We Don't Need an FS cuz...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by C-BoysFaninMIA, Dec 19, 2005.

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    ..we have a YOUNG Justin Beriault and a YOUNG Willie Pile. we can build them up into good safeties. we nedd to draft an O-Lineman, an ILB, and a QB and a WR. that is the bottom line or my opinion.
    Now here are the people i like:
    Oline: Marcus Jean-Gillles
    D'Brickashaw Ferguson
    ILB: Ahmad Brooks
    D'Qwell Jackson
    QB: Reggie McNeal
    Omar Jacobs
    WR: Santonio Holmes
    Martin Nance
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    I still think we should/will try and grab a TRUE free saftey.. Not a converted SS but a cover FS like we should have in the first place.
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    We need a FS but that's a low priority on the list, not because what we have is great either.
    D'Brick will be the 1st tackle drafted and way before we ever pick so you're going to have to pick from among around 5-6 other really good ones there.I like Jean-Giles if he's still there in the 2nd because he's a guard,and guards don't go 1st.
    The QB's you list are BLAHHH. Anyway, QB is a really low priority in this draft for the Cowboys regardless of what you might think we have on the roster.
    I like Brooks and Parham at ILB, D'Qwell is small and more of a Coakley type. Parcells doesn't like small linebackers remember?????
    Holmes is a midget and much smaller than his brother - good comparison is Kevin Williams another small WR from Miami that didn't do well for us. I like Nance but WR is another low priority.
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    you are confusing Santonio Holmes with Sinorice Moss. Holmes is 5'11 and is a really damn good wr, he is quick and shifty and has good speed to make a short pass into al ong TD. Moss also can do this, but ya he is like 5'7

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