We are drafting Chung in the 2nd

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Avenging Hayseed, Mar 8, 2009.

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    Book it. Why? Because it only makes sense. As it sits right now we are scheduled to have Scandrick play the new STAR safety position. I like it BTW. Scandrick will play safety on 1st and 2nd downs then will shift to slot corner on passing 3rd downs. So then who plays the other safety spot when that happens? It has to be a sure tackler as the last line of defense, something Watkins is NOT. That would be Patrick Chung. Nice way to break him into the lineup, on third downs. He can also be a hedge bet as to whether Scandrick succeeds or fails at the star position. Scandrick succeeds " Which I think he will' and Chung plays as I have outlined above. Scandrick fails, and he plays slot corner and Chung plays the Star safety position. With the drafting of Chung I think the longterm goal may be to play him as outlined above in his rookie year, then move him into Hamlins spot the year after. This way we can get rid of the overpaid Hamlin once Chung has his feet wet. This would give us a starting def backfield in 2010 of Newman...Jenkins...Chung....and Scandrick. I like it....alot.
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    If he's the BPA at the time we draft, I'm all for it.

    If there are better players available at different positions, I'd go BPA.

    Don't reach for a need. We've already seen what that does.
  3. Avenging Hayseed

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    ...........I agree with you. Drafting for NEED gets you the Kavika Pittmans and Dwayne Goodrich's of the world. Its just that in THIS case the stars seem to be lineing up just about right for us. Looks like Chung is slotted to go off the board right about where our pick lands.
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    I will say that this new CB like safety position needs another Antoine Winfield like DB to play it. We really need a CB that could transition into a hybrid role like we are attempting to do with Scandrick to support it. I think we could go a numbers of ways with our first pick. We could get D-Line like a NT,O-line, Passrusher, ILB still. I think Safety is a possibility, but I would rather take a guy like a Chris Clemons or a CB in the mid rounds to back up this new position. And I do like this new approach to the problem in Safety and coverage, I am not sure Scandrick is the right one though. I would try to get a couple of prospects to back up later in the draft.
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    I would agree with that.

    It's not like there aren't a number of needs:

    -Backup Center
    -Backup NT
    -Corner depth
    -ILB depth
    -OLB/Nickel backer depth
    -Developmental QB
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    I've been on forums like these for many, many years.

    I don't think I've _ever_ seen someone nail what Dallas would do with their firsrt pick.
  7. Avenging Hayseed

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    Ive done it the last 5 years in a row. Not that hard, need and availability. Probably archived somewhere im sure. Having said that, im due for a miss anytime now...:)
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    What happens if O-Scan gets hurt?

    Or how about Gurode?

    Or how about Ratliff?

    Personally I think we're better off taking the BPA from a select few positions than making up our mind on one player. Furthermore, we may want to look at FS over SS. If Hamlin were to get hurt, we could replace him with Keith Davis. Not that I'm exactly thrilled a that prospect, but Davis has been around and can be steady.

    Plus, putting Watkins in on passing downs isn't a bad option. In reality, tackling is not that important on passing downs. Coverage is. And cutting Watkins is foolish (unless he gets banged up in preseason and doesn't play much) because he knows the system and is a darn good special teams player.

    I think we're probably looking at a FS and a NT. If we make a surprise pick, it could be a SS or an offensive tackle.

  9. Avenging Hayseed

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    I can go with that. As it sits I have us with Chung in the 2nd,an inside Backer in the 3rd, nose tackle with one of the 4ths. Oh, and I think we should sign an older vet Center in F A after cut down day. One will come available then, they always do. Someone to back up Gurode until we can draft one a bit higher the draft after this one.
  10. Yakuza Rich

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    You need to read my posts more as I've had pretty darn good accuracy since 2002.

