Week 1 Preseason Analysis

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Manster68, Aug 13, 2006.

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    That’s right boys and girls; I am back with my post-game analysis like I have done on these message boards for many years. I have been doing these since 1998 on the old TSN message boards – when there were no moderators and security devices. People got to post garbage without having to identify themselves. Those were the days.

    Most of the time, I will only give analysis on games that I have seen through and through. I missed out on Week 1 last season due to Hurricane Katrina. Regardless, people seem to enjoy them, so here I go.

    I know it is only the first pre-season game, but I cannot help but be enthused overall by what went on in the Emerald City last evening. Was it a perfect game? Not on your life. There was plenty to be happy about never the less.

    I’ll go straight to Tony Romo. I am very happy for him in the regards that he finally got a chance to show what he is capable of. From what I saw, I am convinced that he has proven enough to be a very viable back-up quarterback in case Bledsoe should get injured.

    What made me believe Romo is a legitimate NFL quarterback?

    Romo went into a fairly hostile environment and made all sorts of plays. The environment was hostile enough to force several false starts against the first string defense.

    However, what really raised my eyebrows were the tough deep-out throws to Hurd, Crayton, and especially those two to Rector. Throwing the deep-out well signifies arm strength. Romo threw them beautifully to the correct shoulder (something Quincy Carter rarely did and Jason Garrett couldn’t do at all).

    Romo’s pocket presence was excellent also (something that Henson lacks a little bit and Hutchison never had at all).

    I guess what I am saying is that Romo is the best young quarterback hopeful to play in Dallas since ……. dare I say ……. Aikman.

    However, I am on the side that believes that the only way Romo sees regular season action is via injury to Drew Bledsoe. There is NO WAY Bill and Jerry makes a serious run for the Super Bowl (i.e. getting Owens & Vanderjaqt), and throws a young quarterback out there who’s only play in the regular season is a kneel-down.

    There was more to this game than Romo (believe it or not).

    The offensive line still needs to get it in gear. It really was nice to see Colombo out there, as well as Peterman and Proctor.

    Yes, I will acknowledge that the run blocking suffered, but I do see a ray of hope. How many of you saw 8-9 men in the box last night? It was almost every play. This can further partially explain the good day put in by Romo. Seattle definitely played more against the run than they did against the pass.

    What I am saying is, put 8-9 men in the box with Owens and Glenn out there and see what happens?

    I do envision more running lanes for Jones, Barber and Thompson once #81 is on the field.

    I can certainly understand the caution by many of the posters. It is warranted at this time. I choose to be a little more optimistic.


    Oh Boy!!! This just in folks. Dallas is loaded at linebacker. Maybe one of the reasons Carpenter was brought inside was due to the emergence of Ellis and Junior Glymph? Of course, the book is still out on Glymph, but there is no denying Ellis.

    So Dallas has Ware, Burnett, Ellis, Glymph, and Singleton on the outside, and Ayodele, Carpenter, James, Shanle, Boiman, and Hoyte on the inside.

    The pressure on the quarterback, for the most part, was pretty good. The only thing that bugged me about the defense was they blew too many 3rd and longs.

    We will see how this defense does on Reggie Bush next week.

    Special teams?

    Watkins was excellent as a gunner. Most of Suisham’s kickoffs went beyond the 5-yard line. McBriar’s punt through the end zone pissed many of us off (and Big Bill). Skyler Green I thought did well on punt returns. I really liked how Green was disciplined enough NOT to back up on the 10-yard line and let the punt sail over his head. That just happened to be a great bounce for the Seahawks. Most of the time, that ball goes into the end zone. Green made some pretty nice moves on his 11 and 19-yard returns.

    Final Analysis: This team does appear to be better than last year, but it is still to early to truly know.
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    So you like Romo?
  3. Manster68

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    Yes, I do like Romo. Just not replacing Bledsoe unless there is an injury though.

    He made some nice throws and looks to have command of the offense.

    Of course, that might change if #81 is around. We will have to wait and see.

    Throwing those deep outs as well as he did sells me that he is capable of starting in the NFL.

    Sign him Jerry!

    THUMPER Papa

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    I didn't get to see the game so an analysis like this is very helpful. Thanks.

    Looking forward to Monday night against the Saints, I'll get to see that one!
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    I noticed those 15-yard outs too. Romo may be Aikman but he has an NFL arm.
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    I was very please with the all the players, I thought the rookies did a good job on the night. I was most pleased with the play of the OL and felt Romo did a very good job running the offense.
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    I would like to add a few cents to this.

    I was very impressed with Romo poise. Manster68 pointed out something that most others didn't notice. (or at least didn't bring up) The 8-9 men in the box. This is a one reason the Cowboys couldn't get anything going in the running game, but it's also a major reason Romo and the receivers had a much easier time throwing the ball. Don't get me wrong, the run blocking was atrocious as they didn't get any push at the line. (8 and 9 man fronts clog holes, but don't stop the offensive lines push) If the line men can't get any push off the line of scrimmage, your running game is shot. It doesn't matter how many men are in the box.

