We need to keep Victor Butler

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheCount, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Typhus

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    Victor Butler is very similar to what Kevin Burnett brought to the table, just not enough meat and potatoes.
  2. GimmeTheBall!

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    The fact that a "hobbled" Ware was playing and not Butler is very telling as to the talents, or lack of it, in Butler.
    We still had hopes of a playoff slot and a "hobbled" Ware was there and not Butler.

    Butler is serviceable. But not a 1st-tier player and maybe not even a 2nd-tier player.

    Let us get real about our players. Most on the defensive front, save ware and lee, would not make starters at most teams in the NFL.
    We cowboys faithful need to stop gushing over journeymen players such at Hatcher and Butler and Ratliff and keep evaluating the young who might be healthier, more athletic and stop being so sentimental about players who no longer are top tier or who never were. Not that your post said so.

    And I agree with you that Butler is not worth a multi-year contract.
  3. rash

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    Butler wants to get a crack at a starting job.

    He has the skills to play like the best of them on any given down.

    Should he improve against the run, Jerry woulda locked him up before ever getting a chance to test the market.

    Having that said, I think he can still be an important piece to this defense.
  4. erod

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    Kevin Burnett was 1000 times better than Victor Butler.

    The world is full of Victor Butlers.
  5. TheCount

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    lol, revisionist history is always amusing to see. When he left, a lot of the things being said about Butler in this thread were said about Burnett except that Burnett was also "made of glass".
  6. RoyTheHammer

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    We get it, you like Victor Butler.

    Just because no one else is as big a fanboy over him as you are doesn't mean you can augment reality to fit your perspective. Kevin Burnett was a known quantity coming out of college. He was a second round draft pick and a star at Tennessee. Victor Butler is a nobody in the NFL, has always been one and will always be one. There's nothing special about his game at all. Release him today and we could find someone to replace him by tomorrow.
  7. Zordon

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    Butler is more than a dime a dozen player. he is a dozen a dozen player. please lets stop overrating this JAG every year. the guy is the most discussed player in the offseason and then the least discussed during the season.
  8. Eskimo

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    Butler is a decent pass rush specialist and fairly productive when given a chance. It is a shame we so rarely put him at DE with Spencer at DT in the nickel as I think that would have been too much quickness for most OLs to handle.

    Pass rush specialists who can relieve other guys for a few snaps a game in the base defense are useful players. I wouldn't pay him more than $2M per season but I do think we should make an effort to bring him back given how thin we are at DE. Right now I only count Ware as a "true" DE although there have been rumours of moving Crawford and Wilber out there.

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