We need to come out of this draft with attitude

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by XxTDxX, Dec 19, 2013.

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    A group of guys with some passion and some nastiness.. If somehow they manage to be RKG that is the cherry on top but at the end of the day I want every pick to be a guy who eats sleeps and dreams football who isn't gonna take any BS on the field.

    Give me guys who I can tell by watching one games worth of tape wants to win and has a passion for the game.

    Give me guys who are involved in almost every scuffle.

    NO MORE Escobars, NO MORE Claibornes, NO MORE Terrence Williams, NO MORE BW Webbs

    Not saying none of those guys will turn out to be good players because I think Williams will have a role and be a solid player and the same for Escobar eventually but the point I am making is that this team needs ATTITUDE and if you keep bringing in sweethearts it isn't gonna happen
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    ESPECIALLY on D. That's why I want kids from college D's that showed a nastiness on the field that just seems to come naturally. Kids from Stanford, Michigan State, FSU, Mizzou, South Carolina..................you get the point. HIGH-MOTOR guys!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I like that Michigan St. front seven, they play with some nasty attitude. We need players that feel passion for the game, not divas.
  4. unionjack8

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    agree, get football players. Forget academics, forget mr nice guys, i want hard nosed in your face football players. Guys that love the game, that live for it, not ones that talk a good game. FILM FILM FILM
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  5. HeavyBarrel

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    Been saying this for a while, the Dallas front 7 on D needs to be bigger, meaner (and just flat out better players) than what is out there now.
  6. tm1119

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    But...but....rkg and anyone who has ever taken a puff of weed or gotten a speeding ticket should be immediately removed from our board completely.....

    I've been saying this for years on this board and have always gotten crap for it. I want mean and nasty on this team. It's lacking severely
  7. Zordon

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    so basically what you're saying is if there is a burfict type player available in the 7th round, you want them to draft him instead of a caleb mcsurdy type.
  8. jblaze2004

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    exactly. We really could use burfict this year. Meanwhile I think McSurdy is where??????

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