We are kidding ourselves with these mock drafts.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboyWay, Oct 24, 2007.

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    I love some good old fashioned draft talk, but I'm beginning to think many of us are on the wrong track here in talking about CB's or RB's.

    We are about to sign Romo to a 60-80 million dollar deal. Do any of us really think we're not going to try to protect that investment and not get the best Left tackle we can draft?

    Flozell is gone, and the money LT's (if you can find a good one) in FA is astronomical. We can't have it all people.

    The talk of RB's in the first round is a little silly too if you really stop and think about it. This draft is DEEP in RB's and lets not kid ourselves, any guy we get in the 2nd or maybe 3rd round would be an upgrade over Julius. OR we take someone even later and give Barber a shot at starting. Or even sign Micheal Turner in free agency. Either way its an upgrade. Also, signing Turner is going to be alot cheaper than signing a LT.

    CB's. Yes, Nate Jones doesn't excite anyone, but we're 6-1 and we haven't had but a dozen plays where Newman AND Henry have been on the field at the same time. When that happens after the bye, we will be much improved. And Jacques Reeves has bypassed all my expectations. Another CB in the first seems like a stretch to me at his point. NOBODY in the league has 4 great corners. Nobody.

    I don't believe our Corners are whats killing us. Its Safety. Our safeties are horrid. I don't care how hard they can hit. Hitting is overrated. Looks great on Jacked up, but I'd rather see one wrap up.

    I believe our areas of need are LT, S, WR then RB. In that order.

    LT and S in the first round, RB in free agency, WR either in the draft or FA.

    Flame away boys, but thats my two cents.
  2. theogt

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    Why is Flozell gone?
  3. Big Dakota

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    LT is a possibility with really good pass blocking LTs like Baker and Cherilus slated(right now) to got between #10 and #15, where the Cleveland pick could be, and assuming Flo is gone. I know we have a slew of young guys at OT, but if the staff feels an upgrade needs to be made they may go LT with the first pick. Personally, i doubt it but i don't totally discount it. As far a S goes, i seriously doubt we go S in round 1. I LOVE Phillips at S but i think he goes before the Cleveland pick and besides we have a huge contract at S already that IMO restricts us from paying a top 10 S in the draft. After Phillips there isn't much to warrent a #1. Not flaming you, but i think those of us who are on the RB, CB, WR bandwagon are right on track.
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    I agree with you on the importance of LT to protect Romo but the Cowboys have already covered themselves with Doug Free and Pat McQuistan. These two will battle it out in training camp next year and the winner will be our new starting LT.

    My money is on Doug Free. This guy will become a STUD!
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    I don't understand why some of you are so eager to show Flozell the door. Left tackles are the 2nd highest paid position for a reason... quality starting LTs are TOUGH to find. And say what you will about Flozell, he's still one of the better LTs in football.

    If Free is able to beat him out in camp, fine. But I don't see the logic of just letting Flozell walk and assuming we won't see a drop-off with Free.
  6. Idgit

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    I'm sure there are reasonable conditions under which we'd want Flozell back. If we're far apart with him in terms of the length of a new contract, we'll let him walk and expect McQuistan/Fee to serve adequately. If the Colts can do it with Tony Ugoh and no development time, we can do it with the guys we've got.

    Re: safeties, I disagree completely. To begin with out starters are not horrid. Secondly, I believe the team has high hopes for Watkins already at FS. Roy's obviously not going anywhere. I could see letting Hamlin walk if a FS with experience who excels in coverage is somehow available, but I don't imagine that's too likely.

    WR: this is where I'd go in FA. You can always find quality speed WRs at the outset of each year (Stallworth, Curtis) or in a pinch, can trade a high pick for a quality player (J Walker, D Branch, W Welker). I'd much rather have a younger starter here than a rookie since WR is a position that takes at least a year to acclimatize to the league.

    At RB, you're kidding yourself if you think anyone we take in rounds 2 or maybe 3 will be an upgrade over Julius. You don't let Julius walk unless you're going to improve that unit overall. That said, I do think we can get a better mix in our backfield with our late one or our two.

