We whooped SF!!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ejthedj, Sep 26, 2005.

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    There is no way we should have won that game - we turned the ball over twice and missed an extra point in the first half - we were down 21-6. But, for some reason, I didn't freak out. I felt oddly confident the whole game, and the entire second half. Why?
    Think about it. After the 21-6 lead, we beat them 28-10. All week, I was really worried about this game because of the short week and the hangover from a bad loss. It showed really early in the game. But then, right after the 21-6 lead, we drove down and scored. It showed a lot of heart. And after half time, the defense played much better. They only gave up 7 - Henry misplayed the ball. (For the Zimmer haters, this play was on a succesful blitz - Rattay just chunked the ball up for grabs.
    Essentially, the way I saw it, we came out sluggish and got popped in the jaw. Then, we woke up and whopped dat as*! All is not gloom and doom. The NFL is parity - good teams keep fighting week in and week out. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the mood of the team be sluggish or nasty during a week and then they lose. The Good teams don't do this - The Patriots always play each week as its own. We are starting to show the qualities of a good team, believe it or not...
  2. lurkercowboy

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    It is always good to beat the Niners. Just seeing the uniforms on that field reminds me of all those great games.
  3. Nors

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    2-1 we are in the playoff hunt. Lets build on it!
  4. EveryoneElse

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    You can't play like we did against playoff teams and expect to win. If our defense can't get their crap together this season will be over before it started.

    On a side note, I'm glad we have something new to gripe about instead of the same old " our defense is carrying our offense". Now our offense is carrying this team.

    I'm going to the Cowboy/Raider game and I'm not in any hurry to see what their offense is gunna do to our secondary. :eek:
  5. Nors

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    We tagged San Diego in a tight game (12-4) Washington beat us in a lark - but have a top 5 D.....

    We came from behind and beat San FRAN ON THE ROAD....
  6. BadKarma

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    As much as I hate 'em, you've got to give Washington its dues. They've got a stout defense and with the exception of a legit QB and couple of key players on offense, they're a pretty solid team.

    Now Frisco is another matter - these guys are still trying to figure out what pieces are missing. We should have dominated them from the start and did a Philly Part Two.

    Ahh...the football Gods were too generous yesterday!
  7. Asklesko

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    From the first second, I already knew we had the game won. Even as San Francisco battered us and we turned the ball over, I knew we would win. It was just one of those games.
  8. Nors

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    I too in a twisted way felt calm that whole game. We came back to finish half and kept fighting back 2nd half. A lot of fight in this team despite our gaping Safety HOLE.
  9. bigneil

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    Did San Francisco really play worse than San Diego? Screw last year. For that matter Tampa Bay is awful. For all we know San Francisco will go 14-2 and San Diego 1-15.

    The Cowboys offense is a well-oiled machine. I have been vindicated in my years-long claims that Drew can be one of the NFL's best when he has the key ingredients:

    1) Two wide receivers that are at least grade B.
    2) A star tight end
    3) A solid running back
    4) A good coach

    You could argue that "who couldn't", but "who could" throw the deep ball to Glenn quite like Drew? Something about the way the ball moves (for example, watch the game 1 replay where Keyshawn made the first TD falling backward), or the 70 yard bomb to Glenn. Or when he came off the bench for Brady and went 3-3 (the first pass was my favorite for some reason). Drew is a winner: 88-86 career isn't stellar, but NFL teams tend to go 11-5 then 5-11 for some reason, and that's why its' not a key stat. Can anyone even find NFL career wins list? It's not like yards, attempts, completions, TD and rating (though even rating is hard to find a list off all-time).
  10. Fla Cowpoke

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    You may be right, we did need a wakeup call, and got it with that big deficit early.

    But I was the same way...I never felt we were out of it. And I felt the defense would make some plays.

    This week, maybe we come out clicking at the start.
  11. EveryoneElse

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    Something is very wrong when you fall behind 21-6 to San Fran, home or away. I think our offense is fantastic....our defense is putrid so far. Lets see if the defense can get their crap together and catch up to the offense. We won't win shootouts against teams with offenses like Philly, Oakland, KC, and STL. Sprinkle in a few late let downs like the MNF game and we aren't a playoff team.

    Things aren't all roses.
  12. Justis

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    I was nervous all game, from the kickoff to the last run. I wasn't sure what kind of team we were/are. I know now we're a better team than the 49ers, that's good enough to get me through the week.
  13. ejthedj

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    Yes, something was wrong - we were still hungover from the Washington game. And, yes, we won't beat playoff teams playing like that....

    But this misses the point - in a parity ridden NFL, emotion and team mood matters a lot. We were hung over but kept fighting and kicked their butt 28-10 once we got in gear. I know all week we were hurting from the Skins game and probably found it hard to get up for the 49ers - i mean, everybody says they suck. When we play playoff teams, it will be easier to get up for the game. The point is, this team shook of a hangover and then handed out a butt whipping - All the gloom-and-doomsters are just out of it.
  14. ravidubey

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    We are coming out of the gates very sluggishly this season. We blow chunks in the 1st quarter.
  15. Portland Fanatic

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    Let's hope out 4th qtr play from SF carries over to the OAK game. For the entire game!
  16. ravidubey

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    Amen to that.
  17. morasp

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    Two things encourage me. I couldn't believe that Henry suddenly got so bad against a mediocre defense. When Parcells mentioned that he was out of gas it kind of makes sense. The first two games ran him to death. I never thought of a CB wearing down but I guess it happens. Secondly, putting Pile in at FS in the nickel package was part of our defensive improvement in the second half. I'll bet that continues Sunday.
  18. JonJon

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    Exactly. In addition, the 49ers have shown a "quick step" in 2 of their 3 games, jumping ahead to big leads against the Cowboys and Rams. Sometimes it works that way. They put together a great opening drive, but only had one sustained drive since then. They had some quick scores because of mistakes by Dallas. One was an 89 yard TD pass, one was from a Bledsoe interception run back for a TD, and another was from good field position after another Bledsoe interception. I know a TD is a TD, but it was not like they were putting together sustained drives against us.

    Also, the final score should have been 41-31 because Nguyen had an open lane to the endzone after his interception, but opted to fall to the ground.
  19. DipChit

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    I think the OP makes a good point. I mean to begin with, ya you had to win that game one way or another. But it doesnt necessarily matter how. Just get it done.

    Save for a very few teams in this league right now (like about 2) it's totally a week to week proposition. Getting back up to being a better team in this league isnt just about knocking off Philly when you happen to play them.. it's about taking care of biz against the rest on a consistent basis.

    Like after week 2, nevermind our own heartbreaking loss.. you had people suddenly diminishing our win againt SD because SD had also just lost again to the Broncos who themselves supposedly were totally crappy because they lost to Miami week 1.

    Well I imagine it's time to retract that logic after week 3 since SD dominated a NYG team that seemed half way decent after 2 weeks and Denver totally destroyed the Chiefs who supposedly had this improved defense, yada yada.

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