    Of course on a side note. Seattle lead the league in sacks last year and was 5th in overall run defense. Dallas didn't give up any sacks and thats great even though Seattle's first team didn't play much. I saw some Redskin fan spewing garbage about how Seattle's defensive line stinks and the Cowboys couldn't run against it. :rolleyes:

    Some people are just itching to look stupid.... I wish I had had time to show him the error of his ways and expose him for what he is. A homer fan blinded by homerism.
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    Oh, almost forgot. Manster68, thanks for the analysis. Enjoyed it. :)
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    Thanks also Manster68.
    This remind me, anyone know what happened to Wulfman and his wulfden analysis that he gave every pre season?
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    Great post, post more.
  11. Manster68

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    I don't have an answer for you when it comes to Wulfman. He was a good poster.

    Appreciate the thanks, folks. I try to give the analysis an honest spin as I see it.
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    what do u consider deep? I didnt see an OUT more than 10 yards... I have most of the game on tape so please give me the Quarter and time of these DEEP OUTS!!! so I can se for myself!!!
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    10 yard outs, no deep 15 yard outs.

    Dinks and dunks.

    The only medium range square in Romo threw was AFTER he scrambled a little up the middle which changes the coverage dynamic a bit and opens up lanes. EVERYTHING else was either a no read (back shoulder go route route...good throws though) or dinks and dunks.

    Give him a pat on the back, but let's wait and go crazy after Romo really makes all the throws.
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    I agree it was just 1 pre-season game. It should be noted Romo took what the defense gave him, did not try to force the ball and avoided turnovers. Like some I would have liked to have seen him throw some deep balls but not at the expense of forcing the ball on a plays that were not there. This is something that BP stressed to Henson in NFLE and I think it is something they are trying to instill in Romo.
  15. Alexander

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    All I want to know is does this make Romo a bus driver?
  16. Doomsday101

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    I think that phrase gets a bit over used. I think he played smart football and again took what the defense was giving him. If being smart and not making the impulse throws makes you a bus driver then I guess one could interrupt it that way, I consider it being smart.
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    Welcome back Manster. I always appreciate your reports and insight every year.
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    I saw numerous fade patterns but didn't notice the 15 yard outs, either. Romo's touch on those fades were wonderful. Crayton and Rector made beautiful catches on those passes as well.
    On one of Crayton's catches it appeared that the DB had his arm between Crayton's arms and Crayton still made the catch.
    Crayton's performance last year before the injury was no fluke. He is the real deal and a fantastic 3rd WR. He should have no problem becoming a 2nd type guy either, when the time comes.
  19. Doomsday101

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    I agree and really like what I have seen out of Crayton when healthy.
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    Rector caught two mid length passes and Crayton caught two as well. I believe there were at least two others. But that's without looking at the tivo; that's just my recollection. Someone correct me if that's not accurate. Not sure I would call them outs as they just went up the sideline. But they were definitely mid-length passes. I don't recall any deep balls.

    I think the passing game did get a break. Seattle lined up in the box and dared Romo to beat them with the pass. Well he did and I thought he did a very good job of avoiding the rush and putting passes on the money. He was very accurate and those mid-length passes on the sideline were thrown on a rope with accuracy and timing.

    There is no way IMO you cannot avoid giving Romo an A.

    I would also give the OL a higher than average grade. The run blocking could have been better but they consistently got yardage. That can be attributed to the offensive calls, execution, and solid but not spectacular running.

    I'd say a B- for the running game. I wouldn't argue with a C+. I would give them a solid B+ for the pass protection only because Romo gave them an assist. Or it would have to be an A. After all they did not get one sack.

    So I think it is fair to give them a B.

    The run defense gets an A-. I thought the depth there is just outstanding and they should wear teams out this year rather than wilt in the fourth quarter. I'd like to see more push. There were some downs they got pushed back way too far.

    The LBs get an A. There were some breakdowns in coverage but mostly they were minor and the LBs and safeties recovered well except for a few occasions. Again talk about depth. Who does Parcells trade or have to cut?

    The DBs get an A+. My only fault is they did not create any turnovers. Reeves showed up, Elam was all over the place, and there is another I can't remember. The starters can make a claim as being one of the top units in the league IMO.

    Dallas needs to convert more in the red zone to be considered one of the top teams in the league. I'd put more of that on the backs of the OL and some on the runners. The early 90s teams banged it in and this team still is struggling with that.

    The kicking game is still a weak spot. The punting game is well about average.

    Dallas was moderately dominating over a tough Seattle team on their home field. Seattle got spanked.

    It's a preseason game but still you had to walk away with a very good feeling.

    Overall this team lived up to expectations of being a Super Bowl contender.

    But to put a little caution on things before all start making plans for a deep playoff run, remember it's the preseason and only one game. And we have no critical injuries yet.

    As my dear grandmother said: "Don't spend your money until you put it in your pocket boy".

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