We could have done SO much better!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cogan, May 9, 2007.

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    I love the fact that JJ & Co. wheeled & dealed to get us an extra 1st rd. pick in the 2008 draft, one that almost without question is much deeper & more talented than the 2007 version.
    I also like how the Cowboys were able to trade down to get half of Clevelands' picks, which were early in each round.

    However, we could & should have used those picks so much more wisely according to our needs & the talent available. Having said that, here is what I would have done given the picks we had, and the talent still available when each pick came up:

    1-26-Anthony Spencer, OLB/DE, Purdue, 6-3, 265, 4.7. I really liked Dan Bazuin due to his sack totals in his career, & at the East-West Shrine game, but Bazuin doesn't have nearly the flexibility required to make the move from DE to OLB. Also, Joe Thomas & Levi Brown, the two top rated OTs in the draft, both rated Spencer as the hardest player to block in their college careers. Now, DWare has that perfect counterpart to protect him from so many double teams.

    3-67-Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno St., 6-1, 205, 4.38. Although McCauley didn't have as good a Sr. year as he did as a Jr., many feel it was due to a change in coaching philosophy to negative reinforcement. McCauley didn't respond to it, and went into a shell. A player's coach like Phillips would have been perfect to help McCauley regain his confidence, and become the CB he was before-one of the most complete prospects physically and a shutdown corner entering last season.

    4-103-Manual Ramirez, OG/OC, Texas Tech, 6-3, 325, 5.25. A big, powerful mauling blocker in the mold of a Larry Allen. Was moving up many team's boards as more learned how physically he played, even in a pass-happy offense. Packs a powerful punch as one of college football's strongest players, (benches 550 as an NFL rookie), and moves players off the line. Although not nearly as athletic as Allen, Ramirez projects as a solid anchor for years to come. Could have moved right in to replace Marco Rivera.

    4-122-Doug Free, OT/OG/OC, Northern Illinois, 6-7, 320, 5.1. Big, durable, athletic and intelligent player who could be reliable at either OT spot. Makes great use of his quick feet & good understanding of the game to dominate in his division. Hard worker who moves well for his size. Once he gets stronger and learns to deliver a more devastating hand punch, will get an opportunity as the heir apparent to Flozell Adams. Great value pick at #122.

    6-178-Matt Toeaina, DL, Oregon, 6-2, 300, 5.0. Big, thickly built, naturally strong, with good mass distribution. Plays physical & controls blockers. Great worker with outstanding football character. Has the bull strength to push the pocket. Team captain and type of player teams seek in the locker room to push his teammates. Very competitive. Versatility allows him to line up inside or outside. Scrappy overachiever who is built to play a big man's game and can earn a roster spot as an interior plugger. Team needs an heir to Ferguson to start honing NOW.

    6-195-Courtney Taylor, WR, Auburn, 6-2, 205, 4.5. Very good size and athletic ability-good body dexterity, quickness, and feet. Competes hard. Intelligent with natural hands. Is tough and will put his body in harm's way. Gets into & out of his routes quickly, getting his head around to find the ball. Makes sight adjustments and reads coverages on the run. Runs well in pads. Good yac production, (yards after catch). Good blocker. Above all, unlike Stanback, he really is a WR! Great value here, since most had him going around 85-100.

    7-212-Courtney Brown, CB, Cal-Poly, 6-1, 200, 4.32. Along with McCauley, the team has really increased the speed in the secondary, and given the defensive coaches more options. Appears to have regained speed & agility after a torn knee ligament in '04. A dynamic athlete with great size, Brown has tremendous upside. Again, great value here at #212.

    7-237-Brandon Siler, LB, Florida, 6-2, 240, 4.6. Unbelievable Siler is still here at #237, but what a steal. It doesn't matter that he is an ILB. You can never have enough players with his ability & speed, intelligence, and excelleration. Only makes the defense much better, and forces Bradie James to prove his worth. Siler is a playmaker who runs side to side in a heartbeat.

    I think if you compare the players I picked to the ones Jones & Co. picked, you will have to concede I would have given us an A across the board. Add Jerah's extra pick next year, and it's a slam dunk A+.

    OK, let me have it.
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    Eric Wright CB USC/UNLV in the 2nd round is the one that got away (for better or for worse).
  3. AtlCB

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    He is definitely a very high risk/high reward player. I would bet this guy gets suspended at least once.
  4. CowboyFan74

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    It's funny but every time I eat at a lousy restaurant the same thought goes thru my head:D
  5. Yeagermeister

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    I'd take Meriweather over Wright and everyone knows how I felt about him.
  6. zrinkill

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    interesting opinion ...... I think we had a great draft. The only choice I fell is questionable would be the 4th round pick.
  7. L-O-Jete

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    I like your picks, but I'm no Ireland. Can any of those guys return punts?
  8. Juke99

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    I don't know you feel about him... :eek::
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    Understand from listening to the ticket on draft day that the Cowboys had removed Wright from their draft board cause of rape allegation against him and presence of over 135 rape date pills located in his quad. The police did find there was evidence the date rape drug was present in her body but could not charge Wright because the girl refused to press charges. FYI: I didn't check out anything further but didn't come across the girl's name so presumed she was unwilling to go public.

