We were really never that good..

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by loblolly7, Jan 1, 2013.

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    I heard a statistic that shocked me. We were behind in all eight wins that we had this year.... I understand that is some kind of record. What does that tell you? We really were never that good.

    Now, this is not meant to be a negative post, but if we take notion that we had the top 5 defense before the injuries hit, then in the second half of the season, our offense began to click, top 6 I belive, with the emergence of Dez, and some offensive line jellying....You get the felling we have the makings of a better team.

    Also, we are drafting better. If you start looking at our draft 2012, Clairborne played really well as a rookie, and Hanna looks to be a keeper.. Crawford which played a good bit and Wilber which did not play as much were more developmental type prospects. Going back to 2011, with Smith, Carter, Murray, Harris and Bailey (undrafted), all looked to very solid contributors. 2010 looks strong with Dez and Lee - two superstars... Lissamore as a backup....

    Am I frustrated with the loss, yep, but stepping back and looking at the season and how it played out and the emergence of our younger players give me hope for next year....
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    It's a matter of JG getting out coached in the first half and having to play "streetball" in the second half to make it a game. Those first half slow starts are entirely on the coaching staff.
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    Wow, behind in every game this year...so we could have been 0-16. Unbelievable stat. Your right, we were never really that good. Everyone continues to say we are average and have been for some time. But being behind in every game of the year is an eye opener.

    So the team over performed getting to 8-8.

    The Cowboys better get some good young talent in here or we may see a few years of 5-11. JG can then be compared to Chan Gailey.
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    Dont diss Chan, he had 2 playoff teams.

    Garrett is only comparable with Campo.
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    Your right, my mistake.

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