We need a lot of help

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Pessimist_cowboy, Oct 27, 2013.

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    I'm not going to sugar coat anything . We have a bunch of guys who should be back ups starting and we need a lot of help specifically at these positions :

    RB - we need a true #1 RB someone capable of breaking tackles and going the distance

    TE- I know I will get killed for this but we need a TE who can make athletic plays downfield . Look at graham and Thomas from Denver .

    LG- we desperately need a new lg Leary has terrible agility .

    RG- after this year waters will not likely be back

    DT- we need 2 new DT hatcher will be overpaid somewhere else

    DE- need a stud new DE ware is getting old and soft

    LB-besides lee and Durant this corps has been horrid , carter sucks in this scheme any honest person would admit this

    CB- yeah we need 1 more solid cb

    Safety - I like church and Wilcox but if we have a chance at haha Clinton -Dix we must get him .

    P- yes punter our punter is horrid
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    youre trying to hard.

    Are you going to email all this wonderful information to Jerry Jones so that he will know what he needs to do?
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    Don't agree with much of this, and what little I do agree with is lost in the general overreaction. We need to play better pass defense against good QBs. That's what we need, and it's bitten us badly in three games now.
  4. Beast_from_East

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    Add a HC to the list while you are at it
  5. JBond

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    and a GM.
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  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    I don't know what got the bigger laugh out of me...

    1. The title of the thread...cause it is one of those captain obvious DUH type of things.

    2. You not sugar coating it for us. Thanks for that.

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    - Tyron Smith will be a free agent after next season. He's going to demand an outrageous contract extension and hasn't played anywhere close to an elite level.
    - Dez Bryant plays so physically hard that he wears down (back spasms at age 25-- not a good sign) and his lack of speed becomes pronounced. He is going to demand a new deal somewhere in the range of 500 million dollars., will he be able to play up to that contract?
    - Bruce Carter has talent but alot like Kevin Burnett isn't willing to take the steps required to elevate his game.
    - Doug Free... ticking time bomb or the team's RT moving forward?
    - Brandon Carr has been one of Dallas' best players, but his contract was too big. I fear they can't keep him on the roster for long.
    - Morris Claiborne is wasting away his sophomore season after getting hurt, playing sloppy, and getting more hurt.
    - Miles Austin's health, declining skills, and salary are killing the team. How can they possibly release him after restructuring him this season?
    - Jason Witten's replacement is not on the roster, and this offense is dead without that matchup and production.
    - Demarco Murray and Sean Lee can't remain healthy, and neither side of the ball plays well without either.
    - RG, LG, RT, FS, SS, SOLB, WOLB, LDT, #3WR, #2RB-- these positions are not good.

    Elephant #1 in the room: Tony Romo is 33 and threw his arm out in the Denver game. He's lost accuracy IMO because his new throwing mechanics are not responding well to the wear and tear. If he can no longer elevate his teammates, how can the team afford to continue paying him 108 million dollars (at least 40 million guaranteed)?

    Elephant #2 in the room: The only player PFF Dallas has ranked in the top ten at their position is DeMarcus Ware. That's on the entire roster. You can't win without talent. Dallas can't hang with energetic, strong, and well-led teams like Seattle, New Orleans, Denver, or New England. Those are the NFL's elite teams, but Dallas is nowhere close, very far away, and unable to correct because of unbelievably awful cap commitments.
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  8. CopenhagenCowboy

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    This FO is too stupid to realize that.

    I agree with you. He's beyond awful and needs to be replaced. Back up in 2014, off the roster in 2015.

    He shouldn't.

    No way. They need an up to date DC.

    I'm OK with Wilcox as a project. Church doesn't cut it. This team badly needs at least one top notch safety.
  9. cowboys1981

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    We should offer short term contracts to the following:

    DE Jared Allen- he is the compliment Ware has been missing his entire career and vise versa. Allen will not get a big pay day again due to age. Imagine having to deal with Ware and Allen?

    DT- I would invest a little more in Linval Joseph since he's very productive and is only 25. If that doesn't work out I'd give a one yr offer to Kevin Williams.

    S Bernard Pollard- his style of play will boost our intensity on defense and he would compliment Wilcox very well.

    Church should be moved to WLB and bulk up just a bit in the offseason.

    I would also use the first three picks in the draft on DT Ra'shede Hageman, OG Gabe Jackson and DE Kony Ealy.

    Adding Allen, Joseph/Williams, Hageman and Ealy would give us impact players and depth in an area that has given us problems this season.
  10. jimnabby

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    It's not often that I'm thankful for the front office we do have, but after reading the ideas in this thread, I am.
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    i saw you like US soccer so there is your answer you know nothing of sports...USA USA USA
  13. dragon_mikal

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    So we need a whole new roster. Got it.
  14. tyke1doe

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    Translation: We need a whole new team and franchise. :(
  15. Hook'em#11

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    This right here, Time to clean house.

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