We had 8 possessions last night...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nav22, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Have you ever seen Romo's QB sneaks? lol.. did you forget the Giants game when he turned the ball over trying a sneak?
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    Against that offense, big plays are going to happen. Period. The fact that they were able to force field goal attempt after field goal attempt was a huge success in my mind. But perhaps my standards are low.
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    He is never on the field. They run shotgun way too much. Maybe he sucks as a FB back I cant tell because the guards are leaving too much trash for him to clean up. IF the FB cant find a hole, the RB isn't gonna do much either is the general rule.
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    In the average NFL game, each team gets more than eight possessions -- the average this season is 11.1. The average points scored on each possession this season is 1.90. Allowing 19 points usually is good enough to win because the average offense gets 11 possessions and scores 21 points. If you get only eight possessions, however, you have to score 2.5 points per possession to win -- which would rank third in the NFL this season.

    In other words, if your defense allows 19 points and your offense gets only eight possessions, your offense has to play like a top-three scoring offense if you want to win.
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    I understand what you are trying to say...but 13 of those 19 points came in the fourth quarter. This, after possession after possession of offensive ineptness. Granted, Atlanta only had the ball 5 minutes longer than the Cowboys, but the Cowboys didn't start having long drives until towards the end of the game, so I would venture to say that when the Falcons did finally score, the defense was pretty exhausted. Factor in injuries to Church, Lee, Ratliff, and a number of guys playing hurt like Ware and those 19 points, in my mind, become understandable against a potent offense like the Falcons.
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    Can you slip that under Jason's door tonight after bedtime. Make sure to write it in blue crayon so he can read it ok please. He was sick the day they taught head coach stuff so its not his fault. Thanks and tell him we all love him.
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    Since 1962 teams are 2-97-1 when allowing the opposing QB to go for over 275 yards on over 10 yards per attempt without forcing an interception. The defense deserves their fair share of the blame for Sunday, they did not do much to help us win the game.
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    If I were the coach, there is no way I'd let them hang their hat on that performance. But let's not kid ourselves here. The most important stat is points on the board. A stat that dates back to 1962 is completely irrelevant, because with the advent of rules that protect the offense, a 275 yard game is not uncommon. 9 QB's threw for over 275 yards this past weekend.
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    The YPA and lack of interceptions was killer though. Points alone as a statistic is looking at the game as if it were played in a vacuum. The amount of points the D let up did not lead to us losing the game. The poor field position the defense gave us did.
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    The average NFL offensive possession lasts about 2 minutes, 40 seconds.

    Here are the lengths of our offensive possessions in that game --




    So, through three quarters, we had six possessions for an average of 3:49 -- far more than the NFL average. Only one was less than the average (by seven seconds), and all of the rest lasted at least 3:07.

    If the defense was "exhausted" at that point in the game, it certainly wasn't because of the offense. It was because THEY COULD NOT STOP THE FALCONS FROM DRIVING THE LENGTH OF THE FIELD ALMOST EVERY TIME THEY HAD THE BALL THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GAME.

    If you want to say that injuries were one reason why the defense played its worst game of the season, that's fine, but it doesn't change the fact that the defense played its worst game of the season.
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    When you are consistently IN 3rd down situations you will occasionally fail to make them. Whether that is by drop, poor running or poor blocking it will happen.

    This offense used to wear big boy pants and go pick up 10 yards a play.

    But Garrett got scared of Romo making mistakes and dialed everything in. Only problem with that is we can't win that way. We aren't one of those execution teams that never trips up. No, we have penalties and drops and missed blocks. So we have to plan for that and go make plays to get on the board. The draws on 1 and 20 are supposed to be reserved for when we have big leads.

    We didn't even average 2 points per possession. That is dreadful offense.
  12. jday

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    No, bringing up a stat from 1962 was looking at the game as if it were played in a vacuum. But I get what you are saying. You would rather judge the games on a case by case basis. Fine. Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Tony Gonzales are beast. Most teams are going to have trouble with those players. But that was not at the heart of the issue for the Cowboys defense. There primary issue was Matt Ryan and excellent play calling. Matt Ryan did an excellent job of spreading the wealth and the OC did a great job of mixing up the plays and keeping the D off-balance. But it is this fact that makes the Cowboys holding the Falcons to 19 points that much more incredible. I think it is a testament to the progression of a relatively young defensive team starting to find its stride.
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    I'm not sure where you got that, but it's wrong. Just since 2000, teams are 16-130 when allowing that. The winning percentage is still extremely low, but it has happened far more often that the numbers you cited.

    By the way, we're 4-10 in our history when allowing those types of stats.
  14. AdamJT13

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    The NFL average is less than 2 points per possession. And that's with better field position than we had. Given our starting field position on each possession, the average NFL offense would have scored 1.48 points per possession against the average NFL defense. We scored 1.63 against one of the league's top scoring defenses.
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    You forgot Romo over throwing the TE in the endzone and having to settle for 3 instead of 6/7. Or any of his other over throws...
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    while i agree with you that we should be making more plays downfield, the response to having drive killing penalties and drops should not be to change your offense, it should be to enforce discipline and expect consistency so that your offense can do both, play the short game and the long game.

    penalties and drops are not something that cant be taught, like speed (which might make you change your offense to your players) these are coaching and player issues period.

    why is atlanta the least penalized team in the league? pure chance? no, mike smith makes sure of it

    that is the glaring difference between the cowboys and atlanta

    the discipline and accountability enforced by the 2 coaching staffs

    one gets it, one does not

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    I can't buy that. The secondary crumbled in the 4th quarter. And let's not put it all on Skandrick because week in week out some player takes their turn on this team to cost us the game. This time it was Skandrick - and others who kept their drive alive - on that last Atlanta TD drive. Pathetic!
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    ATL's 2nd half possessions

    11:41 3Q 04:58 ATL 14 10 plays 61 yds Missed FG

    02:39 3Q 03:23 ATL 19 6 plays 81 yds Touchdown

    12:39 4Q 04:50 ATL 20 9 plays 62 yds Field Goal

    05:21 4Q 05:04 ATL 20 12 plays 66 yds Field Goal

    ATL had the ball for 18:15 seconds in the second half; ATL finished with a 32:43 - 27:17 TOP advantage (+5:26); all but 22 seconds of that final margin came on ATL's final possession of the game. In other words, TOP for the game was almost dead even when ATL got the ball at their own 20 with 5:21 remaining.

    If the D was gassed at the end of the game, it ain't because of anything the O did or didn't do. The plain fact is our D allowed themselves to get worked by ATL in the second half.
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    Like I said, if I were the coach, I'd say it was unacceptble. But if someone were to tell me before the game that I could concede 19 points to the Falcons or see what happens, I'd take the 19 points. And I think most people on this board would do the same.
  20. Seven

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    Dropped balls, penalties, drive killing penalties, drops, drive ending drops, WR miscues, bad reads, questionable play calling and oh yeah.....penalties. In EVERY game and with EVERY phase of this football team thus far.

    Injures aside..........bad, undisciplined functional football. Period.

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