We need to Draft a Pass Rusher, We don't have One

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by GiveDezdaBall88, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Selvie was awesome till he hurt his shoulder. I'm hoping for 8+ sacks from him this year, I'd imagine dude is looking to get paid And keep his starting job.. Still hoping we draft a DE in rounds 1-3...
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    Absolutely. Anytime you can flush a DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher and replace them with Jeremy Mincey and a coming off an injury Henry Melton you're doing good work.

    Tyrone Crawford's back. So we can count on the proven production we've all seen from him over the years.

    Plus you got the real quality developmental players like Bass and Hayden.

    I haven't even mentioned Terrell McClain. This is how stacked we are. We've got plenty of pieces to compliment George Selvie.

    Hey, you want to talk about our hidden need at cornerback?
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    Great point. I think a defense should be built around speed. It should be a priority when drafting a player. There are too many players on this team that are borderline slow for their positions.
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    This post is the definition of greatness.
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    The Jason Hatcher who did nothing until his contract year? What did you propose matching the skins offer or are you referring to Ware who would get injured and play his heart out and be a liability?

    I may be in the minority but it was time to move on and get younger. A couple of years ago if I told you we could trade Jason Hatcher for Henry Melton you would of called me crazy. Mincey and McClain are rotational guys and will be serviceable at that. All the team did was sign players that were better than last year's without breaking the bank. Crawford and bass will make a difference on this line and we can solidify through the draft. It won't be a one year fix but it will be a good start.

    Instead of you posting the same message on every thread, how about you enlighten us on how you would of improved our situation this year.
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    I would have picked the best DL on the board in the second rd instead of a spare TE
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    You only hate the gavin escolar pick because of fasano and bennett. Escobar made the most of all his opportunities. It's the coaches job to feed him the ball. I have zero complaints with the Cowboys draft last year. Especially with the depth they thought they had going into the year.

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