We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by JBond, Jan 10, 2013.

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    You praise effort, not poor results. There is a difference.
  2. JBond

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    the Beast still not getting it....sigh.
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    I know that much, but some here are making out that if you tell your child he is great when he isn't you are failing him/her.
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    Kids need honesty. There is a huge difference between being honest and being an insensitive jerk.

    The younger generation have a hard time dealing with adversity because they are babied.
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    Yes, I fell down yesterday and scraped my knee, and I cried for 6 hours straight afterwards...
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    It had to be done.
  7. baj1dallas

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    Compared to a generation that listend to "She loves me yeah yeah yeah" and the Doors?
  8. jobberone

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    I'll put the character and work ethic of the greatest generation against any other generation in the last 100 years.
  9. CanadianCowboysFan

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    You mean the generation that gave birth to the Baby Boomers, the most narcissistic/self indulgent generation of all time? You know the generation that gave us LSD, tripping out, free love, burning draft cards, protests etc?
  10. McLovin

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    Interesting topic. I think there are obvious differences in generations but it is part of evolution of the species and technology.

    I like to consider myself fairly objective. I am a white collar guy now but grew up in the hard rock arena (played metal in LA during early 90s), was a HS QB and always had good grades, perhaps surprisingly never got into any drugs, etc

    My sister is a lawyer (14 years older) and ,y brother (10 yrs older) is a neerdowell still conning mom for support at 50 and her 74

    Anyway, my mother has owned daycares for 35 years and I have seen thousands of kids of three decades. The majority of kids I think really are good, but there is a growing amount of concern to me.

    First, sometime in the late 80s early 90s, more parents stopped wanting there kids told "NO" as they "read it caused them self esteem issues or "stifled creativity". Ill never forget the day that one mother was VERY upset with my mom because she told a child to stop picking his nose and putting boogers in his belly button. The Department of Child and family services also had to license these facilities and they required "training" to continue licensing. It has progressively gotten worse and the previous example is more of the norm.

    Which is my first issue. While there has been some good progress in child development, the shear number of "experts" has grown exponentially since the 50s and 60s with more women in college and liberal arts and education becoming a coveted curriculum. Similar to economics or other doctoral thesis, the most attention is paid to the ideas that are "fringe" or "groundbreaking" people know this and being an outlier is the quickest way to getting published.

    Im not advocating spanking. I was probably spanked 2 times in my life from my mother and 1 time from my dad. I knew immediately I deserved both. But there was never one day that I would ever punch my mom in the face at 5-8 years old and pull her hair and expect my mom to only say "now honey you know that hurts mommy and moakes her sad when you punch her right?"

    Again, this activity has has gone from probably a .01% occurrence to a 5-10% occurrence in about 30 years.

    So, I agree - the parents are the ultimate problems, but parents are being deluged with all of these new theories that may work for some children but do not work in all situations.

    This is exacerbated by an increase in divorce. Divorce rate at 50% and at least 60% of those cases have mom and dad competing for best friend status. this has created kids to develop (I think) more manipulative skills and perhaps less of a conscience because they know they wont get in too much trouble because the other parent will slough it off.

    Thirdly, and there may be bias here, the amount of information and the quantity has desensitized many kids of learning patience and experieince thrill. The lack of patience has resulted in a lack of quality. I quoted the bash against the doors and beatles because there is a change in perspective.

    I find it hard to deny that the quality of popular music is diminishing. She loves me yah yeah yeah was 1964 when it was competing with Elvis. Subsequent offerings from the group definitely dug deeper. Today there are probably 3 million "artist" vying for notoriety. Shock has run its course and know its about spoof, skit and sillyness

    I am getting older, but I cringe when music without any sign of chord progression, drum rolls to counter constant "un sst un sst", stolen riffs sampled and lack of any lyrical meaning is fine but its disposable. I get it for a drunk dance night at 1am, but music used to be about waiting for your favoriate band to put out an album/cd and listening to all 9-11 songs start to finish in your bedroom and then disecting them. While Gangnam Style has one catchy riff, it is the Macarena. A relic never to be remembered in 3 years.

    As a musician, one problem is that most of it has been done before. Granted 4/4 time and I,IV,V progressions worked for Robert johnson, Elvis, Led Zepplin AC/DC and "Call me lately", but If you notice there are some classics and those classics captured bands, chemistry, talent, attitude. Zepplin, Billy Joel, Elton john, Queen, GnR, Van halen, had range. (I think eminem is about the best going for lyrics right now).

    I do get that most music is primal and a electric slide will go over better than Miles Davis at a club, but even those songs have lost quality. Compressed audio is not hi-fi. But that is the culture, instant gratification is more the norm. Heirloom handmade furniture from North Carolina gives way to IKEA and Costco pressboard stuff. Buy a new BR set every year. Why learn melody and theory when I can pull a drum sample and synth riff and repeat a phrase over a skipping video? Does the video or song take 30 seconds to load? Dont have time - whats next?