    '02 - Predicted Roy Williams
    '03 - Predicted Terence Newman
    '04 - Predicted Steven Jackson
    '05 - Predicted Ware & Spears (I was pretty proud of myself on this one)
    '06 - Predicted Manny Lawson
    '07 - Predicted Anthony Spencer
    '08 - Predicted Felix Jones & Brandon Flowers

    I've basically not only nailed many of the players, but had the position right on every pick since '02. However, I'm horrendous after the first round. My other predicted picks looked like this for '08:

    2nd Round - Kenny Phillips S Miami

    3rd Round - Jeremy Zuttah OG/C Rutgers

    4th Round - Peyton Hillis FB Arkansas

    5th Round - Nick Hayden DT Wisconsin

    6th Round - Colt Brennan QB Hawaii

    7th Round - Danny Woodhead RB Chadron State

    Oh well.

  11. AbeBeta

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    apostrophes are your friends

    next lesson, there, their, and they're
  12. AbeBeta

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    Those are nice first round predictions Rich -- however some of them, I think we both know were pretty obvious and well reported and where they weren't, it was clear what positions we were after.
  13. Yakuza Rich

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    They don't always come available and if they do, more often than not it's because they are completely broke down and you're better off playing Procter.

    Draft a Center by round 5, develop him and then hope that he Gurode stays healthy.

  14. Yakuza Rich

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    In '02 a lot of people were predicting we would take Quentin Jammer. The in '03 a lot of people predicted we would take Terrell Suggs. '04 it did seem like we were going after a tailback. '05 we were looking at OLB, but after that there was talk of a free safety because Woody had just retired and the safety play opposite of Roy was horrendous. '06 was pretty much OLB time. '07 was a lot of WR talk and the OLB talk was very minute. In fact, many experts were claiming the Cowboys were going to try and acquire Brady Quinn. '08 was pretty easy since everybody was pointing to tailback and corner.

    It's not really that hard to predict the first pick and it's done quite often.

  15. BraveHeartFan

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    I'm pretty sure he won't be drafted here now simply because the OP did the infamous book it thing. That doesn't tend to work to great around here in the last year so that doesn't bode well for Mr. Chung coming to Dallas.
  16. BrassCowboy

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    what is the Star safety spot? is it a new defense? did we employ that position last year? how is the defensive alignment look like?

    thanks, just never heard of the "star" safety
  17. dbair1967

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    Chung is a versatile guy, would be a good add.

    I dont think its a lock though, I think they'll do what they've been doing and go with what their board says. The first pick could be an OL who could start from day one (LG), it could be a highly rated ILB or OLB. It could definitely be a safety. Might be a NT who can play immediately.

    I'm fairly certain we wont spend any early picks on RB, QB or TE. Other than that though everything else is probably a fair target.
  18. JVita17

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    How about you book it to the Draft Zone
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    I tend to agree with the premise but not the reasoning. Personally, I'd prefer to take Rashad in the second but it wouldn't make sense to have a rookie back there QB'ing the defense when you have a highly paid veteran FS in charge. Taking Chung to replace Roy makes the most sense and Chung is likely to either be the BPA or close to it by the time we pick if he's still there. I think Scandrick stays at the slot CB, where he excelled, Hamlin stays at FS, he'd never make a SS anyway, and Chung comes in to take over the SS. Hamlin is a good player who had a bad year last year, but so did the rest of the team.
    If there is a long term plan to replace Hamlin, we should take Rashad...a cerebral leader at a cerebral position. Also, if we are planning on replacing Hamlin then dumping Roy was dumb because now we need two Safeties. If we wanted to replace Hamlin, we should've kept Roy and/or Henry and either replace Roy on 3rd downs or dump Roy and slide Henry back as another S on 3rd downs. I personally don't think it was smart to dump two DBs, a position we finally had some depth at after a decade of draft picks to get to where we were. Now we purposefully regressed and will probably have to use two more draft picks on DBs. We could've used Henry or Roy, probably Henry moreso...a potential S than could still play CB in a pinch.
  20. Avenging Hayseed

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    .....................Stick in the mud much?....:)

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