we suck, heres why...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboys#1, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. cowboys#1

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    cant rush, cant block, cant run a decent screen pass, cant get wr open, cant pass rush,.....how the heck did we win 7 games!!! at least our defense is consistent. i am pi$$ed....
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    What's this "We" stuff....speak for yourself or the mouse in your pocket.
  3. pjt

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    We don't suck. Our offense line is breaking down and the offense is stalling because of it. We all knew that if we did not protect Drew it would be a long season. So why act suprised. He has someone in his hip pocket on every play. But no QB is effective with that much pressure. Plus, A good running attack takes pressure off of the QB. But our backs are not getting any kind of run blocking and averaging around 3 yards per carry. Rebuilding our o-line is imperative for next year. That should allow the offense to be more consistent.
  4. DipChit

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    Yeah actually, how DID we win 7 games? If you think about it, had the Skins aquired and then trotted out Bledsoe, Key and Glenn over the last couple years we'd be making fun of them to no end for signing guys like that.

    But since they're on our team we have some expectation that they're actually still pretty darn good? It's only *because* we started 7-3 instead of say 5-5 that the expectations are higher than they should be.

    Most independent observers would take every single offensive skill player on the Giants over the ones we have. Add in the fact that their defense isnt exactly completely pourous, how in the world have we split with them and compete with them for the division crown?

    It sure as heck isnt coaching, is it?
  5. demdcowboys#1

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    yep..............sure we suck

  6. crucOG21

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    if the oline does better we do better its simple as that. earlier in the season the oline was doing a good job and so was drew bledsoe.
  7. Hoov

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    We've had some significant injuries on offense, and some significant injuries on defense.

    But the defense gets better every week, and the offense gets worse week to week. At the point right now where i dont see how we are going to improve down the stretch. I dont know what personel changes we can make on O to help us.

    When the offense has to fight and scrap for every single yard and getting a first down is something to jump up and cheer about, well that just makes for very long games as we watch the team slowly die. Defense keeps you in the game for a bit, but little by little the offensive ineptitude kills you.
  8. big_neil

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    Most QBs:

    5 seconds: 90 rating
    4 seconds: 85 rating
    3 seconds: 75 rating
    2 seconds: 70 rating


    5 seconds: 120 rating
    4 seconds: 100 rating
    3 seconds: 60 rating
    2 seconds: 20 rating
  9. big_neil

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    Last year the Bills offense and Drew were setting all sorts of scoring records on offense because they got the running game going.

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