We Saw Today What a Good OL Can Do For a QB and Team

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Jan 6, 2013.

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    In another words you asked me to do something. I did quite easily do it then you tried to cry about it???

    Good game.

    Good OLs are good because they have good players that have played together in the system and reasonable health. I could care less if a guy was a 3rd round pick or a 5th round pick provided he is actually good.

    Chris Chester for example was at one point the worst member of the Baltimore Ravens OL. He was in fact moved to blocking TE before regaining his job at OG. He was also an UFA. He signed for 5 years and 20m.

    You really haven't had a salient point yet about anything. The OL in WAS/SEA are solid lines that have benefited mightily from a new diversionary scheme that removes much of the work from the OL and allows the DE to not even be blocked at all. We have very little idea how good those OL would be if asked to drop back and pass 40 times or to even run a traditional pro style offense.
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    Our Oline isn't that great but it was good enough for us to beat Washington and go to the playoffs. You are only as good as your weakest link, and Romo was the weak link.

    Rodgers is a prime example of a player who can succeed regardless of his oline or running game.
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    As bad as Romo was against Washington the weak link was our rush defense IMHO.

    Giving up that many rush yards against a QB who couldn't even run is almost unfathomable.
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    They had Ben Grubbs (pro bowl) and Marshal Yanda who was the best guard in the NFL this year. That is why he was at tight end. He played tight end at Oklahoma until his senior year. Baltimore tried at one point to make him a center, but he was pretty average at it. That was a good signing by them because his long suit is getting to the second level and that is vital in their zone option- stretch play offense.

    You are right about the scheme helping, profoundly helping those offensive lines. Houston's is the same way and they don't have the mobile quarterback. The question to me is why are we not running the same system? A bunch of 5 and 7 step drop stuff with Doug Free and the boys is difficult to say the least.

    Blocking tight ends and light guards are cheap and that system lets you maximize cheap player's value in lieu of more expensive right tackles, premiere guards and second receivers.
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    That game is over, LET IT GO. The oline isn't good enough, PERIOD. Its without a doubt a huge weak link and we won't win anything until its upgraded. Stop talking about the Washington game, that's gone. Talk about the oline in general, it needs a lot of work.
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    You said the skins only had one OL taken in the first three rounds and I had already pointed out Chris Chester was taken in the second however you couldn't even pick up on what was in front of your nose. You were wrong and now resort to bluster.

    But now you can read up on Chester and tell me what he was like in Baltimore not that matters to what he does in Washington.

    My original point was that the Seahawks and Skins lines were a bit more than undrafted free agents and low round picks.

    However as I've already point out above, reading it's your strong point.

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