    CB in the first makes the most sense. Reeves is a UFA, Henry is injury-prone, and even Newman isn't a young player. Anyone we'd bring in with the hopes of starting for any reason other than injury is going to need a year or two to season, and our nickle/dime packages are obviously weaknesses in this year's team. This is a no-brainer.

    EDIT: If you haven't already heard it, it's worth listening to the Inside the Huddle with Pat Watkins from last week. The host on that show is always sending valentines to the Cowboys players, but there's some interesting material there about Bradie James going off on how good Pat Watkins will be some day. Nothing I'd heard in the press previously.
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    I'm going CB, WR, FS with my top 3 picks. After that, I'd maybe see if I could get a versatile 3rd down type RB and then pick up some late round offensive lineman / defensive lineman as projects to work on. We're seeing how well Hatcher is working out and if we could hit on another like him, we'd be doing some good.
  8. bbailey423

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    I agree with most of what you said....when you look at Cedric Benson, Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown...you just cannot spend that type of money at the RB position...especially when you have a Marion Barber. And I am with you on Flozell Adams. He should be gone people. We cannot keep investing in aging players. Look no further than Terry Glenn. Jerry rewarded for past production, even when all of the warning signs said otherwise. But Jerry thought he could not live without him....in hindsight he should have gone after a Donte Stallworth. This has not been our strategy in the past...but the Eagles, Pats, Steelers constantly let guys go before it is to late and rely on their young drafted players to step in. We have done that at OL...we have young guys we are grooming....we have to have faith and let them play. After what happened with Marco Rivera and after having paid Davis the largest signing bonus on Cowboy history, jerry cannot keep sinking that kind of cash in OL. We finally showed some guts and moved away from Aaron Glenn...and it is paying off. Now let's do the same with either McQuistan, Martin or Free.

    I disagree with you at CB. We need to make the proper investment at CB to move this defense to the next level. The safeties could be better....but our strategy to play so far off the line is because we do not have confidence in some of our CBs. Henry is not a pure cover CB and he is agining and has been hurt every year he has been here. We need to make a premium investment at this position. And we cannot miss. Same thing at WR...we need to make a premium investment at the position...and we cannot miss. Then your Stanbacks, and Hurds can compliment whatever stud you have at WR. Currently that stud is Owens....but I really think we need to get out of the TO business when his contract is up. So CB, WR get my vote as premium priorities
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    because frankly flozell is overrated, has way too many penalties, like madden says, "flozell leads the world in false starts" and every year his knee brace just gets bigger and bigger, have you seen his jacked up knee lately looks like the elephant man's right leg, hes gone
  10. CrazyCowboy

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    You are correct about protecting the investment in ROMO and I am sure it will be a hot topic of discussion in our pre draft meetings.
  11. zrinkill

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    I love how people quote something but leave out the rest of the quote.

    Madden also said that Flozell is one of the best tackles in football.

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    I'm all for drafting young offensive linemen . I believe that along with QB , it's a position that should be taken in every draft . That said...Flozell will be the LT in 2008 . He's having a good season and protecting Romo well . He's not overrated at all , and his only real weakness has been penalties . He has a knack for shutting down the big time pass rushers that can't be ignored .
  13. 8 22 88

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    Franchise Flo for a year, give Free another year. He or baby eater will be a good replacement for Flo in 09. Ju Jo is gone unless he wants to accept back up money. Start Watkins & Hamlin and have Mr Fix It find a use for Roy 'the liability" Williams.
  14. theogt

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    Thing is, he doesn't lead the world in false starts.

    And it's only your opinion that he's overrated. So you didn't exactly answer the question.
  15. BehindEnemyLinez

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    I agree w/ most that Flo will be here next year-unless some team throws a wad of dough @ him! Draft focus should be @ the CB & WR positions on the first day, without question. Both New & Henry will be 30+ next season, Owens and Glenn are already in their mid 30s, and we must find a yound stud at these positions if we're to string together a few successful seasons. RBs can come from ANYWHERE and 1st round doesn't = stud when it comes to that position (McFadden may be the exception). I like Turner as a free-agent but he'll command top $$$ even without ever being a starter so I'm not sure he'll end up wearing a Star.

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