    Despite the fact that the police could not prosecute Wright, the university found him guilty of violating their rules/standards and he was forced to leave.

    Not much media attention was focused on Cleveland's drafting him, but you better believe it would have been all over the papers if the Dallas Cowboys had drafted him. No one cares what Cleveland or other teams do, unless it gets out of hand like Cincy. But they all seem to care when the Cowboys do it.
  10. Yeagermeister

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    Tough :D
  11. Angus

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    I think I'll take Ireland's picks, thank you.

  12. Hostile

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    Okay, I want to take a stab at this. Looking at your draft I'd say 1 is a starter in 2007. That would be Anthony Spencer. I'll say 2 more starters in 2008, McCauley (or Brown, but not likely both) and Free, replacing Henry and Adams. One more in 2009, Ramirez, replacing Kosier.

    I too am surprised at how far Siler fell, but that is character issues and I'm glad we avoided that.

    Overall not bad. I'm not crazy about the McCauley pick and would have preferred WR, but as we know the guy we wanted there was gone.

    Now let's look at what we did do. I think we have 4 starters right now, though 2 are on Special Teams.

    In addition to Spencer I think Anderson will be the starting FB, Folk will be our Kicker and Stanback will be our Kick Returner. I still see Free as Adams Replacement in 2008, and I think Marten will replace Columbo if he wants that big contract. I actually think Brown is going to start for us at some point.

    I think your draft addresses depth, what the Cowboys did addresses immediate needs. I'd give you a B+ but I've already given what they did an A-, and neither grade is counting Cleveland's 1st rounder in 2008.

    People can be critical of Jerry all they want, but I think he and his staff ran a masterful draft this year. The only pick I really question is Ball and that is solely upon my bias against 175 pound football players. For all I know he can really play.
  13. junk

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    Really? I question the Stanback pick. Definite boom/bust pick. It could be great, but it could be a disaster. Definite project.

    I didn't like Marten, but I understand it.

    Ball weighed 183 at his Pro Day. I'm not too worried about it. Newman only weighed 189 coming out. He has the reputation of being a willing run defender....he can get bigger. If he was light AND scared to stick his nose in there, it would be one thing. For a 7th round pick, I'm OK with the pick and it certainly isn't anything to be critical about. He had 34 starts in the Big 10, has decent height and has decent speed. Worth a look in 7.
  14. Hostile

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    I'm a little dense today. Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me?
  15. junk

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    I'm probably rambling.

    I don't consider Ball much of a risk since he was a 7th rounder. I actually like his upside in the 7th. Decent size, speed and multiple years of starting experience in a major conference.

    The pick that concerns me the most is Stanback.
  16. Hostile

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    I can understand that, he is the one pick coming in with an existing injury and he was a high day 2 pick.

    I'm not going to sweat any of the picks. I think each of them has a real chance to contribute.
  17. BrAinPaiNt

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    I don't know if the cowboys took Siler off of their draft board but it has been reported that MANY teams, I think the cowboys as well, did not like Siler's attitude vs his ability.

    Word I heard is he is an OK player who thinks he is a HOF player and nobody can tell him different and they felt he would be difficult to coach because of it.

    That seems to be the reason he fell as far as he did.

    So I am glad we passed on him, We already had that in Bryant and D. Ross.
  18. InmanRoshi

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    Everyone always wants to take the small school workout warriors with late round picks, but I've often found that the best Day 2 steals in the draft are 4 year starters from major conferences who fall because they're not great workout guys. Maybe the best recent example is the Chargers getting Shane Olivea in the 7th round. Jay Ratliff is a great example for us. So while everyone is drooling over Courtney Brown based off workout numbers, I kind of have my eye on Alan Ball.
  19. junk

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    Hey, we agree on something. (marks calendar)
  20. Cogan

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    Phil Savage & Romeo Crennel are as concerned about a player's character as any execs in the NFL. However, Savage has not earned a reputation as one of the best talent evaluators by not doing his homework. He investigated Wright extensively before the draft before deciding to put Wright on his board. As Savage put it, "First of all, Wright was not prosecuted for any offense, and we are all supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Secondly, before & after the controversy, Wright was an exemplary honor student. Thirdly, he left USC for UNLV. If a student is prone to getting into trouble, he couldn't pick a better place than Vegas. He stayed out of trouble, and all of his coaches went to bat for him during our interviews."

    We all makes mistakes. Wright payed for his by losing the chance to play for one of the top schools in the nation. The fact that he kept his nose clean in Vegas tells me he deserves a second chance.

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