We Lost Another Cowboys Fan

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by HoustonSucks, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. trickblue

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    Lost my dad two years ago and we had that type of relationship as well...

    We both loved college football and the Dallas Cowboys...

    As many have said here, it will get better with time. It's hard to live inside your own skin after the initial shock, but hang in there as time does heal...

    Sorry for your loss... keep your chin up and you'll get through this...
  2. pancakeman

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    Sounds like a great and beloved guy. My condolences.
  3. Cowboys=SuperBowl

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    Sorry about your loss...Keep the tradition going, as he would have wanted you to..:starspin
  4. HoustonFrog

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    Sorry for your loss. Sounds like a great man!!Keep up the cheering in his honor!
  5. curboys

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    HS, I too am sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept my condolences.
  6. starfrombirth

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    my condolences. I can't imagine the grief ill go through when one of my parents dies. Best Wishes.
  7. Dash28

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    Sorry for your loss.

    Hang in there.
  8. Captain Late

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    So sorry for your loss, know that your dad will be with you in your heart every day.
  9. egn22

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    wow, this thread has been here for the past few days and i ignored it looking for "news".
    I'm so glad i decided to click on it because this was a fantastic read. I'm sorry for your loss and I totally understand what it is to have a close family member who's a die hard fan the same way you are.

    Most people don't get it. My wife always asks me why i spend so much time talking Cowboys with my brother. we literally talk about cowboys more than anything else. Thats our bond and he's the first person i call or text if i hear something new about the cowboys and he does the same.

    So reading this made me think of him, and really gave me a good understanding of what you must be going through right now. thanks so much for sharing your story here, it really made me stop to appreciate the time i have with my brother. I hope things get better for you as I know its extremely tough to cope with the loss of a loved one.
  10. TNT

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    My wife lost her father last week. We had a running joke that he should stop watching the game anytime the cowboys started to lose, because he was just bad luck. I will pass on what my wife posted, hope this brings some peace:
    When I grow up I want to be a giving person, the kind of person that makes sure I pay for each and every meal that involves me and my kids, as well as friends or family that may be with us. ​
    When I grow up I want to be an understanding person, the kind of person that understands when one of my children accidentally throws a $150 pair of sunglasses out the car window that I bought them.​
    When I grow up I want to be a helpful person, the kind of person that will drive an hour to help fix my adult child's air conditioning and it ends up just being the filter. Just like I asked about before I even left the house.​
    I want to be a loving person, the kind of person that makes sure you don't enter a room without getting a hug or leave a room without hearing "I Love You". ​
    The reason that I have a chance to be any of these things, is because of my dad. He was all of these things and more. While I hurt so much with the passing of my father, I find solace in the fact that I was always his little girl. I love you so much Dad. May you Rest in Peace. ​
  11. Picksix

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    So sorry to hear about you losing your dad. I know my dad and I have always been tight, and I hate to hear about anyone losing their dad, especially if they were very close. I can't imagine how difficult it would be for me if I lost mine.

    God bless you, brother.
  12. DenCWBY

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    Prayers to you and your family. With your love for him, I'm sure he's in better place.
    Kindest Regards, Chuck
  13. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Sorry for your loss.

    You honour him by continuing to watch the games and remembering him while doing it.
  14. Avenger

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    I have been where you are and am very sorry for your loss. I will pray for you and your family. May the Good Lord bless you with all possible comfort and peace during this difficult time.

    Avenger :pray:
  15. HoustonSucks

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    Thank you so much for this outpouring. It's comforting that so many of you have gone through this too. I will plant myself in the chat room on game days with you guys for comfort and my thoughts/reactions will be my dads.

    Thank you again. I can't tell you how much this thread has given me strength.

    God Bless you all and our team.
  16. CanadianCowboysFan

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    I'm not sure you will be honouring your dad by subjecting him to the chat room on game days! :cool:
  17. BraveHeartFan

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    I am very sorry for your loss. It's going to be tough but you and your family will pull through.
  18. fatboygixxer

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    So sorry, RIP
  19. ohiocowboysfan25

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    HS, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. I haven't really had much

    of a relationship with my dad so the closest person I've lost is my grandpa. I

    lost him almost a year ago and I miss him every day. It will be tough for a long

    time and especially while you watch games and you'll probably never stop

    missing him but know that he's in a better place. God and your dad are

    watching over you and your family. May he rest in peace. I will keep you all in

    my prayers.
  20. Martice

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    Sorry for your loss Houston. Cowboy Nation may have lost a good one but we all share the benefit of having you on board.

    Cowboys For Life!!

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