We Just beat the 2nd worst team in the NFL...let's not get ahead of ourselves

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by DEMARC0MURRAY29, Dec 22, 2013.


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    The Redskins are a 3 win team. They are abysmal. Let's hope the Cowboys can use this game as momentum for the Eagles game.
  2. 03EBZ06

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    It doesn't matter that the Skins record is horrible, what matters is, Cowboys won a game that they had to on the road against a divisional rival, and when playing against a divisional rival, record doesn't mean squat.
  3. ISUFan22

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    It's a December win, but still - not sure why so many are overly excited after this one. Took a commanding lead only to lose it in the same exact manner as the lead/game was lost last week.

    Very fortunate to have been playing against a team that chokes harder than we do at the end of games.

    A good win today would have been 41-19.
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  4. 30yrheel

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    We're just good enough to beat below .500 teams.
  5. 5Stars

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    You guys enjoy this pity party....I am outta here!
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  6. danielofthesaints

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    Please show me where that commanding lead was today that you speak of......
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  7. dguinta1

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    Division Rival!
  8. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Exactly. We were very fortunate to win a game against one of the worse teams in football. It was a good win but nothing to get real excited about. The Cowboys now have their 8 wins. Let's see if they can actually win an elimination game.
  9. Keifer

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    What do you mean dont get ahead of ourselves? Who has got ahead of anything? We have a decimated defense that stepped up today when they were needed and will have to do it again next week. They gave themselves a chance at the post season, no more no less and with that personnel it was pretty impressive.
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  10. Picksix

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    Apparently 8 points is a commanding lead. Still, if we want to call ourselves a good team, we needed to do better than we did today. Pulled it out when we needed to, but didn't play all that great of a game.
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  11. ISUFan22

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    "Commanding lead" is likely a poor choice of words but my point still stands and is 100% accurate.

    Jumped out to an early lead with and in command of the game is a better way of phrasing that part of my post.
  12. guag

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    You forgot to mention that records don't matter when we play the Skins.
  13. Fredd

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    respectfully, I disagree...this game should leave them hungry to play a complete game...had they won by 22, everyone (in the locker room) would think that they had figured something out...let them all come in playing for their lives
  14. hornitosmonster

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    A road win in December vs a division rival. Records don't matter in these types of games.
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  15. HeavyBarrel

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    Throw out the records when the Redskins and Cowboys get together (sorry for the cliche)
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  16. CowboyStar88

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    Division games records don't matter. We heard today how Dallas week was their Super Bowl.
  17. nake

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    Since when is beating the Redskins in their house not something to celebrate? Sheesh.
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  18. scottsp

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    It will likely end up being our Super Bowl as well.
  19. CowboyFan4Eva

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    I still think they suck. Too many bad decisions by JJ. Too many mistakes by big money guys......bad coaching. Really bad coaching. Injuries, etc etc....they just aren't that good....

    But damn it feels good to win one.....just one...like that. Against the redskins......
  20. mldardy

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    Philly lost to a 4 win team without it's best player last week giving up 48 points.
    New Orleans lost to St. Louis by two scores last week.
    Miami got shutout by Buffalo today.

    Struggling or actually losing to bad teams happens every week in this league. Just coming on here and dismissing this win because the Redskins suck shows you haven't really been pay attention to what has been going on in the NFL every week.
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