'll still be debating whether Brett Favre will come back or not at this point next season?

    29. Indianapolis Colts
    Allen Bailey, DT, Miami

    Bailey considered going pro this year, but will return to lead a unit that isn't producing as many sure-fire first-rounders as it used to.

    30. Dallas Cowboys
    Nate Potter*, OT, Boise State

    The Cowboys will likely have to focus on a long-term answer at left tackle.

    31. Baltimore Ravens
    Curtis Brown, CB, Texas

    Another talented defensive back in a program that's been churning them out.

    32. New Orleans Saints
    DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma

    The Saints don't seem settled at this position, and Murray could provide a long-term answer.

    Tony Pauline: Top 40 prospects for 2011 NFL Draft
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