    People still have finite time and its easy to go to the lowest common denominator and mindless stuff as opposed to investing in something deeper. technology is great, but it has not improved everything. But i think eventually people do want quality in their life and that's why I have some hope in the art front.

    Way too long I know, but I thought it was a perspective that had quite been touched on either side

    I think most kids are going to be fine, my biggest worry is the lack of valuing privacy. Sometimes the bet way to create a buzz or interest in you is to be a little mysterious and secretive. Seems if everyone knows you on facebook, there is going to be less and less time to interact physically as people will think they know everything about you and go on to the next person/topic.

    I just wonder if the new generation will ever get to feel what a rush true anticipation and building excitement is? I hope so, but I dont see where they can fit it in
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    I agree with most of it because years leading up to when Generation Y was starting to develop, experts had identified that this was how that Generation would behave. They also accurately predicted how advanced they would be at using technology and the strive for parental approval would mean the striving for authoratative approval.

    We have to remember that it's not really all that bizarre. Most of Generation Y are the offspring of people that grew up in the 80's where there were some extreme divides in the cliques, from the jocks to the mods and the college and post-college types were big into being yuppies. I am part of Generation X whose parents were from the late 60's and early 70's, where rebellion and a generation that was considered to be very much slackers compared to the generation preceding it.

    I think the behavior of Generation Y was going to happen regardless of technology. I just think the technology amplified it. All I know is it's the lamest generation I could have ever imagined. As Doug Stanhope once said 'never has a generation not scared the previous generation until this one.'

  12. JBond

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    Hi everyone,

    When I threw this topic up I was not sure it would last very long. Thank you to everyone for sharing their thoughts in a responsible manner and to the mods for allowing it.

    I recently visited a Cowboys site run by young delusional idiots that exemplify the topic and is the antithesis of the CBZ. I have come to appreciate the good job the mods here do.
  13. DIAF

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    It's only THIS generation that's a generation of narcissists? The OP accurately describes kids when I was in college 10-15 years ago. This has been going on for a while.
  14. burmafrd

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    expected no less from you

    never more
  15. TheDallasDon

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    Yall should watch dumb people by Joe Rogan.....might change perception of oneself
  16. Rackat

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    Ad hominem for 10, burm? What is it that you expected no less of? It seems he was giving his opinion, succinctly, and rather than refute his statement, you personally attack. While I don't always, heck, most times I don't agree with him, I think he expressed the opinion quite a few people have.

    Without the Greatest Generation raising the Baby Boomers, the 1960's would have been a repeat of the 1950's. I'd like to hear/read your rebuttal rather than an Adhominem attack.
  17. dez_for_prez

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    Sadly 50% of the post on this site are people making smart *** comments at each other.
  18. Zaxor

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    Great points by all... I am going to make personal observations from my point of view as I have mostly been outside of the US for 30+ years but still have contact with lots of Americans

    First off in my most humblest of opinions most Americans have forgotten what it took to make America great which were hard work, self sacrifice and a belief in an ideal. It is my belief that America has lost her way...That she became too big for her own good or too big for her breeches if you will. Where there once was a society that would have frowned upon businesses, people and government doing wrong or shady things it is almost acceptable behaviour now. We have for the most part lost the ability to disagree respectfully or to argue a point saliently.

    As far as generational differences well they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and perhaps it is but it is my firm belief that though we did not intend to be anything but kind and do the right thing ..you spare the rod you spoil the child so to speak and by rod I am not necessarily talking about a spanking I am talking about having your child take its lumps while you are there as a parent to pick them up and dust them off so that they can develop the steel in their bones to get knocked down in the real world and get back up from it...If we never let them fail they will never learn how to handle adversity.

    It is my belief that parents played a huge roll in the poor development of this last generation however upon that generation learning that they are lacking it is their responsibility and duty to correct the problem and not use it as a crutch.

    I think America could have done alot more for its people in social projects but the word social has become like taboo when it comes to government...but I truly believe a better educational, health and welfare for its people was quite doable but so many people are against anything that isn't for big business...pharmaceutical companies and health services, colleges and other assortments needed for quality of life are give up only for a price thus creating unwanted and unneeded class divisions.... the need to feel better than the next guy has been a curse and plague upon our land for a long while...fair taxation and people's complaint that the rich shouldn't be overly taxed... well to put this in its simplest terms in order for the economy to work it has to have trades or exchanges of goods and services for money but the rich don't get rich by spending they get rich by not spending so that means that the money they are not spending slows the economy because it isn't there....greed folks is a bad thing don't let folks tell you different. We as a people seem to no longer care to do things for the greater good but the what is in it for us.

    We could all be doing so much more and we could bring in all the generations together if we just understand that we are not there to work for business but for our neighbour and he for us and for the betterment of mankind and not for its exploitation. It really can happen you just have to want it too.
  19. Zaxor

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    lol :laugh1:looks like I killed another perfectly good topic
  20. justbob

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    Truth does that sometimes ZAX

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