We Need a little Consistency

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Kaika, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Not for nothin but Rob Ryan was not our problem this past year. With all the injuries and with all the problems of the team not completely understanding the scheme, he put in, he did an OK job in my opinion.

    Now we have Kiffin. I'm not saying he's not a good DC, but he's bringing in a completely different scheme and our guys (who couldn't understand Ryans) is supposed to completely change what they have been taught for the last two years. And thats not saying we have the proper personnel for a 4-3.

    We have had J.G. for two years, and most want him out. OK, but if anyone thinks that bringing in a new HC ,DC and possibly a new OC ,is going to get this team to the playoffs next year, your nuts, even if it's Gruden ,who I like alot..

    Romo's been around for over 5 years , so if we wanted to make a change there, I could see it, not that I think we should ,but he has had 5 or so years under Garret and has not produced as expected.

    There has to be some consistency on a team ,and changing coaches every two years or so is ridiculous.
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    I agree with most of what you're saying. I wouldn't have fired Ryan either. I feel this coaching staff deserved 3 years. The part I didn't agree with was we need a full-time OC. Not someone to put in a new ,, just someone to use the system we have now, better. I feel JG sometimes gets overwhelmed with being the HC & OC.

    If he fails next year, start over.

    With 7 teams looking for coaches, pickings get slim.
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    I was told we needed changes.
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    I feel you about Ryan but its a done deal. The 3-4 was not producing and thankfully we are making a change. I disagree about Garrett and changing the coach. Many teams have made switches and made the playoffs. This offense is stale and lacks imagination.

    I think back to when We played the Ravens in the last game in Texas Stadium. The defense knew what was coming. The Ravens players spoke about this. We've had it long enough and it is time for change. Romo has done as much as he can with it.

    Shore up the line, get a new coordinator and get some balance. Keep his throws under 40. Get some balance with play action that is actually called and utilized. Garrett isn't going anywhere but I think that a new coach, the right coach would get this team in the playoffs.

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